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from Volume 6, The True Nature of Planet Earth:
RACE - from Volume 6, The True Nature of Planet Earth:

?There is only one Soul, just as there is only one Light and Sound of the Creator. We are all individual particles of that Light and Sound, of that Soul. We can either be the ?one? or the ?One and the Many?.

Some of us are simply fragments of the whole because of the problems with the creational process affecting this corner of the Universe. No matter what part of all this we are, any one of us can be so damaged as to halt the whole forward progress of Creation. Like a shepherd returning to find and return the lost sheep, no one moves forward while anyone is left behind. So it is that all souls stop to aid in giving more light and aid to those which have been damaged in the destruction of any part of the Universe. This is the problem with what has gone on here before. Great disasters, wars of unimaginable cruelty, every type of atrocity that can be imagined, have all brought Creation to a standstill until this darkness causing the problems can be finally resolved and brought back into balance. Black holes, destroyed planets?the whole reincarnational cycle gets cycled around and around here on Earth with no one moving forward?a bottleneck in all of Creation caused by this spreading darkness.

There is no freedom for one Soul while any other fragment of Soul remains not free. There is no peace while all who are seeking it do not have it. The truth of what a Master is lies in the knowledge of these statements?a master only comes back to serve others rather than remaining in some type of eternal bliss himself. The work must be done and no one gets to rest until it is ALL done. Some may and do, however, ignore their fair share.

Fear, above everything else, makes us not step forward. Darkness seeks to separate us one from the other, to make us feel like we are alone, or worse still, that it?s ?me against her? or ?us against
them.? The problems of mixing all these various races of Being on one planet is obvious, they don?t get along out there in the Universe, why should they all get along here? It was a grand and wonderful idea, but one that had little or no hope of ever working, particularly as darkness had set up the thought-form of one race being better than another. This effectively uses the Machiavellian strategy of ?divide and conquer? as exemplified in the following article, a reality all of us anywhere in the world won?t deny even though the media wants us to. Fear of other races creates genocide and ethnic cleansing, something we have seen recently going on all around us in the world, most recently the Sudan region of Africa.

Pondering The Black Underclass: Not Colin Powell And The Cosbys Fred Reed 2001
?The recent race war in Cincinnati?which is what it was ? might reasonably lead one to ponder the black underclass, its nature, behavior, crimes, and intentions toward whites. Permit me a few unpleasant observations, inescapable after years on the police beat... ?During the Cincinnati riots, I heard through police channels of blacks pulling white women from cars and beating them. I didn?t write about it. If I had quoted my sources, they would have been fired for talking. Without sources, I?d have been dismissed as engaging in racist fantasy.

?But then, on April 23, the columnist John Leo of US News and World Report broke journalistic ranks. * He wrote of one white woman (probably the one I?d heard about) who was attacked and beaten. More chillingly, he reported that ?Another driver assaulted by the mob was Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, hit by a hail of bricks, one of which struck her in the head. The attack stopped when someone shouted, ?She?s black!??

?It?s racial, people.

?Rioting blacks regularly beat whites. We know about Reginald Denny, kicked into brain damage by gangs of blacks in LA. Similar instances have occurred from Los Angeles to Dade County to Cincinnati. All were quickly buried by the media. On the streets of Washington I have myself seen whites swarmed and beaten bloody on two occasions?two young Australian tourists walking in Georgetown, for example.

?...When urban blacks surround a car, pull out a terrified woman they believe to be white, and hit her in the head with bricks, they?re not playing. They want to hurt, cripple, kill. That?s what bricks do.

?The underclass is what we have in the cities. One day it will come out. We won?t like it. They are not the nice black family down the street with the two polite kids and a Toyota. They are something very different.

?In the recent Mardi Gras riots in Seattle, gangs of blacks again attacked whites. So many people saw it, and got it on videotape, that the media couldn?t quite hide it. For example, blacks attacked a
white woman, after which a young white guy tried to help her. They stomped him to death. Press was minimal. Can you imagine the furor if whites had attacked a black woman, and murdered a black rescuer?

?The media, again, are consciously lying about race. It is lying by crafted omission, by artful editing, but it is lying. If the police stop too many blacks on the highway, coverage is national and
unending. If the underclass stomps a white to death, a hush follows.

?Examples abound. In Wichita this year, two black men captured five young whites at gun point, forced them to perform various sexual acts on them and each other, of course raped the women, and then killed them all, execution style, except for one woman. Bleeding and naked, she walked through the snow for help.

?Two things: First, the motive was hatred. You can rob people without harming them. The attackers intended to humiliate and kill. Second, note the near perfect suppression of the story. If you heard about it at all, it was probably on the Internet.

?The hatred of the underclass for whites is not new. Neither is the targeting of white women. In the Sixties the rapist and Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver wrote at length in Soul On Ice (chapter one), of the underclass black?s desire to attack white women. Don?t believe me. Read it.

?The foregoing anecdotes are just that?anecdotes. The Department of Justice, however, collects data on crime?the Uniform Crime Reports, the National Crime Victimization Survey, and so on. The author Jared Taylor analyzed these figures and found that a black is 55 times as likely to attack a white than vice versa, 103 times as likely to rob, 40 times as likely to rape a white woman than a white man is to rape a black woman, and 237 times as likely to gang up on whites to rob them.

?This will be unbelievable to many. But check the numbers for yourself.

?Now, I will be accused of racism for saying these things. All right. I hereby make a proposal to the NAACP: Let?s hire a first-line accounting firm to make a study of the figures, and publish both its
results and its methods. If I?m wrong, I?m wrong, and will say so. Do I have any takers?

?Unless this stops, we face disaster. One day things will explode.

?...It had better not happen, but it could. Any spark could light it. One day the underclass, rioting, may go into white neighborhoods to stomp and burn. They won?t expect resistance, because they have never met it. I don?t think Al and Jesse quite know how many deer guns, how many Weatherbys and .223s sit quietly in closets out here. If a mob comes toward a man?s home, where his wife and children are, the results will be astonishing. The police will immediately polarize,
black versus white. So will everybody else. Government will be irrelevant. And the whole country just might blow up.

?If that happens, God help us.?

The fragmentation of the family unit, of the social unit, the pitting of one race against another, of one country against another, will only lead to one thing: The establishment of a New World Order (once those who survive such fragmentation are all that is left). This N.W.O. will be a police state, a prison planet, ruled by the elite for the elite, its power going solely to feed the darkness that truly
does exist here in this corner of the Universe. This ongoing situation has led to the anesthetization of America and most of the countries of the world, for there is no joy left in life unless one is truly blind to all that is taking place:

?There are some things I have never seen anywhere and people don?t really understand it- I spent a long time wondering why everyone was so depressed...even when people lit up they always seemed zombie-like and glazed over...what I?m talking about is sort of hard to put into words, but like, every person has their perfect-absolute little universe inside, you know? And since everyone is in development their contained in this thing, it sort of feels like a shape but it?s really not, it?s like the dimensions of a consciousness, and you can always see that when you contrast it to the person?s higher-self. I could look at people and its sort of like experiencing a person?s evolution because you can see all the ?holes? all the parts that will be filled in, and my own shape was very malleable for me. I used to be really good at moving it around, and I was very fast at changing my state of consciousness, its like a thought evoked an energy that evoked a different expression...its harder to explain than I imagined...but I think a lot in contrasts and things that are sort of paradoxical like light and dark existing at the same time. I did all these things because I was saturating energy, and I got to my goal for a few minutes...I say all of this in past tense because the peak of most of this was when I was 15-16. I had a very hard time when I was really little and I had all these things that wouldn?t heal, just really dark feelings, and tons of things happened and I got better and better, and I left it aside because I?m in this huge changing thing and its not really the best thing for me to do because I have to learn how to approach those things differently than before. I?m different than before, and I have to keep my feet on the ground, because before nobody understood me and I felt so alone it hurt. It was too much emotion and too much love, I was bursting...

?...but besides that other things that always came naturally aren?t abnormal at all, lots of children are sensitive and psychic-ish, and everyone has potential for being sensitive to energy and having lucid
projections, the works, its not anything special.

?...pfff, I hope this is helpful, did I answer your questions? I?ll clear up some space on my e-mail so you can send me the thing. You have the most interesting job I have ever heard of...?
Love, Luiza

It?s an individual experience we?re having here on planet Earth, but we are not now nor ever have been alone. Using the experiments explained by Gregg Braden, we can see that all life is connected to Itself where ever that may be, not just to its own home planet or only to loved ones. We cannot hurt another without that invisible energy reverberating like a stone dropped into a pond, and like those ripples hitting the shore, eventually they will wash back over us all. We all feel alone?that is the true nature of how the N.W.O. would have us perceive the world, but it is never so, and people need to know...

A channeling from the ascended Master, Kuthumi, dictated to Mark L. Prophet in Studies Of The Human Aura, sums it up best:

?Man?s aura is literally a broadcasting station for God?s energy and his cosmic rays. Energies of light and the very thoughts of God himself and of the ascended masters combine with the benign thoughts that emerge from the very life plan of the individual and then are beamed or broadcast in all directions into the world of form. Those who are sensitive and can attune with these waves may perceive their nature and their origin, while those who do not understand cosmic law may become beneficiaries of these wondrous energies without ever knowing their source. It makes little difference. We are concerned with overcoming the preponderance of human darkness that is abroad in the world today by literally flooding forth more light through the auras of many souls who shall dedicate their lives as outposts of cosmic regeneration to the planet.?

Since we began this chapter with the idea of seeds, we shall also end it with seeds. We ARE all seeds drifting through the Universal Body of the Creator. This concept is expressed in the ?bija?, the essence of the very Light AND Sound energies of God that radiate throughout all Creation. As seeds these creational energies are picked up and honed to perfection through the multidimensional talents of the individual before once again being released into the Multiverse of Creation. This is what is illustrated by John Beaulieu in his book, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts:

?Bija means ?seed?. The bijas of the chakra energy centers are those ?seeds of sound? that are associated with the element of each chakra...The bija mantras are combinations of these seed sounds that evoke elemental archetypes for healing. There are thousands of possibilities for creating bija mantras...the most potent of all. They definitely belong to no language and are not found in any
dictionary. They have no gender and declensions. They are combinations of letters that represent the relationship between the kundalini (life energy) and the Supreme Consciousness (Sacred Sound),
and their specific rays (elemental archetypes)...An attempt to understand them intellectually will be futile.? (Usharbudh Arya)

The greatest of these sound seeds which provokes the Universal Body of the Creator into action is the HU, sung as a long drawn out HUUUUUUUUUUU...It is the universal sound of the Creator which allows us to go forth as a seed and one day come back as the tree. Try it and see how it works for you.?