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opening the gates
2006-06-20, Opening the Gates

Beloved One,

The opening of the gates to the Central Universe by the Magdalene
energy will permit the influx of much needed female energy to
permeate, and flow thorough the grid, thereby solidifying it and
grounding it with the Light.

The opening of the portal to the Central Universe will also allow
creational light workers to enter and further strengthen the already
existing component of those present on the planet prior to the final
lockdown of the portals scheduled for March, 07 . . . (more on this

What of the Jesus energy that has yet to heal? How is this even
associated & tied in with this particular energy\'s healing?

The Jesus aspect of Lucifer will be permitted to once and for all be
seen for what it is… an extension of self-will propagated upon this
plane by a patriarchal hierarchy and manifestation of the
[fragmented] Lucifer. The work already performed shall aid this as
has your last channeling. It needs to heal and come to completion.

The centering/grounding of the Magdalene energy and its strength in
standing in its own power shall enable a large complement of females
to \"step up to bat\" so to speak and permit the remaining females of
the planet to operate from a grander place of true power and/or love.

There will be those that will continue to propagate and manipulate
the [male] psyche through their sexuality, however for the first
time since Mu and Lemuria, authentic female energy shall be seen:
full of compassion, understanding and self-will guided by the
Highest. The second messiah shall finally been seen for who she has
always been, only this time, her energy will be guided by the Will
of the [Creator] Father.

In Lovingness, Artola & Darthiel-Lucifer.