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“Journeying from the heart of Creation Itself, Mr. Farley takes us on a riveting ride through Mankind’s history and through the history of a very well populated Universe . . . everything that has ever been kept or stolen from us is herewith returned!”

“Monumental !”

Bob Brown, former Director of the IUFOC
"Peter... Thank you for sending the pages for Vol. I (of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life)! I am now into Vol. II and want you to know that you have provided for me a composite informative log of material that is assisting me to put 'history' in prespective and to find some answers for myself." . . .

" is a two-fold writing of great value: It is a sharing of great inner honesty,
a portal into the depths of a soul strugling between two time frames;
and, it has more archaeological correctness to it, than has ever been shared by scientists who offer half truths, because they are afraid or revealing
the full truth - their half-truths are not part of some plot - they are strugling with themselves - the truths they hide and worry over, makes a lie of every part of their accademic training, more so, of everything they believe in. "

Mark Roberts
"Dear Peter, Although I seldom respond, I am greatful for your thought provoking articles. You are doing a wonderful service and I just wanted you to know it. In my position, it is very important that I have documented facts to back up claims to be able to pass the message on to others. That said, I know that in my being the claims that you have proposed in some undocument cases are right on."
Keep up the great work, In Divine Love and Service,

Robin at Source Books
"Congratulations, you are hitting/pounding/hammering the nail on the head in this presentation."

Mike Stovall, dba Doc/DocTrader, businessman, Professional Explorer/Prospector/Treasure Hunter,
entrepreneur, multi-degreed stuff,  Houston, Texas
"Excellent !  You are a brave and courageous human being. Thank you for this brilliant information."

Ken Seddington (UK Director International UFO Congress)
"It was truly an experience meeting & listening to you during the recent UFO Convention in Roswell, NM. I am pretty skeptical of the whole UFO/alien topic, but you brought up some interesting subjects & questions. I was sorry I couldn't ask all my questions, but I could see many visitors had their questions to ask you. Thanks for a thought-provoking trip to Roswell... Always a pleasure getting your insightful, thought-provoking emails."

George Gouldsmith
"Peter .... I'm very glad you're into trying to find out the truth of our ancient history."

Michael Lawrence Morton
"This is great. When is the book due out?"

"Dear Peter---
What a wonderful article!!! I love it! Very well said, and with placement for the
right direction for all of our beautiful relatives on this planet!!!Keep those powerful articles coming."

Carol Howard
"Dear Peter:
Where Were You..." is fascinating!  Thank you so much for making it available to me!" 

Daniel Benjamin
"Dear Mr. Farley,
Thank you for having stated something so well that I have "felt" for the past two years.  In 1998, I had a
dream that scared me.  Since then I have read, researched, prayed for guidance and have had a little
revelation since then on this very subject. The dream said to me change is coming -- do not lose your way.
I am eager to read more of your work.

Donna Bullock, Graham, Texas
"Hi Peter,
I loved this article!! I agree!! Its all about choice. A simple message on what we need to do. Thanks for writing this article."
Warm regards,

"The new site layout looks great. Also, I can't wait to get the new article in full in the Icke magazine layout. Keep going my fellow veil lifter! Spread the truth! I wish you the best!"

Mike D.
this is a very good article. This is the very same message that I have been receiving. Not in exactly the same terminology, but sendings are put into terms that the receiver can understand. This is all very true. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Kevin M.
"Peter you display advanced insight into the problems that are paramount for us to deal with in this period. I personally wish to thank you for your posted message to the readers of FATE."