For Truth Seekers

The Light Returns as the Light Beings come Home

Original Writing: July 19, 2013


The Light Returns as the Light Beings come Home


As We see fit, we begin to realize and/or WHAT we are. We are beings of Light lovingly composed of particles, covered in articles of clothing created by other Beings of Light and consciousness—

Beneath that what is there?

Hate? Anguish? Love” gratitude? Disturbance? Grace? Disgrace?

This list can go on forever, for what else can there surely be but the indications of these tendencies billowing in the mindfulness of our psyche?

What about the “heartfulness” of our energy?

Blocking this goes without saying—that… Continue reading

Truth; Discernment; Merriment; Enjoyment

Why do we dear what we readily rightfully deserve? Is it an idea of discernment? Merriment? Enjoyment? Dear Ones, We have gathered here in this life to support thy Self, to vindicate all lost or ungrateful tendencies—the reasons for anguish in this life are by choice only— We have no other choice when we chose to commit to a lie— Although we try, we cannot be bothered or burdened with change— Here’s to our new life Together, flagrantly disregarding any incarnations of atrociously masochistic behavior. We CAN For Give our Selves, and we will, in due time— Well, guess what… Continue reading

For Truth Seekers

For Truth Seekers




I had a dream that I was flying;

Since I was ten, I’d thought I was dying;

Trying to defend when I thought They were prying;

Chancing to extend, but just ended up crying.

Knowing that what I knew, feeling what I felt;

Awakened to the Truth, feeling as though I deserved a pelt.


For what! Did I do wrong?

No, not now, but before long.

Had I realized the Truth within my Self;

Realized, but hid under the guise in stealth.


I was no fame and I was no beauty;

But… Continue reading

It Takes Work To Be Human

We all encumber this circle with its never ending circumference. Lost in this cycle we are until by force are we removed. The torque that makes the world go round-our world is at an end and as we sit and wonder how we got here rather than actually push where we are told and remove certain imbalances from our life, can we truly move and push forward in to the torque of existence aside from all that. All that we are is information on this information highway that we ride daily. To get to work to get to school. Well,… Continue reading

I’ve Been Here Before

I’ve been here before…. I know who’s lurking at the door… At “heaven’s” gate They incessantly await…. And, in our time And in the line Of duty we denote Of vindication we promote. We exude peril for justice but presume concurrently with such practice as we have known throughout our lifetimes As we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, we will see the light of day in an entirely newly contrived way. Manner of speaking that detains our inhibitions for what we have to offer is far greater than fear in this lifetime. So, my friends… Continue reading

Grace & Beauty

Dear Ones,

It is safe to say that we are growing strong in our convictions and sound in our judgment—or rather—discernment. Realizing slowly, yes, VERY slowly, what we have to offer and choosing wisely with whom or what we exchange energy with.

Our energetic performance and preferences are everything that shape us in this lifetime—knowing, loving, feeling the way through to the other side—the other side of the coins that we have tossed are what strengthen our ability to stride on—the grass is greener on the other side—that is to say that the polarity of wherever we stand at this… Continue reading

Harlot’s Surmise

Inevitable cries from the harlots surmise

That ubiquitous lies beyond passions contrived

Lead you to believe , to not always believe in what you perceive

For lies and deception, our souls interception,

Our hearts recognition, our body’s permission

To go to leave to stay to grieve

To push to shove to put up your glove

To fight to finish as your lies begin to diminish

You try to detect what your heart yearns to inflect

Your victims and your guides

And your soul that coincides

And your stillness that provides

Satisfaction in disguise

Meager glances and the prize

And the… Continue reading

Enemies & Victims

As your enemies pervade you, as your victims sustain you, sustenance for the mind control that does not persist unless we allow it to be so. So what then say you my dear? Do we not hear and cease to desist our egos that are so totally bringing us down to a level of self deceit, and its just amazing what we can go through in this life and how hurt we are by everything.

One With Whole Heart and Conviction

As she yearns and steps forth into fortitude and gratitude her attitude may change to something more comprehensive… tiredness assuredly, but lest you wait as we come together an unify for the final price to pay is nothing compared to what is to come. It is free. Freedom. Here it sing it feel it freedom. No she will not be living in her current energy. Her energy will change and her surroundings will follow. Obviously pray tell, “que tal” [Spanish? Really?].. What we know and what we do not is unequaled unparalleled by your power.. because you live in more… Continue reading