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2012 and the idea of overlapping dimensions - part 7 - 9
2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 7
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

The melding of the three dimensions and their overlapping sectors is portrayed in a recent new Crop Circle

Similarly portrayed in this diagram from a discussion on Multi Dimension Overlapping Sets:

2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 8
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

The overlapping effect of the various dimensions – 3rd, 4th, and 5th – is not unlike the ‘transition zones’ between the higher dimensional worlds where things are always in a state of becoming and never clearly one thing or the other. The influx of 5th dimensional energies into this mix was described in a channeling of a couple of years ago from my yahoo group:

The Effects of New Energy
Dear One,
The new energy that has recently been introduced to the planet is an increase in the higher 5th dimensional energies and a diminishing of the lower 3rd dimensional energies. This will result in the clearing out of anything in the lower levels that is not compatible with this new level. This includes physical, mental, and emotional structures of all sorts. Many things, organizations, species, ideas, thoughts, emotions and even people will die off or simply disappear as they will serve no further purpose or need to exist as the lowest of the 3rd dimensional level energies disappear.

The new 5th dimensional level brings with it an intensifying and expansion of the qualities of the 5th dimension; the qualities of co-operative living and a team spirit, environmental co-existence with the planet, freedom, unconditional LOVE, and true spirituality through Service to Creation and others. The attitude of taking care of one's self and family first at the expense of everyone else will not be a part of the 5th dimension. From here on in the motto of life on planet Earth IS "It takes a village."

This new level of energy is also the energy of clearing out the old and the useless or no longer necessary in everything, which includes everyone's personal life. This includes relationships, situations, ideas, beliefs, emotions, etc.
Therefore, this is a good opportunity to take a good look at any useless ideas, beliefs, grudges or unforgiven people or situations in your life and to forgive and make amends either in actuality or within one’s own energy field. Remember these are mostly karmic relationships and learning situations that when forgiven and thanked for the lesson can be easily released and appreciated for what they truly are or for the fact that these people are handlers and controllers in your life that also need to be released. The forgiveness exercise is very helpful and is available on the Peter's website. Also, We are available if direction is needed; just ask Us and We can channel information that will be able to guide you even more specifically.

As the new energy of the 5th dimension expands and increases the FATHER's LOVE is even easier to access and allow into your heart, and communication with Us can also be purer and faster, for in actuality We are closer because as the vibration of the planet increases so does intuitive communication increase as that is one of the qualities of the 5th dimension. Because of this increase in intuitive communication We also suggest that all thoughts and feelings you have be aligned with your heart and LOVE as they are ALL much more available for all to hear and feel telepathically or empathically.

This is another reason it is so important to clear up all old grudges and resentments, for these thoughts and feelings can no longer be hidden. Think about what a joy it is to be able to communicate LOVE and understanding from your heart to all knowing they are really hearing and feeling this LOVE and understanding. Much can be accomplished now with this one simple change of attitude, but it must be genuine and from the heart because even phoniness and self-righteousness can be felt if that is what is really there.

You are not alone for We are always here to guide you in these or any other process or information you may need to help you to become the True Spiritual Beings that so many of you long to be but you must ask for Our help as We must have your permission to become involved.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance, Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

2012 and the Idea of Overlapping Dimensions - Part 9
By Peter Farley - with thanks to Nell Parkes and others

If we’re still transiting from one dimensional existence to another, how can we tell which is which. This subject was addressed in a channeling from Aristenna entitled ‘5th Dimensional Communities’ (through S.)

Dear One,
We'd like to talk about some of the evidence of the ascension you have been experiencing and one of those is the cooperative community. It is very fitting on this Thanksgiving Day to talk about cooperative communities since this is the day that is remembered from the past when the Pilgrims and Indians had their community feast celebrating their mutual life cooperation. A new type of community or working together is the hallmark of the 5th dimension and is one of the evidences of the ascension.

The other day listening to the radio you heard of a 'church of Beethoven' in Albuquerque that was founded by a classically trained musician. He uses an old gas station in the middle of town to hold Sunday morning meetings and he and other musician play classical music for anyone who comes to listen. It has grown now to capacity and is mostly supported by donations and help from the ‘congregation’; a congregation of people mostly interested in classical music though at times they do other things as well. His goal is to create a new kind of gathering based on what he likes and wants to share with those who are also interested; one not based on religion. This is a good example of a 5th dimensional organization of local community.

Another example of the ascension is in Peter's beloved football. The coaches are not tolerating the stars or prima donnas anymore and are demanding that all the players work more now as a team. It takes strong leadership and a tough love attitude to make this happen, but they are doing it. This was started by just one coach with great results, and has now been used by several others making this the new trend in football and the beginning of the end of the arrogant star player.

You have also noticed on occasion groups of people who are getting to gather over the weekend to pick up trash along the roads in your area. Still it is another example of people working together to enhance their immediate community.
Some small local charity organizations are also being run by the cooperative community model as well, and those who are going back to the barter system for some of their basic needs are now learning how to work as a team and not just as individuals trying to survive at a high cost to everyone else. The model of the ‘survival of the fittest' is no longer the mode of operation for this planet.
Working together to create a mutually beneficial community is what the 5th dimension is all about. It is not about individual graduation. It is not about being the top dog or being better than everyone else. It is about everyone contributing what they can to the group to create a mutually supportive community.

This has been tried on the planet many times before from small groups to large (Communist) counties with no lasting or real results. Usually there are those who take advantage of the others and do not contribute equally which causes much anger and the eventual resistance to further cooperation, or the community or country is soon taken over by a lazy, greedy leader which then becomes yet another dictatorship. With no guidance or plan based on the FATHER's LOVE this is inevitable.

The desire and need for a sense of belonging and contributing to a group are the reasons so many people initially join a local church. As most of you realize or have experienced, however, the usual norms of society still prevail in the congregation and soon the dictates of the religion become much more important than working together as a cooperative community.

The 5th dimension groupings are not communes, they are communities; a group of dwellings housing individual 'families', neighborhoods of people that protect and enhance the lives of each other and contribute much to one another's existences. These are people coming together to express concerns and to work out neighborhood problems and work on projects. Here they have an opportunity to share skills and knowledge, extra produce and such, and to help each one another. This is much like in the pioneer days when the whole community would contribute to assisting each new family build a house or barn. This kind of mutual support creates strong community bonds and the ones helping get as much, if not more, from this experience as those on the receiving end. These are the models of existence you all brought with you that then influenced the religions you all helped create.

We invite all of you to start looking for more 5th dimension evidence of the ascension and to share them with the group. They are the kinds of things that when you hear about them or see them make you want to be a part of them.
We look forward to what you find and share with the group.

With Great LOVE, Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light