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2012 and the idea of overlapping dimensions - part 1 - 2
2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 1
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

From 12/5/10
“. . . Maybe you felt it. Maybe you were lucky enough not to. Many people I bet are feeling a little sicker today because of it. While stargates are doorways of the ascension, planet Earth already having passed through its final stargate in that process, there is a constant refining of the energies on the planet for nothing of the 3D world can exist at the higher 5th dimensional level unless it has had its vibrations raised and more finely tuned. In the case of people already 5th dimensional in their physical as well as their spiritual energy form, this means they have earned the higher vibration through the gradual refinement of everything they are using their own DNA-Light processing units. This means having gotten rid of the remaining dregs of the old 3rd dimensional physicality. This means having also let go of old attachments, processed out old lingering emotional garbage, let go of so much of the lie that the old 3D Matrix is that they are now ready to enter 5D existence with basically a clean slate.

Last night, similar to what takes place at the end of the Nicolas Cage movie, KNOWING, the planet underwent a further ‘firestorm’ filtration of its vibration along with everything on it. Like a firing to harden metals and other materials, this filtration allows those things of finer vibration to pass through it while scooping up the coarser-vibrationed people and matter and putting them through a wringer from which they will either slough off what isn't needed or else they prepare them at one level or another to pass on to what awaits the general consciousness that has not agreed to go with the planet into ascension.

Illnesses will become more manifest in them at this time, and as the days of change progress many, many more will not be able to stand the finer vibration and will begin to leave en masse one way or the other. I know I've heard it from many that they feel more 'congested' these days, muscles aching, etc. however this is more often a symptom of non-ascension rather than a symptom of ascension.

The warning signs and symbols have been there a long, long time. The wake-up calls have grown louder and now are battering rams trying to knock down peoples last defenses of denial and cognitive dissonance. Time to wake up and realize what way the wind is blowing or else pack your bags for your flight is leaving very, very soon.”

2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 2
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

From my article The Day the Earth . . . Survived:
“It has been decreed that as the planet moves itself into this finer vibration of an elite 5th dimensional space, all that is not congruent with that new place and level of awareness MUST leave. Hence the earth changes already taking place and the larger 'Shift' already on its way. As many have channeled from Gaia Herself, don't take it personally. It's just what She must do to secure her place in the new paradigm and prepare for those who will come at another time to build a new world upon her.”

Currently, therefore, the planet IS 5th dimensional in almost all of its forms, though some dimensional levels of it still ‘overlap’. Existing upon it, however, are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional Beings along with a host of ‘heavenly’ other Beings acting both as Guides and mentors, and a multitude of ‘trapped’ higher dimensional Beings not working for the good of all Creation, i.e., the Sirian/Orion reptilian agenda and the overall darker segment controlling much of this corner of Creation in this universe.

As the old controlling Matrix or paradigm dies, as evident in the turmoil and chaos of the world around us right now, the new paradigm is already taking shape. “Nature abhors a vacuum”, is an old well-known spiritual saying. Hence as one thing leaves another is already taking shape and filtering into the space left by the old’s leaving. You can see how the people who are not shifting/changing/adapting to the New World are the ones having the most difficulty staying alive.

The New Paradigm - Day 01/01/01 (February 28, 2011)
“On Friday, September 5, 2008, Guidance had me post a channeling in my yahoo group from S. about the planet's ascension into the 5th dimension:

Solidly Fifth - A New Day in the Ascension
09/04/2008 through S.
Dear One, Today indeed was a very special day. This day marks a time in the ascension process where a major milestone has been reached. The planet is now solidly in the fifth dimension whether some people can achieve that level of perception or not. For those who have chosen and earned the right to ascend along with Her, there is a grand feeling that everything is finally going to be all right. This is the new 'feeling' that was in your house when you awoke. This is the new way of seeing the world that Peter had when he went outside - the crispness and brightness of the colors and the freshness of everything. It was the September 4th deadline we gave him to be prepared. Just as a mother says to her frightened child 'everything's going to be okay' so Mother earth is reassuring those going with her that everything will be okay.

The separation between those who have chosen and earned the right to ascend and those who have chosen to remain to continue with their third grade lessons will now become even greater. That is the feeling you both have of not wanting to 'go downtown' and not wanting to eat at '3rd dimensional restaurants' where the food has no taste or nutritional vibration. Such things will remain for only a little while longer in terms of the bigger picture as the varying dimensions NOW begin to separate further from one another.

Those who are ascending along with the planet will now have a greater sense of peace and well-being even though times will remain 'tough' for them as for everyone else, the difference is that those who have chosen not to ascend either by their deeds or their self-will will only continue to feel more and more frightened by what is happening around them.

The lag time between thought and manifestation has grown considerably shorter and for some it will seem to become almost instantaneous. You MUST now live through and from your heart at all times in order to remain with her throughout this ongoing process. You MUST also be with Us as self-will and ego and actions not guided by and for Love, and through your Highest Guidance, will have quick and devastating consequences that will boomerang back on you just as instantaneously as those brought forward through Love. This is how the 5th dimension works, and one MUST be prepared for this new way of doing things or one will not and cannot remain for long in the finer vibration. . . ”