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it s all so hard getting to the point where you realize it s all so easy . . .
It\'s all so hard getting to the point where you realize it\'s all so easy . . .

Aristenna, one of the supreme councilors for the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light, said in a channeling a while ago that if we all knew what it\'s like to be where she is then we\'d all work a damn site harder to get where she is (though she didn\'t use the word `damn\' *S). Having lived inside the Matrix for so long we accept the reality we were born into, never realizing there are any other options. For many of us, however, there is that thing gnawing at us inside ourselves that tell us things can and should be different., as though we\'ve all experienced this something different and have a vague remembrance of us that keeps us dissatisfied with what we see going on around us. For New Agers this is the idea of `the Source\' to which they want to return, never realizing that in truth they have never left it and that it is all around them in the here and now of the present moment they are unable to exist in because of their wanting to be somewhere else. This is the idea or reality that some spiritual paths speak of that we live eternally in the `body of God\' and there really is no place else to go to since we are already here and just need to stop seeking and be here now. We\'re all taught to be seekers, that we need to learn, that we need to do this and do that, instead of just stopping and being in the moment who we are and where we\'re at. We\'re living in a Matrix-driven society that tells us we need to eternally keep progressing by pushing forward when in truth, no, the door doesn\'t open inward for in truth there is no door, we\'re already at the place we always wanted to be if we just \"cease from all our exploration and return to this place and know it for the first time\" to quote from a famous poem. In the past dozen years or so I haven\'t done anything more than listen and follow my Guidance every moment of the day and yet I have learned so much and had so many adventures and, yes, even despite the pains and hardships, feel like, just as Aristenna said, I\'m in a wonderful place I wish everyone could experience, a place where I could write from now until forever with all the things that I `know\'. It\'s all so hard getting to the point where you realize it\'s all so easy because all your efforts to learn and to grow and to understand are just taking you away from the realization of who and where you already are. Maybe that\'s the true message of Buddha\'s enlightenment, not to meditate on anything but just to simply stop and to be.

With Love, in service, Peter