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11 11 san luis valley
It\'s strange to say that one weekend can make the difference between a battle
still raging and a war now really over, but it can, and it did.

A number of the group who had some part in the Creation of the very dark and
painfully productive \'alien\' research and development station dimensionally
beneath and above Colorado\'s San Luis Valley, made the trip up there this
weekend, and, with their knowledge of past involvement and the keys that it gave
those participating to also shut down what they themselves had helped to
construct, the facility was \'permanently\' put out of action.

The more complete history of the San Luis Valley and this R & D facility can be
read about in Volume 9 of the works, or by word-searching \'San Luis Valley\' in
the message archives of the group.

The work itself was a very small part of the amends some needed to make for the
part they played in helping assist the darkside in what has taken place on this
planet for the past 100,000 years and more. Others in the group still need to
confront these very same issues just as past members of the group have worked on
doing, and as Sue Ann and Amy nowaccomplished over this past weekend and share
here in their respective channelings.

From Amy\'s POV:
Dear One,

In this work that was done an alliance was forged between you and Sue Ann. In
fostering you to do the work of those without Light she also bears the
responsibility for assisting you in making a viable path for amends. Neither one
of you is able to do it without the other. If one of you fails, you both fail.

In looking beyond your individual selves that is the only way the work can be
done for the greater good of all. Your fates will forever be intertwined. Think
of it as being the ultimate peer pressure.

In assisting in doing the work yesterday, you combined forces and intent in
forever helping to banish the influence of Melchezidek from this area of
Creation. Without this agreement there is no guarantee that he would not be able
to find his way back in. In a sense, the two of you have the opportunity to
provide protection for many others in honoring your agreement to make amends on
a daily basis. If you do not you are endangering the protection you agreed to

WE will help you with whatever you need but you must ask US what it is you need
to know. It is not for you to think or know; you cannot do this on your own. Why
would you try? In your hearts you know there is no other way. You are learning
together the meaning of surrender, your most important lesson yet. Once you have
learned it your job will be to share with others how to do the same. You two are
hard core and must forever loosen the darkside\'s hold and eradicate self will.
It serves nothing. And to you both WE say show US what you can do with OUR help.
What was impossible can and will be done with US and through US.

With our LOVE and GUIDANCE always,
Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light

From Sue-Ann\'s POV:


What did we do this weekend that helped a lot of people?

Dear One,

This weekend you and Amy energetically closed down the last remaining
operational part of the San Luis Valley facility. Since Amy had, in the
beginning, helped start the project with your blessing, she was the one who had
the authority and the keys to be able to completely shut it down following the
work Peter has already done. On an energetic level, her energies and Peter\'s
were able to shut down the engines, turn out the lights and lock the door behind
them, metaphorically speaking. Now there will be no more \'scientific\'
experiments done at that site anymore. The command has now been given and
executed to shut the facility down forever.It was important that the two of you
assisted in this as it was under your command, Sue Ann ,that she was given the
post in the very early days of life on this planet and in this corner of the

This act and completion of the shutting down of this facility has far reaching
affects as this is a statement to all that these kinds of facilities will no
longer be permitted to operate in this Superverse anymore. Also, the souls that
were trapped in that area of the dimensions for use in experiments have been
released and are now able to move on and complete their soul development.

What was done this weekend by the work all of you participated in shut down the
energetic transfer system of the facility. This caused a backup of energies that
literally blew the system apart and destroyed all the stored scientific data
stored holographically in that area. This data can now never be duplicated again
anywhere becasue such experiments will nevr again be allowed in this corner of
Creation. Therefore this type of śresearch\" facility can never be duplicated
anywhere ever again. Many \'alien\' races share in the burden of responsibility
for the literal atrocities that have occurred in that area over many millenia.
Now each and everyone of them will have to bear some of the burden of karma that
must be repaid for the control and manipulation, under so many different guises,
of so many souls who only longed to be free and to live and learn and to grow
free of such dark, \'evil\' suppression.

Both you and Amy have now given your word that you would never allow anything
like this to ever exist again and We intend to hold you to it. We are very
grateful that this facility has now been completely shut down and want to thank
you all for your efforts in making this finally happen.

With Great LOVE and Appreciation,

Aristenna, head of the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

Today, 11/11, everything is different because of this work and now a final
completion can be made to the ascension process, to the separation into various
levels of the souls now resident on the planet and to the various areas to which
they will now go depending on their levels of commitment to awareness and to
their own and to other\'s spiritual growth. Everything has changed. Hopefully,
along with Sue Ann and Amy and some others who have made the commitment to
conenct and to channel the higher guidance available, we\'ll learn a little more
about how much this change will make to the foreseeable future and to the events
now moving forward. One thing is for sure, don\'t make any plans for 2011 or
2012, for even the Mayans could not have foreseen all those changes that have
now taken place and the subsequent ripple effects it would have on the entire
planetary ascension process.

With Love, in service, Peter . . Amy . . and Sue Ann