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I Had A Dream That I was Flying…

I had a dream that I was flying, and that’s when I ultimately knew that Peter’s work was real for me—That’s when I understood to trust how I feel, as opposed to what I think and learning from my heart’s song.  Was it real or was it imagined? Just a communication from my subconscious? Are not those all the same thing? Some might say, “Oh that’s just your imagination”.  Yep, third eye consciousness awake while you are sleeping.  Listen to them.  Dreams are indeed the reality of who and what we are, they affect us in… Continue reading

The Master Cleanser

Staying healthy while doing our work here on the planet over the next
few years is essential, especially with chemtrails, toxic food and
energies and so many other health challenges all around us. One of
the easiest, cheapest and simplest health aids is the Master
Cleanser or lemonade diet (not just for dieting).

The Master Cleanser with Special Needs and Problems by Stanley Burroughs

The “Lemonade Fast” or Master Cleanser
This fast, adapted from Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanser Recipe, is
a simple, yet demanding, cleanse that allows you to maintain a
moderate level of energy while cleansing your liver and… Continue reading


Uses for the ESSENTIAL OILS [Young Living blends]
(From the upstate NY YoungLIving ladies)

is the most “universal” oil. (When in doubt, use Lavender.)
It’s antiseptic, analgesic, antitumoral, sedative, anti-inflammatory.
Wonderful effects with healing burns! Since Lavender is antitumoral,
I apply it to my chest & abdomen (about 3-2 drops) after showering.
Then, as with all the oils, I cup my hands (over nose & mouth) &
inhale deeply 3 times. When I started using these oils (7/99), I had
wicked pain in my right calf. It was nerve damage, due to an old (35
year) knee injury. This… Continue reading

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 4/4

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 4/4
Peter Farley

Keanu Reeves new movie, Constantine, presents us with an age old
Biblical version of God versus Lucifer –all hellfire and brimstone
and the tearing apart of men’s souls in the struggle of good against
evil. It misses totally the metaphor of self-will used for one’s
own gain versus self-will used for the benefit of the Higher Will
and of all those concerned.

Volume 7 of my book, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?, will
be titled The Hunt for Lucifer and will deal very much with this
real issue… Continue reading

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 3/4

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 3/4
Peter Farley

“The easiest way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to
Mahatma Ghandi

Radiation is a naturally occuring substance and event meant to help
down the surrounding earth so that it can then be utilized by plants
support life on the planet. It is A positive thing when left in the
where it belongs.

A week ago when the Spiritual Hierarchy started talking to me
about the very real chance of nuclear war occuring in the next few
years it
turned out to… Continue reading

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 2/4

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 2/4
Peter Farley

We should have all learned our lessons with the sinking of Atlantis,
before that with the destruction of Maldek and the decimation of the
planet Mars . . but we didn’t. We let self-will get the better of us
and now
we are all back here to learn the lesson again . . but we’re not
learning it.
And we’re going to pay the very same price as all those times before.
There’s an old saying, “If you don’t like what your getting in life,
something. If you keep… Continue reading

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 1/4

Self-Will and the Luciferian Agenda Part 1/4
Peter Farley

With so many levels of guidance going on out there, who should we
believe? From one of my mailing list:

“Peter, My life is devoted to reducing universal suffering and I
endeavor to work as an impersonal instrument of the Holy Spirit, yet
without tooting my horn and inflating my ego. Most my guidance is
from the small silent voice within although it is not infrequent that
I find signs or synchronicities in the external world. I’ve been
aware of guides since my teenage years and have had a number… Continue reading

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 5

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 5
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and Erlothar of the Council of Light’s
Central Sun Library of Constellations)

How the Dark Sun originated

Thoth knew how to shift vibration, the alchemy similar to quickly
cooling hot metal or
heating cool metal, until it would shift its vibration and turn into
another substance. The “heating” is the acceleration of soul’s
vibration that turns it into the “substance” of
another dimension and shifts the consciousness to that of another
level with which
the vibration resonates. This… Continue reading

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 4

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 4
by Peter R. Farley
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and those members of the Council of

This initial central dark star is similar in idea of a ´Death Star’
expressed in the movie Star Wars. It is also ´Kolob’, the planet
Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion. called the ´home of

See diagram in the files section of the group under Kolob.

KOLOB, the planet of God …It revolves near the planets OLIBLISH
The “Figures refer to the numbers written onto the Facsimile… Continue reading