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Dear Mr. Farley,

I wanted to hear your take on something that has been bothering me for quick sometime, maybe you know how to cope with it.

It is a fact that changes are happening, everyday, by the hour, by the minute, I can feel it. But how do you handle the many distractions force upon us. I am referring to the reality of a North American Union, about the co lapse of our currency in the very near future, the microchip laws which includes the new ID card coming into effect May 2008, etc, to name a few. These things are NOT theories or prophesies, they are a REALITY now!. The Cabal are using their last cards.

Do you worry about these things?. What can we do?.

I truly value your opinion.

God Bless!

Adara Jones.

Adara, After driving 7,000 miles around the country the other day doing the grid work (lots of time to reflect *s), listening to the news, seeing the state people are in, let alone the countryside and the homogeneity of the culture, I cannot be sad that the old paradigm is leaving. And that is the only way to deal with the changes taking place -- \"out with the old, in with the new.\" NOTHING of this old paradigm can or will remain as the planet and those returning enter the new dimensional arena, the new life of the way things were always meant to be.

When I first began all this RAJ had only one thing more than anything HE wanted me to share with people, that is that the only way to make it thoguh the \'coming time\' is to continually say to yourself \"I will have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.\" For the past ten years I have had to prove that to myself every day before I could go out and \'preach it\', and I have. IT is the mantra, if you will, of how we should be living in the NOW for after so many years of working moment to moment with Guidance I\'ve come to accept not being told what\'s going to happen -- more than the broader scenario and what I need to help others. I\'ve come to accept, even if not always feel comfortable with being told where to go, where to turn, what to eat, what to do only a second before I have to do it, for that has trained me to live in the HERE and NOW. And I don\'t worry about the past and I don\'t think too much about the future.

You\'re fairly new to the group but if you had done your homework of reading some of the past postings and the many files, articles and books you would more clearly see how all this has been an artificially constructed way of life, a prison of the New World Order specifically for the continued enslavement of Mankind. EVERY aspect of our lives is programmed and controlled and yet people fear to lose this artificially constructed prison and the safety and security it offers us, the very safety and security Big Brother wants us to depend on in order to make us cripples instead of free, brave spiritual warriors.

Ask any of those people channeling in the group and beginning the work of connecting moment by moment to Guidance and they will I believe tell you how more \'relaxed\' they feel about things and what they are doing here.

If you do not take on this higher perspective then the times here right now will paralyze you with fear and the times to come will definitely \'kill\' any sense of Spirit you may have. That\'s why the big push to get as many connected and working this way as possible, to be the beacons to which others may come for assistance and learning in the coming times.
NOBODY knows or sees better what\'s taking place out there. I literally wrote the book(s) on it. And it is that knowledge derived from working to educate others that helps me see even the most minute detail of what\'s taking place and understanding its design in creating the chaos from which the New World Order wishes to to implement its own version of its own \'order\'.
Go and watch the lousy movie \'The 300\'. Then accept your role in having come here as a great spiritual warrior to defend the passes so that all humanity is not obliterated from this planet and so that darkness itself does not win the day . . here and now nor ever again in this corner of the Universe.

As Sue Ann\'s channeling of Aristenna the other say said \'the victim consciousness\' is how the NWO wants us all to view these events in order to make us quivering lumps of malleable jello so we offer no resistance to their plans.

It is just the eradication of the old ways that we thought were \'safe\' but never were that you are witnessing. Like the Leave It to Beaver world of the 50s they never really did exist anyway. And the way things will be is no longer int he hands of the NWO either for this war is already won even though there are still battles to fight and the darkside already knows it has lost, but just won\'t quit. If you can\'t, or won\'t do the spiritual work necessary to be able to lift yourself into the true spiritual perspective of things, then it\'s going to be a rough and bumpy ride for you. But if you do that work as you see others in the group working on reconnecting, you\'ll be too busy helping others and preparing yourself and them for the times to come when that new paradigm is ours to help build that you won\'t have time to be watching the old things dying.

Fear comes from being uneducated in what\'s going on and not feeling safe and secure in every moment with your own personal Guidance. The time is now to get reacquainted, and very, very, very fast.

Be thankful for everything you see dying around you and the darkside warriors facing you across the pass for they do not now have the grid system to feed on for their energies, and the outcome of this battle you\'re about to fight is already assured.
In service, Peter