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the politics and propaganda of hope
The Politics and Propaganda of Hope.

One of the prime criteria of good propaganda is that it always keeps the `enslaved peoples\' thinking that things can change even while they\'re most obviously getting worse. Every election year we get the politicians winning who promise change and give us hope that we\'re not really slaves and that we actually can do something about the misery of our lives besides hide away in denial. Meanwhile, no matter who gets elected, on whatever platform, nothing really ever changes, at least for the better the only thing that changes is that the New World Order\'s Great Plan comes one step closer to fulfillment. The life of a slave has never been anything but slavery, no matter whose in charge. There is no freedom, no forward movement towards a grand and brighter day for slaves, and that\'s why so many seek their escape in a religion and a Matrix-created God that has no more validity than any of the other empty promises of hope.

Always looking for someone else to get us out of our situation we run from one guru to another, one religion to another, one politician or political party to another, all the while the chemtrails above our head grow thicker (as today, one of the worst days I\'ve ever seen for them). And now they\'ve added to their flavor of choice, changing their formula so that now we\'re not only left with a chemtrail cough but some form of bird flu and half a dozen other ingredients they\'ve added to their final formula to weaken what\'s left of any resistance in the population. Trapped inside the house with a television set that has 300 channels and nothing on except the encore presentations, meaning reruns over and over again ad nauseum, or the internet through which our every movement can be tracked, we\'re scared to go outside much like the fear we would have upon entering a level 4 containment area. There is no longer any `healthy outdoor lifestyle\' only visions of a worse time to come such as portrayed in V for Vendetta, a time when we won\'t be ALLOWED to go outside. And all the while our friendly wispy weather lady talks about `the high clouds\' overhead.

It is always the president who offers the people the most hope for things to change who wins the popular vote, while the impossible-to-win opposition candidate put in place by the New World Order offers us anything but, in order that our choice will also be their choice. Nothing is more obvious about this `propaganda of hope\' than Barack Obama\'s book title, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. It fits the pattern of hundreds of years of similar campaigning; particularly the media age of the past 50 years where the medium is the message and everything is a popularity contest more than the getting down to brass tacks of real honest-to-God change.

If people cannot remember the news of three days ago how are they going to remember the same lies told to them 4 years ago, or 12 years ago, or 40 years ago?

It\'s bad enough that the Bush puppets have their reptilian wives to be their handlers for the puppet masters, but when you get Barack and his wife, Michelle, both being Ciakirs, the most nasty type of winged reptilian, are their sweet words really going to stupefy us in to the Venus flytrap of the last days of the New World Order\'s paradigm? What fool can say anything about Bush the younger\'s presidency doing anything for anyone but big business? Has even a so-called Democratic congress done anything meaningful to stem the tide of this debauchery and the rape of the common people? Would BIG Business, let alone Big Brother, allow anything to stop them from milking the golden calf?
And all the while we Slaves sit here waiting for Spartacus to return to set us free once again during these most trying times, rarely asking ourselves `what is it we can do to help ourselves as well as others prepare for the massive changes coming?\' Did you know that so many primitive tribes do not have an equivalent for the word `try\' because you\'re either going to do it or not? And while for the most part people won\'t do anything, who is it who will help set themselves and others free?

Wishing you strength and understanding, Peter