June 2016

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Intuitive confluence of conscious sound mind and judgment. One of fair regard for discontent, and approaching each situation as though it were the fondest of these instigative glances – studying […]

Remedy for repugnant dissatisfaction in all factions of existence. Stop. Sit. Quiet. Move on. Let the waves freeze you for but a moment as you sit in the sand where […]

The pinnacle mediation of external influences are paramount in the asphyxiation of old habits.  We now see and understand that these truths are evident in what they disclose. In the […]

Wayward forth as we exhume all shortcomings for the loss of a better word. Our encounters are oblivious to our cognizant selves as we look toward the future with lust […]

Silent as the grave; An emotionless Slave; A repudiated conclave; Intimation of its enclave; Meritorious subjugation; (of) Superfluous conjugation