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Zero Point Time and The Healing of the Human Form
Zero Point Time and The Healing of the Human Form
(From a basis of Mila?s channeling through Karen Danrich
by Peter Farley

A few weeks ago I was asked to send out an edited piece on the coming planetary ascension channeled by Karen Danrich. This same piece has now been enlarged slightly by the Spiritual Hierarchy to give the reader even broader information on some areas of the subject. Peter

What is ?Zero Point?? Zero point is a realignment (reassessing) of time to synchronize with solar, universal, cosmic, and creational time. It?s due to occur around 2012/2013, if we can create the right circumstances to accomplish it. (That?s right ?it IS NOT A given as many would have you believe). This reassessment is kind of like the atomic clocks which occasionally need adjustment to synchronize them with the planetary alignments. Zero point also realigns time to synchronize with the Central Universe and what Mila terms ?the Source of One that holds all creations inside and outside of time and space?. You?ll notice that physicists never mention time without also referring to space for one is a function of the other. Without movement through space, there is no time as we know it. The finer vibration Universal bodies travel slower through space causing their cycles of time, and the timespans of those living on them, to be longer as well. Earth resides in a creation that is a mirror of the Central Universe.

There are, of course, seven Super Universes, each one an exact duplicate of the central Universe, except for this one, that is. The mirror reflects back the exact dance of the Central Universe, but in the inverse. If you know how the eye sees or a camera takes a picture, the image is inverted on the inner screen of the mind, and just translated by the brain ?right side up?. So too is the image on the film negative turned ?right side up?. We just hold the positive picture made from the negative up the right way that we perceive things to be in our vision. These other Super Universes that exist are simply a reflection of the Central Universe, the home of the Creator and the Original Trinity One Beings. Being the newest and least progressed form of the Central Universe, this super Universe with its flawed version of Creation is like a mirror that is cracked into three separate and entirely self-contained holographic realities. It is the healing of these three separate entities within the Universe that will come to fruition during the Zero Point ascension process.

All of Earth and its neighboring planets and star systems and galaxies will be realigned with the central sun of this nebula, and from there, with the rest of the Super Universe and with the Central Original Super Universe. In the higher worlds it is called the Healing of the Three. When we think of Creation, we think of the positive charge or male side of things, the female or negative charge, and the neutral force of life essence or ?holy spirit? if you will. These are the three essential elements of Creation that split creating what we know of as sub-atomic particle physics. These three forces can then be divided into smaller or larger elements of Nature. The 9 rings mentioned in The Lord of the Rings and the One to rule them all, is an allegory of Creation Itself and of this splitting off into the three separate elements. It is the Ring of Power that rules them all (or is supposed to rule them all?and certainly to reunite them into one greater good (God) which is the problem.

In this super Universe, the three are divisive. I think this too is reflected in The Lord of the Rings where the rings seem to be a negative force controlling Mankind?s future. Like Creation Itself, the energies can be used in either a positive mode or a negative mode since the creative force is the neutral force Itself and has no charge. Because of the rift caused within Creation by the flaw in our Creator Parents, the particular mirror that this Super Universe is, also holds souls that are ?non-conscious? in nature, or in other terms simply seek to experience and not necessarily understand the dance of life. This has been written about many times in my work and in some others. The Souls manifested into the other Super Universes have all surrendered their Personal Will to that of the Higher Will.

This is the economic theory that was looked at as being so revolutionary that it won a Nobel Prize for its discoverer in the movie A Beautiful Mind. What?s good for the whole, is also good for the individual?and NOT the other way around. This is not a mindless state of being or giving up control so that there is no personal responsibility or learning. As the Nine explain it in the book The Only Planet of Choice, it is the use of Free Will in Service to the Higher Will?not to serve one?s own individual desires. In this Super Universe of course, for the most part, it is the flaw of Self Will that we inherited from our Creator Parents that rules our lives and our actions. Those who continue to focus on their own Self Will during this time of cosmic realignment will not be going forward in ascension with the rest of Creation, but will instead find themselves in a Matrix- like world where they will continue to suffer in this ?prison-like existence? until they learn the true nature of the ?dance of life?. As it stands today, this is about three-fourths of the souls currently manifested on this planet, and that number has dropped from about 91 percent just a few short weeks ago, so things we all do are making a difference.

As Mila says in the original article, the part of the mirror that earth exists within fell into the hands of lawless souls who cast creations for the purposes of consumption. What this equates to be is that such souls require devouring other souls and soul fabric(the individual allotment of Light and Sound) in order to subsist as they have fallen into such great distortion. This, again, is the basis of the Vampire stories so prevalent on the planet today?those who suck the Life blood of others, suck their very Light and Sound. The Darkside does not have a Light of its own and so must suck the Light of others to exist in form. So as stated in my last article on the power of the butterfly wings, it is we who support or collude to support the Darkside in its conquest of Creation. ?Your creation is divided into light and dark with the great central sun holding the light portion of creation, and the unconscious darkness or space between holding the rest of creation.? When we speak of unconscious souls, we are speaking of those who were created and/or manifested with insufficient Light and Sound to begin with because of the flaw in this particular Creation, or who have been so drained of their essential Soul fabric as to virtually be unconscious of who and what they are. ?This is why there is such blackness in your nighttime sky with stars so very far apart; earth has been transiting the unconscious of the great central sun for 26 million years now (104 million years as humans measure years) and as she exited the light of the Great Central Sun . . .? What we are about to enter is a new minor golden age in terms of the evolutionary cycle of the planet, but far and above that phenomena is the realigning of this Super Universe with its true state as a reflection of the Central Super Universe of the Original Creator. This has only been made possible by the healing of our Universal Creator Parents, Enjliou and Callia if you have read the first volumes of my 4-volume work, and in particular the earthly forms they have taken on in attempting to do this phenomenal feat of self-discipline and Love.

Every thing, living or ?dead? is only made of energy, and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed into a different form. All that is, is all that ever there was. What my partner, Susan, and I do in part in our healing work is transmute energy from one form to another. Energy which is unreleased is the core issue of our health that we will address today in this article. Energy is meant to flow. Like a river which is dammed and not allowed to flow IN A NATURAL WAY, the water stagnates and festers and breeds sloth from in its inactivity. Stagnant energy does not allow for new energies to come in because the cup is already full. If we do not keep the flow out of the cup going, then the new energies will not flow in to take their place. This is what causes diseases, the blockage of the natural flow of energies?particularly physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. This is the whole meaning and purpose behind everything we are doing leading up to the ascension process, which in reality is simply a new paradigm, a new way of seeing and doing things. Imagine if you will a clear glass of water. Then imagine another glass of indigo-colored water being poured slowly into the clear glass. The more indigo water poured in, the more the clear glass of water also become colored as the old water overflows and runs out. Eventually, with enough new infusion, the old glass of clear water will now be a new glass filled with indigo-colored water. The new paradigm is already fast approaching and every change we make now allows some of those old energies to flow out to be replaced with the new energies of reason and stability. Earth exited the Great Central Sun as a 12th dimensional vessel. She now returns after 26 million years of consumption practices prevalent in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun as a 3rd dimensional vessel. The falls in consciousness and drops in frequency are all related to the pattern of consumption (as discussed in my book?how earth rises and falls through the dimensions depending on the consciousness of those existent here on the planet, and also all those who have influenced her). This pattern earth is choosing to transcend so that she may re-enter the Great Central Sun, for the Sun knows not such a thought-form. If earth failed to transcend consumption, she would combust upon entry into the fifth dimension as her own thought-form of destruction would reverberate back upon her, as the Great Central Sun holds no resonance for such thought-form, thereby causing her own demise. Combustion upon attempted entry has occurred many a time in our creational history; along with other creations come and gone throughout time and space, most of which have gone extinct. Earth (the Spiritual Hierarchy, the FATHER, and Creation Itself) is learning from their ascensions gone wrong in the examination of the records of other planets that combust, and in so doing altering her thought-form so that this will not be the outcome in her ascent. It is the thought-form of consumption in particular that also underlies warfare and disease, along with abuse, terrorism, barbarism, slaughter, and mutilation in all of its varying expressions, both internal and external. Internal war is known as dis-ease. Like its outward counterpart war, this is where parts of the body turn against or attack other parts of the form. These are also called viruses. Underlying all such thought-form is the thought-form of consumption. Consumption has become the prevailing thought-form of the human species, more than any other species upon earth. All other species consume also, however they only consume what they require to exist. Humans consume for other preoccupations, and are consuming earth and her resources so rapidly that she cannot regenerate what is taken rapidly enough. If this were to continue, earth would fail to ascend, but humanity now enters a time in which the very patterning of consumption shall be inverted back upon humanity causing an end of the consumption of earth.

Why is this so?

Everything stems back to what the Spiritual Hierarchy has given me as a key message to share leading into this new paradigm??Say to yourself, I have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.? Beyond today and tomorrow we have little control except that which we exercise in taking care of today?s business which will lead to tomorrow?s essence of stability. The essential lesson of most soul?s is to learn that it is a bountiful and supportive Universe, one that loves us so dearly it would never let us be without. The word ?sin? simply means ?without?, and the only time we are ever without is when we allow our minds to see ourselves as being separate or ?without?. We are certainly never ?without? God, as I can attest to by having the Hierarchy talking to me 24/7. It is only we, ourselves, who separate ourselves from God, usually through allowing some church or some parent or one of the myriad institutions of the New World Order that have been put in place to control us, to make us feel guilty, to make us feel less than, to make us feel like we are not good enough, do not have enough, or to judge ourselves as less than those we see around us who may have completely different needs and wants and lessons than we do.

This is the lesson we should learn in Middle School but our education system does not allow us to. As the Desiderata (Go placidly amidst the noise and haste . . ) once so well put it, ?Do not compare yourselves with others, or you will become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser people than yourself.? Much like earth entering the star gate without transcending consumption and having it combust her form causing extinction, the thought-form of combustion will now revert back upon those species that have failed to transcend along with earth, causing their extinction rather than earth?s. As humans who consume become extinct, the consumption of earth shall cease, and those humans remaining shall be led into the experience of the dawning of a new golden age.

I received the following excerpt this morning as par t of my usual e-mail load. It shows what MUFON and so many others are doing in helping delude people that there is a problem from ?out there? when really the only problem is right here.

FILER?S FILES #42 - 2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern October 16, 2002, SIGHTINGS INCREASE WORLDWIDE THE THREAT?I spoke with Dr. David Jacobs from Temple University on Saturday, ?He is more than ever convinced there is a serious threat to Earth from Space.? His book, ?The Threat? is excellent and explains this potential threat. If David is correct, ?We are preparing for the wrong war, and the people of the world should unite and strive for friendship and research the possible threat.? Regards, George Filer http://www.

So much more everyday Susan and I see how consciousness carries on upon death and therefore nothing is ever really lost, how aliens in human form have home planets and star systems from which they take a short ?vacation? to planet Earth to assist or hinder the work here, depending on the particular planetary star system they hail from. As I was explaining to one client the other day, the lifetime she is living now is just a continuation of one that began back in ancient Lemuria. Every new physical body she takes on is just writing a new chapter in this one on-going saga. Pretty much what is occurring in her lifetimes is that she is wearing out physical forms, but carrying on with the old emotional and mental patterns from the previous lifetimes. All her lessons revolve around one core issue?learning to stand in her power and do what she is already capable of doing without being drained by all the forces that surround her who seek to suck her Light. Earth can ascend in no other manner than by cleansing herself and expunging all forms of negative thought forms that infest her consciousness. This is true of the humans and other souls who reside upon her, also. As I channeled in a piece a few years ago from the Gaia consciousness, She would have loved to carry all humans with her to the next evolutionary gate. Alas so many humans are so low in consciousness, not only can they not awaken to the greater dance that is underway, but the very holographic nature of most humans is not prepared for ascension. Those humans that hold holographic relationships from the Annunaki (our biological prison warders) are prepared to ascend in another creation that is electrical and radioactive-based. They have not the proper information nor correct amount of Light and Sound for ascension in this creation or entry into the magnetic Great Central Sun. Furthermore, those humans who are holographically related to the Annunaki slave race have no ascension information whatsoever available unto them, as such information was omitted from their hologram deliberately by the scientists to ensure a ?slave? race that would not overthrow their ?masters?. This is the basis of the crystal implant information written about in my article Abductions, Implants and Other Alien Stuff.

Mila?s channeling suggests that such humans cannot ascend at this time, and this is sad indeed, appearing to affect approximately 60% of the current human population. If we subtract 60 percent from the 75 percent who are currently not going, that leaves fifteen percent of the population who are capable but not yet willing to go. These are the fence-sitters who I was told were the major thrust of my and our mission here. These are the people who have not definitely made up their mind, or who are uneducated in what the heck is going on and what they need to be doing to get out of here. Nothing is lost, really and truly, although it may appear as a great travesty in the physical, but the essence of Creation is and always has been free- will. Indeed many new diseases and plagues may be the result of the times of cleansing ahead and as the thought-form of consumption is inverted back onto humanity in earth?s global mastery; however for those who are ascending one will not be affected, as one will alter the biology and immune system in a manner that the body will be strong enough to survive. For those of you reading this article, survival is not even the key issue?service is. Where you are supposed to be is where you are needed. So many Lightworkers are looking at survival through the coming Earth-changes rather than seeing their presence here as work. We don?t always work where things are the easiest. In fact, we should be where we are most needed, usually in the places that are most difficult.

These coming times (beginning in earnest next September--2003) may leave many ascending children without parents, husbands without wives, wives without husbands, moving into the future. Many people may find that their preoccupation then becomes watching over and taking care of ascending children that shall make it through the times ahead. Such children allow for the ascent of the human species not only to the next dimension with earth, but home to the Source, and each shall witness such an ascent through future generations yet unborn that will make this leap along with earth. As one watches over the ascending children, one will assure one?s own continued journey of ascension, for all humans are ONE SPECIES.

The greatest expression of the new paradigm can here be summed up by one of my e-mail list in response to a request for help with some of my workload. Peter, I?m here for you. Just tell what to do. Raul He was not alone in offering. This is the cooperative aspect of the new paradigm, rising out of the Self-will into the Higher Will, getting out of the Me and into the We. Mila continues with the addition of information from the Hierarchy:

Each species that consumes flesh is undergoing a parallel biological shift into vegetarianism in the coming generations. For the masses of humans, newborn children will enter the world with this tract in place, and it is anticipated that the parents of such offspring or those attending to them will have enough awareness not to feed the child flesh. Like us, you are probably already experiencing this shift in many of the young people these days. Too often though we are finding parents who have bought into the old paradigm of health that says that health can be generalized ??this is supposed to be good for you . . ., This is supposed to be bad for you . . .?

Generalizations never have and never will work for people?s health. As soon as I mention something is good or bad for a client, the very next client has exactly the opposite situation true. This attitude would only cause the child to enter the paradigm of destruction again, as the act of eating flesh causes the thought-form of destruction to remain in any ascending field. Our human Anunnaki predecessors ate of the blood of their slaves and the flesh of certain crustaceans in the ocean to sustain their embodiments up to 18,000 years in life span; and in so doing, fell into consumption thought-form. Although hinted at in Sitchin?s work, the meat vs grain diet of the Annunaki shows up most prominently in the story of Cain and Abel.

Slaughter through consumption leads to war; it also leads to disease. Disease became prevalent as an energetic war between the Annunaki and other alien races raged causing the Earth?s grid work to move outside of her form, debilitating her embodiment---in so doing the grid work of the slaves (their Higher Self) also moved outside of the etheric form and into machinery that has been called ?Disease Machinery?. Our Higher Self, for most of us, is now not in our bodies where it was always carried in our higher dimensional forms. The machinery caused disease and a shorter lifespan for all slaves to become the norm. The Higher Self of many people is now trapped in the magnetic grid of the planet and the two are inextricably aligned. So the healing of one and the freeing of one will mean the potential freeing of many.

This is why the New World Order seeks to control or already does control most of the grid system of the planet. It also has much to do with OK City and the destruction of the twin WTC towers. Oklahoma, and in particular the Murrah Building Memorial Site lies on the Heart Chakra meridian of the North American continent. By controlling that site with the energy-harnessing Memorial that has been built there, those in power are able to also harness the heart-energy of all those in every part of the continent.

Indeed, this war that rages between Humanity and the New World Order is all about Heart vs. Mind, the male patriarchy vs the female- led new paradigm. Control of the female heart aspect of Creation allows the darkside to control all the Creative processes. Much of the work we as Lightworkers have to do is to connect people up to their Higher Self while helping them release all those old thought- forms and emotional patterns which keep their Higher Self enslaved or trapped in this magnetic grid. The biggest problem here is that so many Lightworkers who have come here to help have bought into these thought- forms and emotional patterns and become stuck here. Think of someone trying to help a drowning or sinking person in the ocean or in quicksand also becoming trapped and going down with the intended rescuee. Be careful lest the rescuer also become the victim.

It was not until the nuclear war on earth created by the Annunaki, which included the destruction of such cities as the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, that humans remaining upon the surface of the earth turned to slaughter and consumption of the animal kingdoms in order to survive. This has occurred twice in your human history. Over time and as the vegetation restored itself, the red race humans (Atlanteans and former Atlanteans) reverted to a vegetarian diet again ceasing to eat flesh. However, the white race related to the Annunaki and their slave populations continued to eat flesh from this point forward (30,000 years ago). Furthermore after the fall of Atlantis some 10,000 years ago (the Biblical Flood as explained in my book), all humans fell so low in consciousness and became so mechanical that all of humanity has retained it?s meat-eating and consumption based habits ever since.

It is only as one understands nature that ascending humans will build a bridge towards working in unity with all kingdoms upon earth. Currently there are more than a dozen people on the planet who hold the Gaia consciousness and manifest its various problems. They are here to aid humans in understanding the planets problems and helping the consciousness to heal before ascension. At this time and in the next 10-12 years, consumption karma shall be released by earth upon a global scale. As this occurs, the false intervention and souls that have used consumption-based tactics to pull apart earth?s field, grid work, libraries and moving energy systems apart into many falls in consciousness will cease to have any affect. To paraphrase Captain Picard on Star Trek, if we can make it so. One can understand in this that it is thought-form that causes any experience; transcend the thought-form and the experience changes. It is exactly the same with viruses that are, to best describe them, simply alien thought forms. For it is thought-form that calls the experience into one?s dance of life. (Watch The Andromeda Strain ?Michael Crichton?s first novel/movie to get a better idea of ranges of existence). In the transcendence of consumption-based thought-form, earth will cease to be consumed. In so doing, she shall exit the dance of unconscious harm that has plagued her, particularly over the past 50,000 years of global history.

Zero point and the fifth star gate acts as a filter that filters out all of those certain frequencies and thought-forms that no longer resonate. As one passes through this filter, they are aware of a pulling or tearing at their field of that which was too dense to pass through. One needs to simply surrender to the experience and choose to allow the filter to do it?s job, removing that from their field that they were ready to release that no longer resonated with the frequencies inside the fifth star gate. This is the key to the work my partner and I do in our healing work, and that we have been asked to train others to do in the very near future. All ascending are asked to make parallel intentions of the form: I INTEND TO RELEASE ALL PATTERNS, THOUGHT-FORM, MACHINES AND ENTITIES THAT DO NOT RESONATE WITH THE PRESENT STAR GATE THAT EARTH IS TRANSITING. What is releasing at this time through this star gate and in the realignment that zero point means? The seven planes of the MIND and their opposite planes discussed above along with all machines, entities and patterns or thought-forms associated with them. Earth is pushing beyond the thought- form of pain, fear, death, suffering, judgment, greed and lust in her global field. Those who are ascending may utilize this global transition to augment one?s ascent which requires transcendence of the MIND and the integration of all parts of self trapped upon such planes . . .

Making intentions that support global ascension will be fulfilled upon in greater ease, as earth will have a direct modality of providing for what one requires in so doing. So this is so for all dreams that support ascension. Again, the mantra for the coming age is ?I have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.? There is a dream for human awakening. This dream will turn the current human civilization in a new direction, one that supports the focus of spiritual pursuits. Before this can be fulfilled however, the current phase of leadership must complete their karma and exit this role. Then another wave of leaders, perhaps not much different than those who exist within the current paradigm, will emerge. The current human leadership has not lineage for power in most cases; but rather such humans hold power due to lineage manipulation that acquired lineage for power, augmenting whatever leadership role they play in the physical in present time. So this is so for most in positions of great authority upon earth at this time and in human form, such humans were manipulated to hold such positions of authority through a manipulation to their birth inheritance by forces of the dark. . . .. . . This will augment those leaders currently in power with manipulated inheritances to exit the dance of leadership and another group of leaders to emerge as the current leadership fades in popularity. The new group of leaders will be able to clear the karma for dominion-based leadership through their life dance, as it is sincerely their biological inheritance. Therefore it may take the coming 10-12 years of human history to clear the karma for dominion based leadership in full; however after this has occurred, a new form of ascending leadership can and will emerge to guide humanity through. . .

For each ascending human, understand that any dream that one holds that is not in alignment with the dream earth holds for itself as an ascending being is now canceled in full due to zero point and entry into the fifth star gate. Only those dreams that support ascension shall be made manifest, and earth will soon be in command of the human dream at last. . . .. . .For those dreams that one?s ancestors never fulfilled upon (racial karma), and as a result one has a need to experience because they had been unfulfilled in many lifetimes, now is the time to manifest such dreams, and earth?s dream will support such a goal. Fulfillment of dream is one of the main rewards of ascension at this time in history, and earth wishes each who chooses to ascend to experience a fulfilled state. .. . . Zero Point may be a good time to take inventory. What do you wish to make manifest? What do you choose to let go of. Is it a beloved to dance with your life, or birthing an ascending child? Is it to move to a new home and region that supports your ascent and allows for a greater connection to earth? Is it to fulfilled upon a creative project that brings one joy? Whatever one?s dreams are, now is the time to allow one?s dream to be intended, and then live to experience the dream fulfilled upon within one?s life dance. Earth recommends that each initiate tune inward and listen to earth, listen to one?s own ancestors, and listen to the nature kingdoms (and those who represent the Gaia consciousness). Forgiveness is a way of letting go of the past and choosing to stand in one?s own power walking forward upright into the new paradigm. The forgiveness/reclaiming- your-power exercise following is an updated version of the one from my first Humanity Vs The New World Order article: ?The one thing that must be done above all to begin our own healing with regard to our low self-esteem is to love. To forgive both those who we feel have wronged us, and most importantly of all ourselves, is to regain our lost power. To reclaim this lost power (that which we have so readily given away to both friends, family, and enemies alike, I recommend the following exercise borrowed liberally from the Native American Shamanic tradition of erasing personal history (and thereby reclaiming the personal power given away). The exercise must be done from the heart, and not simply from the mind. It is recommended to get away from family, kids, phones and anything that might distract us when doing the exercise. Treat it with that kind of importance. Reclaiming your Power: 1. With plenty of time to complete the task no matter how long it takes (usually a full day or two), find a quiet comfortable area where you will not be disturbed?a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel some kind of nurturance from your surroundings such as a room filled with your favorite books, a quiet garden space, a hotel room in a peaceful location, or somewhere out in nature. 2. Center yourself in whatever way is most comfortable for you?by chanting, by smudging, or simply by sitting peacefully with your eyes open or closed for a short period of time focusing on the peacefulness of the moment. 3. Open yourself to your own highest Good, your Higher Power, some non- denominational sense of the Cosmos that you know loves you and that you trust. 4. As you find yourself ready, go slowly over the decades of your life- -either chronologically or in reverse order. Think of and/or write down a list of all those you have been involved with you in some way and to whom you have given a part of yourself. This could be either in a positive or negative way through some kind of attachment of love or hate or fear or some other emotional state. This list should include such people as your parents, your teachers, your school mates who you envied or tried to copy, the neighborhood bully, the girlfriends or boyfriends?real or imagined, the husbands or wives, your children, your neighbors, the bosses and co-workers with whom you have shared both good times and bad- -everyone who you can say took or was given a piece of you that you now need to reclaim in this attempt to regain your personal power. Kenneth Meadows, in his book The Medicine Way?A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery, says to use the phrase, ?Things would have been so different IF . . .? The things which follow that IF are the very attachments you now need to release. In releasing attachments we let go of what is draining us of our personal power. We reclaim the focus and the attention from the past and are now able to recrystallize it on our present circumstances and stand in our power and in our strength. 5. Once we have made this list or identified those with whom our personal power has been in storage, then comes the essential act of reclaiming our power, thanking?and if necessary, forgiving them, and ourselves. No matter what has happened between the two of you?things either positive or seemingly negative?the lessons have been there for you to learn, and these people have done their best, limited though it may appear to you, to help you learn your lessons and make you the best person you can be. Thank them for whatever part they have played in your own spiritual growth, and forgive them for whatever they did or did not do to you in any other way. To hold any strong feeling for anyone in the past is to give away a piece of your energy to that person, and the personal power you will need here in the very near and very real future that awaits us all in combating the New World Order. Do this for each and every person on your list, savoring each moment as you recall it and then letting it go. 6. And when all is said and done, then look at your own behavior over these same times and know that, although you may not always have been at your best, that to live in shame or blame or with some degree of guilt is the greatest source of giving away your personal power to a source which is not real. The real Creator has only. and is only, Love. Darkness cannot even come near to it because IT is so much Light. If IT cannot see Darkness, then it certainly does not judge us for it knows we are learning, and that there is a balance for everything we do. In this spirit, love yourself as IT loves you, and then forgive yourself. 7. Make a small ritual of burning or destroying your list, and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders as your strength and Will and power return to you. Then be cognizant of every person and situation that enters your day and may try to steal some of your power away again. Bless them or the situation and give them love and be on your way, safe in your newfound strength, prepared for the difficult days ahead, knowing that although the Darkness may reign for a short time longer on the planet as it solidifies its power base here?there can only be one eventual winner?and of that there is no doubt. The Light will always overcome the Darkness and drive it back into the Void from whence it first came.?

There is a special dream for each ascending initiate that will bring about the experience of fulfillment and place oneself in the right place in the right time to avoid many of the global catastrophes that lie ahead. There shall be some natural disasters; these cannot be avoided as the tug of human density is too great for earth to move without expending so much chi that global ascension would fail. Therefore the corrections in energetic flow brought forth through changing weather patterns, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and so on, like those occurring in the individual human form as well as the collective consciousness, move the energy that will not move otherwise. They are necessary to earth?s continued ascent. As one tunes into earth?s dream for oneself as an ascending being, one will simply be able to avoid such an experience altogether if that is in one?s line of service. The current dream upon earth is stepping down in a 7-year cycle for non-ascending humans. This is the dream that is also tuned into in relation to regional and global changes. There is a seven-year cycle of world cleansing beginning next September (2003)which despite all rumor and misinformation, have nothing to do with the supposed return of the planet Nibiru. There are shifts coming for dense regions around the globe, and because human cities are often the cause of such density, the damage done to human civilization can often be great. Earth does not wish humans to suffer; but most are not attuned enough to understand what is due to transpire shortly. As each learns to turn inward and listen, one will be where they need to be and remain unharmed.

Earth also recommends that ascending initiates leave jobs in the cities, and move out to the country if at all possible, except in a small number of cases in which such cities are under major global chakras, such as Honolulu. This also does not mean that one should relocate to Honolulu, as each has karma in the region that one already resides that must be settled in order to ascend. One will also have karma in a specific region that will be chosen as the place one moves to as one completes the karma for the region that one now resides; and for most it will not necessarily be Hawaii. Why is this so? If one has a large number of ancient Native American lineages, one will have more karma with the mainland US or Canada than Hawaii. If one has more karma from their Atlantean lifetimes, they may find themselves in the East, as opposed to Lemurian lifetimes in the Western half of the United States. For those in other parts of the world, so this is also so. One may have karma with other regions as one ascends that are related to one?s more ancient inheritance, and strive to move to regions that serve in settling such karma. . . .. . .

There are also many companies of small to large size that fall under a particular group soul that one may have karma to settle with. One may work for any of such related corporations, businesses or business opportunities and settle one?s karma. Therefore one need not remain in one?s current job if it is in the city, even if one has karma. One can simply find another employer of the same group soul in another region, and pay off the debt in this manner. From another channeled group know as The Hosts of heaven where They explain this same idea of Zero Point Time: ?Now, however, we are at the ?end game? stage. There are certain geometries that occur in the movements of the planets, stars, galaxies, and indeed the entire system of created universes. They each have their own period, much like the gears in a clockworks. Each turn at different rates, and every so often, they align with other gears (planets, stars, and galaxies) in particular geometries that make certain potentials available. There is a ?window of opportunity? available that permits or supports certain things that cannot occur at any other time. This is what is behind the system of divination you call astrology. When certain aspects or alignments occur, it has been noticed that certain other phenomena are associated with them. This is true, because the ?working beam? (holographic terminology) is altered in its orientation to the ?reference beam? (the Absolute) so that a different ?picture? (outpicturing) occurs in the hologram that constitutes your perceived reality. We shall have more to say on the subject of holograms later. The point of this is that if you picture all the ?gears? to have a mark on them and that all the marks were lined up at the ?beginning? of the Creation, they are all approaching that same alignment again. It is a window of opportunity for a new beginning, a wholly new Creation. ?

The largest shift and affect that transiting Zero Point has is in relation to how time is held and recorded upon earth. Over time and in the distortions of the manipulations of the forces of the dark, time has become polarity based. Polarity based time swings from periods where time moves very rapidly; to periods during which time moves so slow that it drags seemingly forever. The period from 1920 to 1980 was a slow moving period for time upon earth. The polarity shifted in 1988 and introduced a period of more rapid movement of time, and has increased even more so due to the vibrational shifts upwards in the global initiations mastered by earth in recent times. Speeding up of time has the affect of causing there to be less time in any given day. Many humans have found that it takes twice as long to accomplish the same task that once could be accomplished in half the time. This is the result of the speeding up of time. Ascending initiates however begin to command time; as this is mastered one can lengthen or shrink time at will and through conscious intention. We invite initiates who are reading this material to intend to stretch time and see what happens. We have had initiates who were late for work stretch time and make it on time, with a 30-minute drive occurring in only 15 ?stretched? minutes . . . When Al Bielek of the Philadelphia Experiment fame visited with me last year in Roswell, he told of the often occurrence of being picked up at an airport and being dropped off at his hotel half an hour or so earlier then he left the airport. Scanning his aura, I found he still has a time warp surrounding his person, one that is still being used by alien entities to access planet earth. Another being scanning him summed up what he ?saw? as Al being surrounded by a Matrix-form, suggesting kind of some holographic imaging at work. .. . . Attaining Zero Point allows all regions sitting under major chakra centers to align in to a single synchronistic energy flow. Up until the recent level of global ascension, earth was fragmented between east and west, (Like the male-female sides of ourselves) and in multiple regions around the globe. Such shattering was not only from nuclear bombs detonated in recent human history, but continued nuclear testing by current human scientists.

The inner earth people are augmenting the balancing of the pH of all waterways and landmasses upon the surface of the earth through the release of certain gasses into the air. They are doing so to support their own ascension as much as earth?s ascension. Such gasses will collect in the clouds and then shower upon all oceans, lakes and river ways along with the land bringing an end to acid rain. Such substances will also enter the drinking water, and have a tonic affect upon the form for those who are ascending. This tonic affect balances the pH of the form. All disease is related to an imbalance of pH of the form or a part of the form caused by physical, emotional, mental or spiritual traumas; and as this is corrected most diseases can go into remission. One also is less likely to ascend into disease if one retains the proper pH balance through dietary means. Often the pH in human form is thrown off due to the presence of parasites that excrete a very acidic substance in their waste known as ammonia, which causes the pH to go off and yeast to grow throughout the form. As the yeast grows, it eats away at wherever it is rooted; if it is rooted in the brain and causes enough deterioration, Alzheimer?s results; as the yeast eats away at a particular organ or gland, the organ or gland is weakened and ceases to function properly, leading to disease; and if compromised enough and in an important enough part of the form necessary to sustain life, death is the end result. Deparasiting the form is perhaps the first step any ascending person can take to begin to bring one?s personal pH back to balance. After one has deparasited, one can focus upon diet to retain a proper pH to support the form in ascension.

Gregg Braden is currently traveling around the United States and in the media, telling of the scientific proof he has gathered of the Earth passing through the Photon Belt and the slowing of the Earth?s rotation. At the same time there is an increase in the resonant frequency of the Earth (Schumann Resonance). Unfortunately, and with greatest respect to Gregg and his work, some of his summations are incorrect and entirely misleading to the process of ascension. These have been suggested or corrected in the following partial explanation of Gregg?s work. When the Earth stops its rotation and the resonance frequency reaches 13 cycles we will be at a zero point magnetic field. Braden suggests the Earth will then be stopped, and in 2 or 3 days it will start turning again in the opposite direction. This, he says, will produce a reversal in the magnetic fields around the earth and so forth. This is not what happens during ascendancy.

Geophysical Condition #1: Earth?s Rising Base Frequency Earth?s background base frequency, or ?heartbeat,? (called Schumann resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. Though it varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement was 7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought to be a constant; global military communications were developed on this frequency. Recent reports set the rate at over 11 cycles, and climbing. Popular science doesn?t know why, or what to make of it. Gregg has found data collected by Norwegian and Russian researchers on this; though it?s not widely reported in the U.S. (The only reference to SR found in the Seattle Library reference section, is tied to the weather. Science acknowledges SR as a sensitive indicator of temperature variations and worldwide weather conditions. Braden believes correctly that the fluctuating SR may be a factor in the severe storms, floods, and weather of recent years.)

Geophysical Condition #2: Earth?s Diminishing Magnetic Field While earth?s ?pulse? rate is rising, her magnetic field strength, on the other hand, is declining, a typical process in the refining of the planet?s vibration in preparation for the planetary ascension process. According to Professor Bannerjee of the University of New Mexico, the field has lost up to half its intensity in the last 4,000 years. And because a forerunner of magnetic polar reversals is this field strength, Prof. Bannerjee believes that another reversal is due. Indeed it would, were the planet not entering into the ascension process. Braden believes that because these cyclical Shifts are associated with reversals, Earth?s geological record indicating magnetic reversals also marks previous Shifts in history. And, within the enormous time scale represented, there were quite a few of them. What is a Schumann Resonance? Believe it or not, the Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit, just like the human body. This is one level of the macrocosm and the microcosm referred to in the mystical saying ?As above, so below.? The atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its existing electric charge would diffuse away in about 10 minutes. The resistance of the atmosphere is 200 Ohms. The voltage potential is 200,000 Volts. This source of potential energy was a key to the workings of Nikola Tesla?s work and the high altitude weaponry being produced by the US military and other governments. The Schumann Resonances are quasi standing wave electromagnetic waves. Like waves on a spring, they are not present all the time, but have to be ?excited? to be observed. Given that the earth?s atmosphere carries a charge, a current and a voltage, it is not surprising to find such electromagnetic waves. The resonant properties of the terrestrial cavity were first predicted by the German physicist W. O. Schumann between 1952 and 1957, and first detected by Schumann and Konig in 1954. The first spectral representation of this phenomenon was prepared by Balser and Wagner in 1960. Much of the research in the last 20 years has been conducted by the Department of the Navy who investigate Extremely Low Frequency communication with submarines. For more information, see: ?Handbook of Atmospheric Electrodynamics, vol. I?, by Hans Volland, 1995 published by the CRC Press.

Chapter 11 is entirely on Schumann Resonances and is written by Davis Campbell at the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks AK, 99775. There is also a history of this research and an extensive bibliography.

1. Time will appear to speed up as we approach Zero Point. A 24-hour day will seem to about 16 hours or less. Remember the Schumann Resonance (or ?heart beat? of Mother Earth) has been 7.8 cycles for thousands of years, but has been rising since 1980. It is at about 12 cycles at present. Braden incorrectly suggests however that it stops at 13 cycles. This would be true if not for the jump to hyper-space known as ascension.

2. Zero Point or the Shift of the Ages has been predicted by ancient peoples for thousands of years. There have been many shifts including the one that always occurs every 13,000 years at each half of the 26,000 year, Precession of the Equinox.

3. Braden?s scenario suggests that Zero Point or a flip of the magnetic poles will probably happen soon, within the next few years. It could possibly synchronize with the Earth?s four-cycle biorhythm that occurs every 20 years on the 12th of August. The next occurrence is supposed to be 12th August 2003 (agreeing with what I have said since the beginning of my writings that September, 2003 would see the earth changes beginning in earnest). The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project (secret military time traveling) both locked up to the 12th August/20 year biorhythm.

4. It is said that after Zero Point the Sun will rise in the west and set in the east, approx. Past occurrences of this change, Braden suggests, have been found in ancient records.

5. Interestingly, the New World Order plan is scheduled to be in power by 2003. Braden suggests this may or may not happen, depending on many factors and agendas, but as one can tell from current news events and Bush?s unfolding agenda, it more likely than not. Stay centered and follow your intuition.

6. The Zero Point flip, Braden suggests, will probably introduce us to the 4th dimension. Here, everything we think or desire will instantly manifest. This includes love and fear. Our INTENTION will be of utmost importance. We are, however, already passing through a hollow ?tube-like tunnel? through the 4th dimension that allows us to remain both 3rd dimensional while being semi-4th dimensional as well. The Twilight Zone is a good analogy for this multi-dimensional state we are in as we head for the 5th dimension that is the final result of our planetary ascension.

7. Braden suggests that most technology that we know will cease to operate. Possible exceptions could be technology based on so-called ?Zero Point? or free energy.

8. Everyone agrees that our physical body is changing as we approach Zero Point. Our DNA is being ?upgraded? to (returning to its normal) 12-strand state. Braden says that a new light body is being created, and that we are becoming more intuitive. What is really happening, in fact, is that we are being reconnected with our Higher Self that has for so long been held prisoner in the grid surrounding the planet since its fall into the third dimensional state.

9. The Mayan Calendar predicted all the changes that are occurring now, though with a slight flaw in the actual working out of the calendar that allows for up to a 9-month discrepancy in the timing of the actual events. They say we are going beyond technology and back to the natural cycles of nature and the Universe. By 2012 (actually 2013) the planet will be entering the 5th Dimension. Will all those ascending be on it? No. The current plan in the Higher Worlds is for everyone to leave the planet (to a holding Matrix depending on one?s choices of which energy they follow), and for those scheduled to return to help rebuild society to return in time after the planet has settled, and then create the new golden age here on Earth. 10. All this information is not fearful. Be prepared for changes that will bring in the new age of (the True) light. We are going beyond money and time where fear-based concepts are totally dissolved. ***BREATHE in and BREATHE out LIGHT and LOVE daily. ***ALL IS WELL.

In parallel manner, earth is augmenting the choice to balance her own pH through conscious intent and will and application of vibrations that will have the affect of eliminating overly acidic or basic regions upon her global body. Such regions that are the most toxic tend to be deserts or wastelands upon earth. Most waterways near human cities are a toxic wasteland devoid of the fish and life that was once prevalent when the pH was balanced therein. Humans could easily choose to add substances that balance the pH of the water, but are more focused upon greed than the environment. In counterbalance the inner earth people are more interested in the environment than greed, and are choosing to take action as anything less would mean a cease-ascension for all of earth. And yes, it could happen. This ascension process must be earned and anyone saying different is attempting to mislead us into not doing the work we came here to do as LightWORKERS. If it were all so easy, we would NOT have been sent here to help assist the process to happen. Earth is on target to balance her pH global wide by 2007. This will occur not only through the substances that the inner earth people are releasing, but also due to focus upon the part of earth and your solar sun. The sun in parallel manner is planning a series of vibrations through solar flares that shall augment the burning off of those vibrations that cause pH to go overly acidic or basic. The vibrations shall successfully begin to detoxify earth global wide, and this shall also cause a detoxification of all form residing therein as well, including mankind. . . A big part of this detoxification is the detoxification of our thought forms. One of the chief sources of negative thought forms is the media that influence our lives so much on a daily basis, and keep the thought- form of consumption growing.

Again, from those known as the Hosts of Heaven (MESSAGES FROM THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN VOLUME ONE? Copyright Sara Lyara Estes, 1999, 2000, 2001 Web site: e-mail: lyara@operationterra. com), a piece in which They address this key control factor affecting the planet at this time:

?The media on your planet are not there to tell the truth. They are there to sell things, for that is how they get their portion of the power medium you call money. Fear sells. Sex sells. Romance sells. Emotion sells. Truth does not sell, except when it ?exposes? something, and what is that but emotional titillation? The media is there to stimulate you to ?buy? whatever it is that they are selling, whether it is a product, a philosophy (Who does it serve?), or a point of view that empowers you or (more likely) disempowers you. ?The media has treated the subjects of ETs, UFOs, and ?paranormal? phenomena in ways that increase the emotional titillation, the rush of adrenaline, also known as fear. Lately that has shifted a little, as there is more acceptance of higher realities, but on the whole the media serves the purposes of the (Darkside). It is natural that this would be the case, because the entire planetary economy is operating in ways that serve the STS individuals in high positions of authority more than it serves the general populace(which is so ignorant and unconscious of the consequences of their choices that they are easy pawns for the power-mongers above them). ?We are here in great numbers, and when the time is right, we shall render ourselves visible to those who have ?eyes to see,? those whose frequency is that of love (as we have defined it), and can therefore see others who operate in that frequency. Those who are in fear will never see us. If you are in fear and see an ET, be assured it will be of the STS flavor.

You cannot see love unless you are in that state of love, through the principle of resonance. But you can always FEEL love, even if you still contain some fear. So while you cannot see us yet, except with your inner vision, you can always FEEL us and our presence. You can also FEEL the feelings you get when STS (dark) energies are around you, whether they are of ?human? or ?ET? origin, whether they are in your visual frequency band or currently in frequencies beyond those your physical eyes can see.

?Trust your feelings. We will say that again. TRUST YOUR FEELINGS. No matter what something ?looks like? on the surface, ask yourself, ?How does this FEEL to me?? There are many whose tongues drip with honey, who tell you what you want to hear, who put you to sleep with their hypnotic droning voices. But you can FEEL when you are being lulled, you can feel when you are being led astray. It is a subtle difference between that and moving out of fear on your own. You can be comforted when you are in pain, but only you can deal with your fears. You must face them down within yourself. No one can do that for you, although others can?by their example, advice, and encouragement, show you the way.

?You are about to become ETs yourself, so it behooves you to become masters of your own feelings, to use your feeling capacity to detect who is playing what game. Do not rely on your media to tell you what is going on. Only your feeling sense and a willingness to examine the deeper levels of the surface phenomena will help you chart your course. In the end, though, you can never know enough to be safe. You must create your own sense of safety within yourself. Put your energy into creating that internal sanctuary, where you can connect with Source. But as you thread your way through these last days before the (changes), know that there are those who would use you for their agenda, and there are those who are here to help you move through your fears into love (as we have defined it). It is up to you to choose in each and every moment, to move through your fears into love, as that is the ticket Home.?

Mila continues: . . . Ultimately, earth must turn her skin to detoxify enough to ascend into a fifth dimensional frequency. This will cause the birth of new continents through volcanic activity along with the partial sinking of the current continents that are toxic. It will take the coming 1000 years of global ascension to see the turning through to fruition, after which point earth will be able to move into fifth dimensional tones of creation in full, and finally enter into the fifth dimension of life.

Humans who are not ascending sit in toxic thought-form. Such thought-form is more comfortable sitting in its waste that it is in the purity of the Language of Light. As a result, non-ascending humans will go where they best resonate, perhaps moving closer to the city, until one day the city becomes unsafe as it has begun to crumble faster than it can be repaired due to the rising vibrations of the land. It is anticipated that by 2007- 2008 most cities will be uninhabitable for this reason. As earth begins her detoxification process, humans who are not detoxifying through the conscious choice to ascend may become ill. In essence, if a form detoxifies more rapidly that it is ready for due to vibrations applied through the land, or detoxifies more rapidly than one is mastering in one?s ascension, then the form will become ill.

**If one detoxifies so much more rapidly than the ascent can handle, the body will die.**

Many deaths will be avoided in the simple choice to ascend at this time in history. Dogmatic thought-form is radioactive in nature, and thick, black, and sticky as a vibration or as perceived clairvoyantly as energy. Such energy causes energy to cease to move in the ley lines of the grid work of the form leading to disease; as the vibrations around humans rise and rise, the stuck energy will exacerbate already weakened organs leading to disease and death. (This explains how the New World Order blocks or stymies the energy flow of the positive vortexes of the planet.) One can think of dogma as toxic thought-form. It pits humans against humans, and one can bear witness to this in the atrocities occurring in the Middle East in particular at this time in history. As humans rise above dogma, many changes will be born that augment a shift towards a unity-based civilization for the entire human species in the future, and this will bring an end of the desire to war upon one another, as all warfare is related to dogma. It will also allow for a transcendence of the internal war known as disease.

Earth is reaching a point in her ascension that the times of cleansing are ahead; one will either ascend with earth or perish in the physical and move on to a new place of learning the same old lessons. The need to war will die also with those who fail to ascend out of such a need, though it will take a healing on a grander scale to end war in this corner of the galaxy. Disease shall cease in those who ascend out of great biological imbalance, or shall consume yet others unto the end. However, consciousness carries on, and therefore nothing is lost really, just the density and those that will not ascend out of it, and this requires transmuting if earth is to ascend as a whole . . .

All toxicity in biochemical form is related to thought form. Next earth shall tackle the transmutation of the thought-form of the alien beings known as the Annunaki. These are the beings talked about in Zecharia Sitchin?s translation of ancient Sumerian and Babylonian scrolls, those the Old Testament talks about as ?the Sons of God who came down to mate with the daughters of Men.?

The Annunaki anchored 18 thought-forms that hold in place dominion based experiences. Such thought-form also is related to the extremes of greed and poverty. The Annunaki thought-form was discussed in detail in prior Great Central Sun Transmissions. (See ?A New Divine Plan for Humanity and Earth is Launched? for more information.) One can think of these 18 thought-forms as the underlying vibration of all (most of the) toxicity upon earth at this time in history associated with pH imbalances in the physical. Such thought-form in a nutshell encompasses the patterns of slavery, control, manipulation, secrecy, privacy, exclusivity, dominion, usury, dogma, arrogance, fantasy, blind trust, faith, hope, perfection, external god, pride and obedience. Each of the above 18 thought-forms are layered like the layers of an onion surrounding earth and on top of the 7 planes of the Mind and their polar counterpart. We say more or less as the pockets of density that your cities sit within still hold these seven planes in tact and will probably do so up until they disintegrate, are flooded, or are destroyed by earthquakes, fire, tornado, or other natural disasters. One can see in this why natural disasters are a part of earth?s ascension ahead, unless more humans are able to ascend lifting the vibrations of such regions instead. Each of the 18 thought-forms of dogma, the Seven mind-planes and the 1thought- form of the Annunaki era can be equated to a biochemical substance related to decay and disease of the form and a part of the genetic fabric of all species upon earth. Through ascension to evolution, little by little all biochemical components related to all fear-based and dominion-based thought- form are transmuted in the physical, leading to resurrection of all remaining decay and some scar tissue of the form. What biochemical substances are related to toxins? Heavy metals, addictive substances (nicotine, marijuana, alcohol addiction, cocaine) and pesticides are related to the vibration of dogma. One transcends such patterning as one ascends. One will also transmute or remove such substances from the form in the act of ascension.

Many are concerned about mercury used in fillings in your current dental practices. It has been found that mercury ceased to have an affect as soon as they could master vibrations that altered the Mercury to another metal that is no longer is toxic to the form. This is accomplished during ascent. Ascension is about alchemy; or in other terms the ability to transmute lead to gold. Your body is the temple through which the alchemy of ascension occurs; therefore one can transmute heavy metals by either detoxifying them through the kidneys or intestinal tract; or by altering them in biochemical compound to another substance that no longer is toxic to the form. Such is accomplished through focus and intention. (We have found with so many of our clients the need the importance of sea salt added to the drinking water occasionally as a flush for the kidneys). In mastering the addictions in the ascent, one must be willing to cease drinking or smoking or utilizing the drugs associated with addiction. This may be difficult for many humans, and yet such substances continue to kill the form when used in an addictive manner. Smoking either nicotine or pot in particular causes the combustion of the lungs. The lungs must modify themselves through ascension to ingest greater and greater amounts of oxygen through the breath to be converted to blood sugar to support the crystalline form. We have seen initiates fail to master anything due to an unwillingness to give up smoking. Such a cease-ascension is simply due to the lack of development of lungs that is required to support an ascending form that this is so. Cease to smoke and the ascension is much more likely to come forth. Preservatives, hormones, additives, prescription drugs and vitamins are related to the thought-form of the seven mind planes.

Vitamins are also terribly toxic as they provide way too much of a single substance. We recommend the use of herbs for supplemental reasons during ascension. However one can learn to master the vibrations behind the herbs, and then provide it to oneself upon an energetic level rather than consuming the substance. This ultimately is also what ascension is all about, learning to be self-sustaining and sovereign in frequency. Additives are transmuted by vibration after the ascent is mastered or as they are removed through the waste management systems of the form. One can further avoid purchasing or consuming food with additives that are incompatible with ascension. One of such additives is the sulfur dioxide often used to retain color in dried fruit. Sulfur dioxide can be equated with the forces of the dark and karma transferred from Arcturus to earth, and who would want to eat this? (Except for some Arcturians in human form we have dealt with in our healing room)(See ?Earth Transits the Reign of the Dark? for more information on Arcturian karma deposited upon earth. . . ) .. . .Biochemical substances that imbalance the pH of the form are related most often related to the Annunaki based thought-form of slavery and dominion- based patterning. Such substances are both innate in the DNA, and a part of the dietary patterns of humanity. Humans rarely are in touch with the form enough to know what they need to eat to bring forth balance of the pH of the form. Human habits and the machinery associated with group souls such as McDonalds often overrides what the body really and truly needs.. However we see that there will be those who ascend into the future that will have a greater understanding of the biochemistry of form, and will be able to explain ascension from such a vantage point. Ultimately, the density of substances of the form can be equated to the density of thoughts that are dogmatic, self-serving, and self-centered. As the density of thoughts rise to a new vibration of the Language of Light, the density of the form is transmuted to a new biochemical system that is lighter in weight, ceases to age, and ceases to become ill. . .

Addendum: As part of this article, the Spiritual Hierarchy has asked me to add an abbreviated text of H.R.3162 (the anti-terrorism Act) because so few people realize the whole purpose behind the New World Order?s machinations is to stop or at least control the whole ascension process. Just about everything the NOW controlled governments of the world are doing right now is restricting or getting us to surrender our liberties, and getting us used to being in a controlled environment no worse than the slavery we were created under by the Annunaki mentioned in the article above:

One Hundred Seventh Congress of the United States of America AT THE FIRST SESSION Begun and held at the City of Washington on Wednesday, the third day of January, two thousand and one An Act To deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

(a) SHORT TITLE- This Act may be cited as the ?Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001?.

(b) TABLE OF CONTENTS- The table of contents for this Act is as follows: Sec. 1. Short title and table of contents. Sec. 2. Construction; severability.
TITLE I?ENHANCING DOMESTIC SECURITY AGAINST TERRORISM Sec. 101. Counterterrorism fund. Sec. 102. Sense of Congress condemning discrimination against Arab and Muslim Americans. Sec. 103. Increased funding for the technical support center at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sec. 104. Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in certain emergencies. Sec. 105. Expansion of National Electronic Crime Task Force Initiative. Sec. 106. Presidential authority.

TITLE II?ENHANCED SURVEILLANCE PROCEDURES Sec. 201. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to terrorism. Sec. 202. Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses. Sec. 203. Authority to share criminal investigative information. Sec. 204. Clarification of intelligence exceptions from limitations on interception and disclosure of wire, oral, and electronic communications. Sec. 205. Employment of translators by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sec. 206. Roving surveillance authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. Sec. 207. Duration of FISA surveillance of non-United States persons who are agents of a foreign power. Sec. 208. Designation of judges. Sec. 209. Seizure of voice-mail messages pursuant to warrants. Sec. 210. Scope of subpoenas for records of electronic communications. Sec. 211. Clarification of scope. Sec. 212. Emergency disclosure of electronic communications to protect life and limb. Sec. 213. Authority for delaying notice of the execution of a warrant. Sec. 214. Pen register and trap and trace authority under FISA. Sec. 215. Access to records and other items under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Sec. 216. Modification of authorities relating to use of pen registers and trap and trace devices. Sec. 217. Interception of computer trespasser communications. Sec. 218. Foreign intelligence information. Sec. 219. Single-jurisdiction search warrants for terrorism. Sec. 220. Nationwide service of search warrants for electronic evidence. Sec. 221. Trade sanctions. Sec. 222. Assistance to law enforcement agencies. Sec. 223. Civil liability for certain unauthorized disclosures. Sec. 224. Sunset. Sec. 225. Immunity for compliance with FISA wiretap.

TITLE III?INTERNATIONAL MONEY LAUNDERING ABATEMENT AND ANTI-TERRORIST FINANCING ACT OF 2001 Sec. 301. Short title. Sec. 302. Findings and purposes. Sec. 303. 4-year congressional review; expedited consideration. Subtitle A?International Counter Money Laundering and Related Measures Sec. 311. Special measures for jurisdictions, financial institutions, or international transactions of primary money laundering concern. Sec. 312. Special due diligence for correspondent accounts and private banking accounts. Sec. 313. Prohibition on United States correspondent accounts with foreign shell banks. Sec. 314. Cooperative efforts to deter money laundering. Sec. 315. Inclusion of foreign corruption offenses as money laundering crimes. Sec. 316. Anti-terrorist forfeiture protection. Sec. 317. Long-arm jurisdiction over foreign money launderers. Sec. 318. Laundering money through a foreign bank. Sec. 319. Forfeiture of funds in United States interbank accounts. Sec. 320. Proceeds of foreign crimes. Sec. 321. Financial institutions specified in subchapter II of chapter 53 of title 31, United States code. Sec. 322. Corporation represented by a fugitive. Sec. 323. Enforcement of foreign judgments. Sec. 324. Report and recommendation. Sec. 325. Concentration accounts at financial institutions. Sec. 326. Verification of identification. Sec. 327. Consideration of anti-money laundering record. Sec. 328. International cooperation on identification of originators of wire transfers. Sec. 329. Criminal penalties. Sec. 330. International cooperation in investigations of money laundering, financial crimes, and the finances of terrorist groups. Subtitle B?Bank Secrecy Act Amendments and Related Improvements Sec. 351. Amendments relating to reporting of suspicious activities. Sec. 352. Anti-money laundering programs. Sec. 353. Penalties for violations of geographic targeting orders and certain record-keeping requirements, and lengthening effective period of geographic targeting orders. Sec. 354. Anti-money laundering strategy. Sec. 355. Authorization to include suspicions of illegal activity in written employment references. Sec. 356. Reporting of suspicious activities by securities brokers and dealers; investment company study. Sec. 357. Special report on administration of bank secrecy provisions. Sec. 358. Bank secrecy provisions and activities of United States intelligence agencies to fight international terrorism. Sec. 359. Reporting of suspicious activities by underground banking systems. Sec. 360. Use of authority of United States Executive Directors. Sec. 361. Financial crimes enforcement network. Sec. 362. Establishment of highly secure network. Sec. 363. Increase in civil and criminal penalties for money laundering. Sec. 364. Uniform protection authority for Federal Reserve facilities. Sec. 365. Reports relating to coins and currency received in nonfinancial trade or business. Sec. 366. Efficient use of currency transaction report system. Subtitle C?Currency Crimes and Protection Sec. 371. Bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States. Sec. 372. Forfeiture in currency reporting cases. Sec. 373. Illegal money transmitting businesses. Sec. 374. Counterfeiting domestic currency and obligations. Sec. 375. Counterfeiting foreign currency and obligations. Sec. 376. Laundering the proceeds of terrorism. Sec. 377. Extraterritorial jurisdiction.

TITLE IV?PROTECTING THE BORDER Subtitle A?Protecting the Northern Border Sec. 401. Ensuring adequate personnel on the northern border. Sec. 402. Northern border personnel. Sec. 403. Access by the Department of State and the INS to certain identifying information in the criminal history records of visa applicants and applicants for admission to the United States. Sec. 404. Limited authority to pay overtime. Sec. 405. Report on the integrated automated fingerprint identification system for ports of entry and overseas consular posts. Subtitle B?Enhanced Immigration Provisions Sec. 411. Definitions relating to terrorism. Sec. 412. Mandatory detention of suspected terrorists; habeas corpus; judicial review. Sec. 413. Multilateral cooperation against terrorists. Sec. 414. Visa integrity and security. Sec. 415. Participation of Office of Homeland Security on Entry-Exit Task Force. Sec. 416. Foreign student monitoring program. Sec. 417. Machine readable passports. Sec. 418. Prevention of consulate shopping. Subtitle C?Preservation of Immigration Benefits for Victims of Terrorism Sec. 421. Special immigrant status. Sec. 422. Extension of filing or reentry deadlines. Sec. 423. Humanitarian relief for certain surviving spouses and children. Sec. 424. ?Age-out? protection for children. Sec. 425. Temporary administrative relief. Sec. 426. Evidence of death, disability, or loss of employment. Sec. 427. No benefits to terrorists or family members of terrorists. Sec. 428. Definitions.

TITLE V?REMOVING OBSTACLES TO INVESTIGATING TERRORISM Sec. 501. Attorney General?s authority to pay rewards to combat terrorism. Sec. 502. Secretary of State?s authority to pay rewards. Sec. 503. DNA identification of terrorists and other violent offenders. Sec. 504. Coordination with law enforcement. Sec. 505. Miscellaneous national security authorities. Sec. 506. Extension of Secret Service jurisdiction. Sec. 507. Disclosure of educational records. Sec. 508. Disclosure of information from NCES surveys.

TITLE VI?PROVIDING FOR VICTIMS OF TERRORISM, PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS, AND THEIR FAMILIES Subtitle A?Aid to Families of Public Safety Officers Sec. 611. Expedited payment for public safety officers involved in the prevention, investigation, rescue, or recovery efforts related to a terrorist attack. Sec. 612. Technical correction with respect to expedited payments for heroic public safety officers. Sec. 613. Public safety officers benefit program payment increase. Sec. 614. Office of Justice programs. Subtitle B?Amendments to the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 Sec. 621. Crime victims fund. Sec. 622. Crime victim compensation. Sec. 623. Crime victim assistance. Sec. 624. Victims of terrorism.

TITLE VII?INCREASED INFORMATION SHARING FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION Sec. 701. Expansion of regional information sharing system to facilitate Federal-State-local law enforcement response related to terrorist attacks.

TITLE VIII?STRENGTHENING THE CRIMINAL LAWS AGAINST TERRORISM Sec. 801. Terrorist attacks and other acts of violence against mass transportation systems. Sec. 802. Definition of domestic terrorism. Sec. 803. Prohibition against harboring terrorists. Sec. 804. Jurisdiction over crimes committed at U.S. facilities abroad. Sec. 805. Material support for terrorism. Sec. 806. Assets of terrorist organizations. Sec. 807. Technical clarification relating to provision of material support to terrorism. Sec. 808. Definition of Federal crime of terrorism. Sec. 809. No statute of limitation for certain terrorism offenses. Sec. 810. Alternate maximum penalties for terrorism offenses. Sec. 811. Penalties for terrorist conspiracies. Sec. 812. Post-release supervision of terrorists. Sec. 813. Inclusion of acts of terrorism as racketeering activity. Sec. 814. Deterrence and prevention of cyberterrorism. Sec. 815. Additional defense to civil actions relating to preserving records in response to Government requests. Sec. 816. Development and support of cybersecurity forensic capabilities. Sec. 817. Expansion of the biological weapons statute.

TITLE IX?IMPROVED INTELLIGENCE Sec. 901. Responsibilities of Director of Central Intelligence regarding foreign intelligence collected under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. Sec. 902. Inclusion of international terrorist activities within scope of foreign intelligence under National Security Act of 1947. Sec. 903. Sense of Congress on the establishment and maintenance of intelligence relationships to acquire information on terrorists and terrorist organizations. Sec. 904. Temporary authority to defer submittal to Congress of reports on intelligence and intelligence-related matters. Sec. 905. Disclosure to Director of Central Intelligence of foreign intelligence- related information with respect to criminal investigations. Sec. 906. Foreign terrorist asset tracking center. Sec. 907. National Virtual Translation Center. Sec. 908. Training of government officials regarding identification and use of foreign intelligence.

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