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Guidance had me post the following article a week ago and since then I've done a couple of people - removing their past life programming 'cables'.

As Maryanna's e-mail today attests , it works:

"Today was amazing much more clarity, greater feeling of control..Meditation deeper,enegy still on left side . .Blessings Maryanna" - MaryannaTr7@
Along with the crystal implant removal, this technique now will assist you going forward no matter which way you're moving through this ascension process and afterwards. As Bobby attests after having his crystal implants removed last night, that helps a great deal as well:

Peter I'm overwhelmed with a major sense of freedom! Last night I dreamt of you giving me some kind of herbs and now this feeling. I will work on my lungs although I don't smoke much now but surely for many years in the past up to recently. I believe I am still in the recovery process. At this juncture I'm very open to receiving any recommendation you may have in the healing realm or in further preparation. Please let me know. I will also meditate further and see what I can come up with. Again I thank you for this beautiful gift and humbly appreciate the existence of souls such as yourself. - "Bobby" Nazari 23.soundportals. 23@gmail. com articles/abductees__implants_and_other_alien_stuff.php

Guidance is making this offer -- to do the past life programming removal for an individual or any family member for $50. The crystal imprint removal is $100, cheaper than listed on the website. No, no discount for the two -- but between the two . . think of the freedom that will mean going into this critical time. . Payment is by credit card through the website or if you need a snail mail addy let me know. Peter

Moving Beyond Past Life Patterning
While writing the following paragraphs from Vol 8, which I hope to have completed within the next week or so, I was talking with Guidance about what can be done about past life patterning --if there's something I can do to remove this 'cable' from people so they don't take that past lifetime stuff into the new paradigm, thereby polluting what's trying to be accomplished here by starting the whole thing afresh. Removal of the crystal implants removes imposed limitations and patterning, but something else is needed to remove self-imposed or allowed patterning. We had to come up with an extra step to help deal with this problem in the sound encoding, but since those are not being done right now Guidance gave me something more to do:

"As one investigator describes it so appropriately, all these theories seem to rely heavily for their continued survival on the implicit lack of interest of most people in the subject, and an overwhelming willingness to leave the question to experts.

Barbara Clow's work, The Pleiadean Agenda, gives us at least one reason for this apathy seemingly inbred into people.

"The pollution of the Earth and the paralysis of well-meaning people is a behavior pattern from the first two wars in this solar system . . . If they make the conditions on Earth bad enough, no one but themselves will be left on Earth, for beings from Orion can tolerate high levels of radiation because the stars there are extremely dense. Orion immune systems are very strong, since their low level of vibration enables them to tolerate the typical modern diet and exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals. And since their agenda is negative, the Men in Black are not agonized about their genocide of the species."

It is not then surprising for those who are awake and actively doing something in this war to look at what's going on around them and be reminded of why so-called zombie movies are so popular right now and over the past 30-40 years. Since many of the Beings we see are not all human, some being ´artificial intelligence' , partially or even wholly robotic (see Vol. VI), even this helps things become more understandable. Perhaps along the way those of us conscious will not be so quick to judge. The more one knows about the myriad forms used by the darkside to control, program, and shut us all down from having any consciousness whatsoever (the original slave state), the easier it is to understand why people seem so apathetic and why the darkside seems to so easily rule people's consciousness. Slave consciousness is, just like the ´Lucifer gene', carried on from lifetime to life in our patterning, in our cell memory. Guidance has never thought much of getting even ´blood transfers' let alone organ transplants for this very reason. Case histories PROVE that certain personality traits are transferred along with donor organs, etc.

According to an Ananova article dated: Thursday the 3rd of May 2001, it is now possible to bring brain cells from the dead, back to life. The following quote is taken directly from the article:

"Brain cells from corpses could eventually be used to treat illnesses like Parkinson's disease. Researchers have grown samples from 23 dead children and adults in test tubes." For the complete story:http://www.ananova. com/news/ story/sm_ 280724.html? menu=news. scienceanddiscovery

Cell memory is very strong, and it continues on from lifetime to lifetime in that energetic field that is the fragment of Soul that we are. EVERY cell has the memory of all lying within its crystalline matrix. Hence with a transplant one is not just mixing physical parts but also entire genetic and cellular memory.

With the new beginnings all of us who are conscious are going through with planetary ascension, it has become essential that we literally turn over a new leaf in our lives to move beyond past life patterning. Releasing old past-life patterns is, however, not easy. These patterns have all been stored in strands which make up something that looks very much like a cable, a cable that remains attached to soul between lifetimes and connects to the physical body when we incarnate. The cable is about two inches in diameter - made from steel-like material, connecting all our past lives' patternings, physical patterns that we acquired in each lifetime - to us. (It also connects knowledge learned, etc) Even though this lifetime's patterns can be cleared permanently, the old ones don't show up in the auric field of this lifetime, but we all do use the old patterning. The cable is attached to the sacrum (tailbone) and drills its way into the bone marrow and spinal fluid. In the bone marrow it integrates into each red blood cell and is circulated through the entire body. In the spinal fluid, it integrates into the neuropeptides in the spinal fluid, thus into the neurons of our nervous system, again circulating throughout the body. The cable consists of millions of strands, thus many, many patterns. The strands are various colors and thicknesses much like a bundle of telephone or car wires. Unfortunately, the patterns circulate through our system causing all sorts of interesting situations, mainly the slave mentality that was given to us at our ´species' creation by our Annunaki parents. Regaining our intended 12-strand DNA will still not erase this patterning without some greater physical work being done on each of us individually or as a species."

Elizabeth's husband was the first one we did this work on, unbeknownst to him but with his Higher Self's approval. It was tough to figure out what Guidance was showing me as we did it, so the next day his lower back was very sore (Guess i did rush the patch-job in the energy field a little *S) but so far his energy has, in Elizabeth's words, "shifted". I haven't seen him since the work was done but I feel a strengthening of his personal self away from the victim consciousness and living in the past attitude he always had.

I'm offering it as a service. I would also like to see what's going on with some of the people who have been sound encoded as opposed to those who haven't in this regard. If interested or if this is you, please let me know of your interest in participating. L and BW, Peter

http://www.4truthse abductees__implants_and_other_ alien_stuff.php