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Collapsing the Matrix
Collapsing the Matrix
Through Sue Ann Mikrut, with Peter Farley

Dear One,

We want to talk about the area you just passed through. Most of that area (Texas southeast of Dallas towards southern Louisiana) will be underwater when the earth changes begin. If you notice on the map it has natural lakes and some that weren’t made naturally. This is in the classic temple technology design and these lakes hold a lot of energy stored for the main temple fixtures within the Dallas-Ft. Worth area itself. Plus, this area of Texas has many limestone caverns beneath which are natural breeding grounds for the reptilians such as the ones Peter has encountered often before in the area surrounding Palm Springs and the Yucca Valley of California and other such reptilian strongholds.

The grid point you shut down near Tallahassee, Florida, was a major male point in the constellation of the New Jerusalem template design. When these major points are fired up to a certain level they were to be the signal for the return of Lucifer’s fiery energies, or that was the original plan. That is why points such as these have to collect as much energy as possible, hold that level, and then send the excess on. This point was so heavily guarded that it caused both Peter and you such distress because it was so important.

In the U.S. Bible Belt there are very many large churches and every Sunday and sometimes more often than that, all the Christian guilt and fear is whipped into a frenzy and this emotion is only a small part of the energy collected in the building's temple technology design. It is then transferred through the steeple or into the energy grid to be used to keep the matrix powered up and ‘the privileged few’ powered up as well. This grid point in Forest Hills, Texas was a major collection site for the whole Southwestern area of the United States and it just so happens to be located in the heart of the Bible Belt.

The matrix is being powered by the corrupted male energy coming from these main dark grid points. As you and Peter and others shut them down the matrix weakens and the structure of organized life as you know it will start to collapse. The matrix is like a cocoon that planet Earth will outgrow with the influx of the new female energy and eventually need to slough off like an old serpent’s skin. The weakening and collapse of the Matrix has to happen for Planet Earth to ascend.

Take strong notice of the severe weather the country has been experiencing and has now become more the norm rather than the exception. This is a necessary process and WE strongly urge all of you to prepare for these coming Earth changes as they are all ready beginning to happen.

With continuous LOVE and Guidance,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light