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2012 and the idea of overlapping dimensions - part 5 - 6

So in the ongoing process of letting go the old and bringing in the new (so obvious in the attempts of people around the world to be free against tyrannical opposition), Guidance let me know on February 28, 2011 that it was spiritually the first day of the new paradigm – day 01/01/01 if you will since mankind's calendars have never been spiritually based but always arbitrarily based.

So wit should be welcome to the new paradigm if there weren’t so much of the old still trying desperately to pass away. It should have been the first day of the rest of all our lives, a joyous occasion for those who have the Willy Wonka golden ticket and have managed to make it ‘intact’ along with the planet through all the ascension stargates and the long filtration process. For those of you who have not made it ‘intact’, those who have not yet learned the very simple lesson that it's `all about others', it probably seems like a long slow decaying process has all of a sudden been speeded up. The new paradigm's foundation is based on `it takes a village', the kind of thing where EVERYONE has a place, knows it, follows their own spiritual Guidance, and gets the job done while always remembering what should be everyone’s motto: “Everyone cleans toilets”.

That means that all those people who have let their minds become God, the shovel telling the man where to dig, your spirituality needs to be re-assessed in terms of the Heart. The motto for you must become “"facta non verba" – “deeds - not words”. As Aristenna said, “Much Love and peace can also be passed on to those around you just as quickly and with far-reaching and positive consequences for all.” Mind is the male side of our Being while Heart is the female side, and no it should not be a 50/50 yin/yang split because mind is too domineering and once given an inch will take a mile. However, heart is also too loving and needs the Mind/will to give it some courage and fortitude. As the Native Americans say, Man has two hearts, one in the head and one in the chest and both are needed for correct action in the world.” Or better still, once can just surrender to Higher Will and follow it as Guidance for no higher road exists.

Mind is selfish. The solution therefore is as Gandhi put so simply, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others."

Guidance has never let me know much about what's to come because that takes my focus out of what has to be done NOW. It also builds faith and trust in following Guidance when every moment is surrendered to following what Guidance suggests. Still, as ‘things’ grow closer more and more is being shared the secrets hidden in the texts of Nostradamus suggesting a tilting of the planet rather than an entire pole reversal become more and more the possibility of things to occur. Just as the planet has shifted lately during the large earthquakes that have taken place, so even larger earthquakes or concentrated swarms may set the entire planet so shifting. One can imagine the violence such a thing would have on the population when seas rile up and overspill their coasts and catastrophic winds blow everything into splinters and tinder. Safety is not guaranteed to anyone in such an event, no matter how well they are prepared. AN event such as this which has occurred in past history of the planet brings about much devastation of the old ways, almost wiping the slate clean for something new then to be built (not rebuilt).

The NEW PARADIGM is still only a template that has yet to be grounded upon the planet, still isn't it nice to know that day one is has been here and gone and from here on the new will, like the Genesis seed from Star Trek, rapidly start to supplant the old before the final removal of all the dead and decaying paradigm that has caused everyone so much pain for so many lifetimes.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." - Ambrose Redmoon

2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 6
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

The unique window of time the following channeling talks about is just about at an end. Writing articles such as this is simply to wake up the few left who may listen, who aren’t so set in their ways, who may just have the courage to step up and do what it is they came to the planet to do in this lifetime, to be one of the 1 or 2 percent of those who ever do their missions in any given lifetime; and of course, in this the most important lifetime of all, to take a giant leap forward in their own spiritual growth by assisting others through this troubling transition.

A Unique Window of Time (through S.)

Dear One,
Today while working stay connected to Us and talk with Us about anything and everything. Get into the habit of having an on-going conversation with Us from you heart. This will help you stay out of the mental. Know and feel the LOVE of the FATHER all day long and hear Us and ask Us questions.

Q: Is there a message for the group?

Aristenna: Yes. This window of time is a unique opportunity for everyone to clear themselves of any remaining attachments includes any judgments and unforgiving attitudes toward anyone including any self-recriminations as Peter has been sharing in his work recently. Self-recrimination is not necessary if one takes life as an opportunity to learn and to grow and to move forward with one's own spiritual progress. Spirit hates stagnancy but unfortunately most souls only learn by going through the tough times such as those that are to come. Look on mistakes as an opportunity to grow and to progress and all of life will seem more like a game than any sort of punishment levied upon you.

Search your hearts for anything, no matter how small, that you could be hanging on to in these closing hours and days. Any little grudges, disappointments, desire for revenge or one-upmanships and regrets; anything you may still be holding onto mentally or emotionally, and release it with love.

Look especially close at anything against yourself; anything you are still regretting and punishing yourself about; any ˜if only I had done things differently’. You must remember all 'mistakes' are only lessons needing to be learned and then let go of. Forgive yourself and those involved, thank them and yourself and let go of these attachments to the past.

There are many articles on Peter's website regarding forgiveness and releasing attachments. We suggest you read them and do the exercises if needed.

This type of clearing work can be done very easily now that the planet is in the 5th dimension and this detachment will help release you from your 3rd dimensional anchor.

We are always here to help you with this process, and anything else you may need, just ask.

With Great LOVE, Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light
As each and every one of us clears out our pasts, washes off the filth of 3rd dimensional self-willed living and thinking, then it also helps Mother Earth to clear off the same, for the greatest pollution this planet has is not the desecrated oceans, not the chemical-laced soils, not even the chemtrail-filled skies, it is human-kind’s polluted way of thinking. The darkest thing I have ever had to deal with in doing my mission is the darkness created from the human consciousness.

From a channeling “Selfless Love for Mother Earth” by Jennifer Totu

“. . . The changes have not been all at once, but are happening in stages, and the sensitive ones will feel the burden of Mother Earth ease step by step. Prior to her entering the 5th Dimension, many chain of events cropped up here and there, as you have seen in your present moment, severe weather conditions affecting some countries worldwide, forest fires, earthquakes, floods. This is Mother Earth cleansing herself from all the toxins and pollutions caused by your people; citizens protesting for their freedom and couldn't withstand being dictated by old thinking leaders. You are witnessing all of these not only in your country but countries around the world. Your souls are awakening to the truth of one selves, the truth that no power should be given away and no one should use power to control and manipulate others.

“A feeling of something big is about to happen yet you can't pinpoint what it is. That is a feeling that a lot of you are experiencing. It is in the air, your moment-to-moment guidance with Us will help you very much on how to overcome the emotional and physical aches and pains that will accompany your Ascension with Mother Earth. We advise you to eat well, more vegetables and drink lots of filtered water and spend more time with nature. Learn to be a healer so you may heal yourselves and others when it is needed. We understand there is one technique that is easy to learn, what you called EFT, this technique will help you address your emotional ups and downs. Remember to always breathe deeply, deep breathing will help us to connect more easily with you, and so able to hear Us clearly.

“When you and the others finally join Mother Earth in the 5th Dimension, the feeling of love of one another, among your people, the animals and nature will be felt so strongly, and the tears of joy will be in your hearts and they will be feeling of never again hurting one another, love and charity all around. There will be one thing that is so beautiful that we will never forget, that is the remembrance of the love of the FATHER Creator and Mother Earth.”