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it s all so hard getting to the point where you realize it s all so easy.

"It's all so hard getting to the point where you realize it's all so easy."

This is a saying I came up with after going through the "all so hard" part so that in some way I could try help others who had less time and motivation than I to find the 'easy way' to return to their true spiritual selves and away from the literally mind-boggling morass of mental garbage, religious programming and too many lifetimes spent on planet earth listening to what the New Age preachers had burdened us all with.

It's really all this simple; if your spirituality is all about you then you have no spirituality for you do not have a true understanding of the 'Oneness' element of Creation. Also, if you are seeking anything then you are not BE-ing. If you are focused 'within' then you are not flowing outward and allowing Spirit to flow through you to the world and the people around you. You are just a vehicle for Spirit; not the driver of the vehicle but the vehicle itself. If you are not 'allowing' then you are the fool standing in the ocean trying to hold back the waves. If you are in the process of BE-coming anything then you're ignoring the fact that you already are all you ever need to be and were created that way, rightly so.

Spiritual is not something you become, it's something you are. Everything is simply the 'returning to this point for the first time and knowing it for the first time' understanding or realization or awareness of who you already are. If you think reading or 'learning' is a spiritual activity then you never will realize that which you already are, because while you're busy 'not-doing' all the true spiritual work that needs to get done is being done by someone else and that someone else is earning their spiritual 'upliftment' while you're busy sitting on your ass letting your mind tell you you're spiritual.

An old member of the group e-mailed me a while ago asking how he could better 'see' spiritual worlds, how he could better communicate with his Higher Self, etc, etc. The answer was simple, 'stop seeking; serve others; and ascend.' And that's all there is to it. JUST BE. That's all there is to it -- too simple to comprehend even after all these lifetimes of seeking that still have gotten us nowhere except into more trouble letting our mind (the shovel) tell us where to dig instead of the Spirit that truly does know and see all.

After many hundreds of thousands of words, Paul Twitchell said the very same thing, just be. Everything else is just to keep the mind busy while it finally gets so confused it overloads, shuts down, and then true Spirit can come through. That's when the true spiritual surrender can only come through, when the mind has finally burned itself out trying to control the world of uncontrollable things.

Someone else in the group who finally entered 'boot camp' got her ass chewed out and got the 'ah-ha' moment that her hesitancy to post, her worries and concerns about what others think , etc, etc, were all about HER and HER EGO and not about those she potentially came here to help. Ninety percent of what Guidance has asked me to do over the past 15 years I'd rather not have done because it was painful, miserable, lonely, and just downright unpleasant to do, but that was only to me for it did wonders for some others who needed that work at that time and for Gaia herself who I know loves me for the service I have given, despite all the personal discomfort and pain.

If you don't want to pay to serve, if you think you should have all the comforts life has to offer, if you think people should love you for the difficult spiritual work you need to be doing, then you're barking up the wrong tree in term of true spirituality and you need to go back down to the slave quarters and hang out with the others who live in such lies. This is war, and in war people suffer, and in war there are no victims and there are no children in war, there's just fighting until the every man is free, until the planet is free, until darkness and self-will are driven back into the lonely little hole they sprang from and well and truly buried . . . forever.