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2012 and the idea of overlapping dimensions - part 10 - 11
2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 10
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

Ascension is not an overnight or one day event as some people seem to suggest December 21st, 2012 will be. Firstly, no one ever expected this planet to make it into the ascension process let alone survive it because of its low vibrational consciousness. Witness the space shuttle taking off this week and imagine that its payload was too heavy for it even to lift off from Cape Canaveral. Many other planets have been destroyed going into the ascension process for exactly the same reason. However, because of the special nature and place planet Earth has in Creation every chance was given to it to survive, and along with the very difficult work done by a small handful of true Lightworkers of freeing up the consciousness grid of the planet from New World Order control, planet Earth has not only survived the entire multi-year process of ascension, but has found itself an honored place in the 5th dimensional realms.

This ‘reconstruction’ of planet Earth was made clear to one member of the group in a dream he had a year or so back and the channeling he did following it:

From: jblazenski
Subject: [4truthseekers] Renovating
Dream: I was at the church again. This time looking for an entrance to the main room which was being painted or renovated and was blocked off. Others were also looking for the entrance. It left no room for the services. I did find a way in through a door with plastic sheeting and lots of construction stuff around it.

The spiritual side is still "under construction". There are other people trying to get in as well, but it isn't ready and there isn't much going on until it gets finished with the renovation.

Dear One,
Good morning and welcome back. Another shuffle with the money and the kitchen and the dreams. Let the outside take care of itself. The most important activity We want you to concentrate on today is "all in good time". You can't predict what is going to happen 5 minutes from now, so why worry about longer time periods? Patience and forbearance are what We have in mind. You can see from your "waking dream" you can't really figure out with much accuracy what will happen and you can depend upon a decent outcome. We feel your dream is applicable to all so you may post it today. We will be moving back and forth between what is suitable for all and what is meant only for you and will give clear indication for each. Today We will give a more general guidance for all. First, as noted in the dream, there is significant renovation happening on Our side. It won't be possible to get much done while construction is going on except for the construction itself. What We would suggest people do right now is spend time preparing for occupation of the renewed space. This would include cleaning out old, no longer needed things, books and activities. We even go so far as to say throw away or recycle rather than pass on. Much of the old is not going to fit in with the new space being created. Take time to reflect on what the past has brought you and how it brought you to this point. After reflection, say a benediction and be ready to move into the new space.

"The Team" We are hear/here for you.

Joe’s dream and channeling clearly outline the fact that a new and completely different space has been made for planet earth and those who can and will move on with it. Guidance had me address this issue even more clearly in an article called:

Renovating Heaven
“So what do you do when an unexpected guest arrives? Pull out the roll-away bed, put sheets on the couch or make up another room? For Creation accepting the arrival of a planet Earth that virtually had no chance of ascending but has ascended, it's a matter of making up another room to accommodate the Crown Jewel - hence Joe's dreams and the being on hold for so long when most of us are just anxious to 'get on with it.' Of course, like most people having to move, this one is not going to be easy for most people because it means change - major changes. And as the message came from Guidance this morning in the form of the words of a song, " You don't know what you've got, until you lose it . . . " Since people won't willingly shed the old in order to make room for the new, things are going to have to force that issue, and the New World Order has done a good job in beginning this process --trying to show people what slaves they really are on this planet, slaves to uncaring alien races, slaves in this dying Matrix.

“The new dimension is being 'furnished', as some of our dreams in recent weeks have helped to illustrate. Now it's just time to prepare for moving what's left of our stuff fit for the new world out of this old world ready for the new. L and BW, Peter”

2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 11
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

John Works also was getting the same message from his channeling of RAJ, Grand Creator Son:

From John ( The Future is here, now

Dear One,
As time carries forward, the upheaval in the face of renewal shall grow considerably. Industry and such will perish, and man will face change unlike ever before in this current run of humanity here on the planet. Waters will swell and flood cities and towns, and the ground will shake and tumble around what man has built.

Weather will be the dominant force upon man; buildings and machines will not be able to protect from the cleansing process that has begun in earnest. You have been told of this time. Even those with the best survival skills will have trouble surviving. The dark ones know that their reign of terror will cease to exist as the higher energies will make it too difficult to continue here.
Only through GUIDANCE and trust in the work of SPIRIT will you personally be able to find a way to make it in the coming times. HAITI was just the beginning, and the warning of what is to come. There is not much time to prepare. But just to know that you will be needed in this time should be enough to begin.
The battle intensifies as the dark energy will be expelled in large quantity, and those who hold dominion over your kind will attempt to strike out and take down as many of mankind as they can before the higher energies become too much to bear.

We work with you by moment to change perspective, to raise your awareness and vibratory spiritual level so you can see what is behind the scenes. At some point WE will need to lean on you once you break away from looking down the road and living here, in the moment. Do not worry for your future or anyone else's, just focus on what WE bring to the table and any task WE ask for you to achieve. With the FATHER through SPIRIT you can make it through. You are loved and appreciated and have been blessed with so much. Take charge and do not look forward or back. Please do not let your family down in these times, there are so few of US to do the needed work.

With trust and Love,

Talking with two elderly Christian women one morning a while ago, they said they were 'waiting for Jesus' to return very soon through all this chaos. Similar postings are showing up in all the groups right now, especially about May 21. I couldn't help but feel both empowered by the fact that everyone else seems to be waiting for the changes as well, and also a little hesitant that everybody else is also waiting too -- even if it is for different ends. No one wants to be prophet, no one intelligent anyway, because too much changes from day-to-day. Look at NESARA. Some people actually believed the New World Order was going to roll over and play dead and just give up so we could all be happy, healthy and wealthy here in the physical. And every day there was a new excuse why it hadn't happened yet. People I might have thought intelligent at one time believed in it. Of course like most everyone these people had not done their homework, not fought any of the difficult battles to assist the planet's ascension process. The Christians, well that is best summed up by Truman’s Creator in The Truman Show movie when he says to a question why doesn’t Truman wake up to what’s going on, " People accept the reality their born into," (and of course again don't bother to do their homework). With the ascension process, the Earth changes and the full enveloping of the planet in a 5th dimensional vibration explained in so many channelings from the Spiritual Hierarchy and others, is for many people a matter of faith - one that should be seriously questioned to one’s own highest personal spiritual Guidance because not everyone is going. This is particularly true for those who have too much baggage and also for those who have not done the necessary work. If you ain't 'feeling it' then perhaps you need to check to see if your ticket has been cancelled for the flight (as Ramtha would once have said). For those in constant connection with their Guidance it is the faith in seeing the truth of what their Guidance says moment-by-moment that also helps allow them to believe in what Guidance says is coming (even though Guidance isn't real big on living in anything but the moment). It is also the feeling of the 5th dimension and seeing and experiencing all the little signs of it all around us even though most people do not themselves live in that higher dimensional realm. One cannot 'prove' it to another, just as the Christian women cannot 'give' their faith to anybody else either. It is up to the individual to do their own homework, do the work necessary to lift themselves into a higher dimensional state of Being rather than waiting for someone to sell them a magic pill that will do the work for them This was what caused the planet to fall into the 3rd dimension in the first place, the 'joy rides' through the dimensions given by the Atlantean sorcerer lords, and why so many of us are still looking for that easy way to ascend back into higher dimensional realms from which most of us came. Take a serious look at where you are as of this moment, connect with your Guidance and make sure your reservations are secure, then strap on your safety belt, and as RAJ says . . . be prepared --the future IS here, now!