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Wayward forth as we exhume all shortcomings for the loss of a better word. Our encounters are oblivious to our cognizant selves as we look toward the future with lust […]

Silent as the grave; An emotionless Slave; A repudiated conclave; Intimation of its enclave; Meritorious subjugation; (of) Superfluous conjugation

Once begotten we see no future but one of solitude and/or repentance. We see but victimhood only until we open our vision to wider perception of perseverance. Our incongruence to […]

(An amalgamation of ego talk in first person and guided thoughts to answer the question …..) To all the [pieces of shit] of the world : I can’t condemn you because […]

Vindicated yet repugnant my heart’s desires. for all the quests that my soul admires. you quake for me i see it now, dear Mother earth for you know how to […]

Why does it seem like everything happens at once.  That all of the problems of the cycle that has been survived up until the moment of change seem to open […]