All there is, is days and moments to grow and moments of flight (light)… Moments to know when to step down or to fight…   Moments we sit & remember […]

For Truth Seekers       I had a dream that I was flying; Since I was ten, I’d thought I was dying; Trying to defend when I thought They […]

We all encumber this circle with its never ending circumference. Lost in this cycle we are until by force are we removed. The torque that makes the world go round-our […]

I’ve been here before…. I know who’s lurking at the door… At “heaven’s” gate They incessantly await…. And, in our time And in the line Of duty we denote Of […]

Dear Ones, It is safe to say that we are growing strong in our convictions and sound in our judgment—or rather—discernment. Realizing slowly, yes, VERY slowly, what we have to […]