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10 posts on what you need to know before the shift #7
States with 'safe' areas, if you are Guidance led:

Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico (but not Guidance recommended), North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Alabama, (small area) Florida, North Carolina (particularly Boone), West Virginia, lots in Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Vermont.

Be aware there are specific areas within each of these states and almost without exception they are away from 'major cities'. The place I have been shown/led to is Bend, Oregon, a small city of 80,000 with close proximity to lots of wilderness and fresh water, and somewhat isolated from 'main travel routes'.

If not sure where to go yet its still possible to learn the channeling as almost everyone is capable of doing it first time fairly accurately and your Guidance is now 'desperate' to get in touch with you in order to assist you through this troubled time and into the higher dimensional paradigm IF YOU' RE MEANT TO BE STAYING.


The Coming Earth Changes and How It Will Affect You

By Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Jan 5, 2008 - 1:19:17 PM

Although today, you will find no one who argues earth changing events are escalating, but this was not always the case.

As early as five years ago one would be hard pressed to find a scientific body or research team to make public announcements earth changing events are on a sharp rise. Natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, and droughts are increasing. The term "freak weather" is now used often when reporting various forms of storm activity. So how is it ECM had been reporting of a coming sharp rise in cyclical events for over eleven years?

The answer is not in the present, but in the past. Our ancestors have been telling us of `this time' for centuries. Science is just now catching up to ancient wisdom. Some years ago I wrote a simple phrase which has now caught on and used around the world.

"It is when we understand the past, which tells of the present, will we know the future" (mitch battros)

Little did I know this very simple phrase would be so telling. It was just a natural flowing assembly of thought which came to me as I was writing an article of which I'm not sure of the title. Perhaps it was just a natural concurrence with the shows motto. "Earth Changes TV, where we bridge the gap between science and the esoteric. Never before have the two worlds of science and ancient text joined together with such unity and precision, outlining a pathway of discovery." And boy has it--- This is a statement I say before every single show as part of my pre-amble.

I remember saying my pre-amble in the late 90's and holding my breath that my guest from NASA, NOAA, ESA or any number of esteemed scientific bodies would not hang up or walk out of the studio. Today it's a much different story. I often have my distinguished guest tell us "live on-air" they use ancient text data as part of their formulas and projections. That's right, NASA, NOAA, ESA, AAS and others have been on the show and now freely speak of current scientific data of which ancient text has been utilized.

There is a theme which loudly plays when reviewing today's research and yesterday's ancient documents. It says this---- "What has happened in the past; will come again." It is currently often referred to as the science of "cycles".

An Inconvenient Sidetrack

It has been most interesting to see what has popped up on the screen (literally) in the last two years. Now everyone is talking about "global warming". Yes, the fabulous made up name global warming which was born in 1988 by James Hansen when presenting his fabrication of charts and graphs to a Senate panel explaining how you; the "evil doer", is the cause of a warming globe. It would seem the oil cartel (evil doers) dressed up as environmental zealots (saviors) have done a darn good job of fooling a large portion of the world's population. It appears the top 10 oil companies of the world have done their homework well. Right before your very eyes, they have set themselves up for the next hundred years of gluttony---and you are cheering them on.

Read today's article posted on the ECM website. It tells a telling story only very few of us knew was coming all along.

So How Do I Prepare?

I'm not quite sure if it will be easier for you or hardier. Perhaps a bit of both. Because the `evil doers' will take most of your money to line their pockets while telling you of the progress their making

in fighting uhhh, well nothing, it may become very difficult to facilitate the mass migration which will occur as the natural rhythmic and cyclical earth changing events occur. Or ancestors, as well as current science such as archeology and palaeology tell us we have been migrating since the beginning of time. Oceans will rise, and they will fall. Ice ages develop, and they melt. Deserts arise, and then they flood. It has always happened and it will happen again.

It would have been so much easier if, as originally expected, the world community to have joined together and prepare for the geographic changes to come. How? Through planned migration. New infrastructures are needed, new methods of farming, new methods of housing, new methods of community living. Permaculture (in my opinion) is the wave of the future. But instead of spending the money and research needed for this planning, the money will go to the "saviors" of global warming.

So How Can I Feel Empowered?

By making plans outside of the lemming heard and seeking like-minded people to plan your community. Living outside of large metropolitan areas may be a pretty good idea, but not always the answer. Developing an internal 5 point Red Cross protocol with your neighborhood is a must. As my Emergency Manager Instructor taught me on the second day of training, the answer is not always apparent. His name is Richard Gelb, former Regional Training Director of Emergency Management. He said: "Mitch, you need to tell the community you will be working in, that it is `will not' be the emergency management team that will help them when events escalate. It will not be the Red Cross that will help them, it will not be search and rescue that will save them, it will not be the police department that will protect them, it will not be the fire department to revive them---there is only one thing they can count on.

It Will Be Their Neighbor!