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. . . and guidance had me buy a tent . . .
Someone gave me an American Express gift card for the holidays and yesterday I was led to go to a big outfitter store and there Guidance had me buy a tent.

Now that may not seem odd, considering, but you have to understand I already have three 'older' tents in my storage/survival gear. This was a nice streamlined one however, sleeping three people. But then again I probably have more than a dozen quilts and a half dozen blankets and 3-4 sleeping bags beside my good down one, along with half a dozen cold weather coats, thermal underwear etc etc . . oh yeah, and a generator, 6 months worth of food for maybe 5-6 people and sundry other goods. It took two years of buying things a little at a time, but you would figure I'd have enough stuff by now and when I ask Guidance all I get is " you need still more". Planning to survive alone a) would not be worth it b) wouldn't be any fun c)would be self-willed and d) would not last long in a paradigm created from the essence of the magical formula inherent in the words 'it takes a village'.

Since this was first written the worldwide disasters have become a daily event, earthquakes of 5+ 6+ 7+ are becoming daily events. That's why Guidance has me post 'recent earthquakes' so that you can notice the frequency of events and the pattern of their occurrences. I've been preparing for two years and more, you don't have that kind of time. Events have been 'postponed' for the past year but ask your Guidance, if They will tell you, how long you have now. My Guidance won't tell me 'the date' because THEY know when the time comes I will be ready, because that's all I do moment by moment, second by second . . if I'm doing it it's because that's what Guidance wants me to do at that moment. So I'll survive, to do some more work . . not that I really want to but hey, isn't that what service is? How about you?

The New Lesson #6 The 5-Minute Drill
By Peter Farley www.4truthseekers. org

A five-minute drill is meant to save one in the event of a local disaster. What is coming will be far far more global than local and a 5-minute drill will only asisst if you have also done the one-year drill of getting yourself to the place where Spirit wants you to be to 'survive', have stocked up on the essentials for you, your family, and those others who will also come to you for aid. If you have not already done the footwork of connecting with Guidance on a daily and a moment-by-moment basis then not much of anythiong is going to help. For most people on the planet their choices have already been made. The general consciousness have decided not to leave 3rd dimensional lessons behind but rather to continue them 'elsewhere'.

Most 'Lightworkers' have decided either not to decide. and thereby have decided by default not to proceed very far either, or have decided to continue their lessons about the old paradigm by bogging themselves down in artificial New Age teachings meant simple to involve the mind in massive game-playing and to overlook the very simple heart-centered nature of true spirituality.

The five-minute drill more thn anything is an exercise in deciding what's important in your life, and may reveal much about whether you are ready to proceed or not.

************ ********* ********* *********

The wildfires in California, the floods in New Orleans and the Carolinas, the hurricanes in the Midwest, the earthquakes in any other
place; all give us reason to have a 5-minute drill down pat, both in our heads and in our physical existences. If this preparation is not for what is going on right now, at least it will come in handy for what may be to come in your area soon.

In watching all these events on television one is continuously struck by the message over and over again that so often these people had 5 minutes or less to get in and get out of their houses with whatever was most important to them. It's a great lesson in the non-attachment phase of our spirituality, what is most important to us. For some, those who are attached to the past, it's the photo albums. For some attached to the future it's the important paperwork. Still others grab the pets and the kids and make a run for it and thank themselves lucky if they all survived.

A couple I know in Roswell have all their camping gear and some food stored in wooden ammunition chests so that in case of an emergency these can be picked up in a second, loaded into the back of the car and they have everything they need to survive, at least for a while. They'll probably survive longer than most if the emergency goes on for more than a few days. That is if they can get out of town on choked freeways and major access roads. It's a good idea to have some type of storage device like this handy for the very near future when change may be drastic and very, very immediate. A `different' way out of town to that most people will take is also worth considering; as well having an answer to the question 'where the heck would you go?'

A few years back after warning people not to be in Florida during the Fall of 2004, Guidance led me to be there during that Fall to experience a time of major crisis, in this case the four hurricanes that ravaged so many disparate parts of the state. Grocery store shelves emptied in a day and a half or less, certinaly all the essential items were gone in the blink of an eye. Freeways that normally come to a standstill during peak-hour traffic were totally inadequate to handle millions of people all trying to head for safety at once. It was only the moment-to-moment Guidance we have worked with for so long that led us safely through that time in relative ease and comfort as opposed to what so many were also going through.

On 9-11 in Roswell, NM, more than 2,000 miles from New York City and the center of what was taking place, people were fighting each other 'ready to kill' in order to fill their tanks with gasoline at the first signs of the disaster.

Many years ago Guidance warned that cities would become cancers during the time before 2012 and that chaos that would set in. We can read this in Billy Meier's Henoch prophecies, in the prophecies of the Native American Elders and many, many more. Joseph Smith had the Mormons practicing for this time to come for more that a hundred and fifty years, although the possibility for disasters at that time were also very strong. What does your Guidance say to you about making a few concrete plans to deal with what is to come?

Recently I have seen many people leaving the United States for the relative safety of Central and South America, people trying to band
together to form some type of communal group that could possibly co-exist in times of major trouble.

During the 1970s I had the experience of living on a kibbutz in Israel to see just how such a thing might work. Even then there were
difficulties. If you know of the communal settlement in Scotland known as Findhorn, they had some measure of success in this type of
living because they had a central feed from Spirit in the form of Eileen Caddy's channeling.

Those of us who are scheduled to come back here to help rebuild the planet after it rising fully into the 5th dimension and a long, long period of cleansing itself will have just such issues to face all over again. How do we rebuild a society from scratch, but not the same old one that has never served anyone but the slave-masters? How do you build a higher dimensional civilization that works an education system? A legal system? A food-supply system? The nice thing will be that we will by then be able to `see' our former friends in the Pleiades and other star systems, so we will have some help along the way. But can we do it better, unlike anything ever done before? Can we build something befitting our role as the crown jewel of planets in any of the other Universes?

Just some things to think about as you begin to go through your days and the chaos that is gradually over-taking us all.

Exercise #6 Make a list of what you would take with you if given only 5-minutes to get into your house, get what you NEED, and leave. Time yourself doing it sometime. Divide up the chores among the possibly present members of your family. Then add or rewrite your list and find ways to cut down the time so it is 5-minutes or less in and out. Take a look at the attachments that this exercise brings out in you. Deal with them if you so choose. Remember: The only thing you can take with you into ascension is the lessons you've learned here on Earth and the spiritual growth you have made. All else is an anchor that can and will hold you back when the time comes if you allow.

In service, Peter