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trying times
Guidance has had me write a lot about the tens of thousands of
excuses people have for not doing what they came here to do. trust
me, I\'ve heard nearly all of them. But above and beyond all of them
the way this desire \'not to do\' manifests itself is in the language
people use, like this from Diana: \"So this is where I am right now,
trying to stop and just be.\" Using the word \'try\' is setting yourself
up to fail so you really don\'t then have to do whatever it was you
said you were going to try to do. Women particularly need to use I
WILL statements because, what else, it strengthens the will to do
something, the mail or mind side of their beings that needs to be
there to help balance heart and to resolutely get something done. As
said before many times, women have a thousand and one ways of not
being concrete -- of not sayiong \'yes\' or \'no\', and this is why so
few of them get to be all they could be in this time when they are so
needed to step up and lead. Since day one, Guidance has shown me so
much of all this lies in the language we use, the power of the Sound
tempered with the Light, the two major principles or pillars in
Creation. Change your language and you will change your attitudes and
the way you live your life. It is the best place to begin, just like
the \'I thought\'lesson from the other day.

When Guidance began having me do healing work the greatest asset I
took with me into the healing room was the ability to listen for
everything you really need to know about a person\'s health is there
in their language. all the secrets of the New World Order puzzle I
have had to work on over the past dozen years were also manifested in
and through the language they used. The power of the sacred sounds of
the laphgabet constructing words and phrases and sentences was fully
shown to me when i began using those sounds to do sound encoding
which has the ability to change the whole basic nature of a person\'s
energy form.

Listen to what and how you say things, then begin to change those
things that aren\'t congruent with a truly spiritually powerful being,
and you will find out what ascensiona nd spiritual warriorship is
truly all about.

In service, Peter