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a brave new world
A Brave New World

6/12/07 Through Sue Ann Mikrut

Dear One,

You have just watched the movie "The Kingdom of Heaven," a movie
about empowering the everyday man to fight for their freedom and
that of their families.

Since the freeing of the energy at Mt. Shasta this apst weekend you
are feeling free from your guilt and shame and you are coming into
your own single-minded power for freeing the millions who have also
been enslaved by the Darkside.

You yourself felt the immense change from guilt, anger, repressed
sexuality and sadness that has been ceaselessly pumped into the grid
system to the place of choice. You now have more of the conscious
choice to choose what you want to feel without the immense struggle
against negativity.

It was quite a surprise to you to find you could find joy, peace and
happiness so easily and then to hold on to it easily for some time.

It has been a few days now and the choice to feel LOVE, JOY and
Understanding has already become a happy habit. Without the
artificial negativity the Darkside created to enslave human kind the
ability to be at peace and to love becomes a naturally occuring
event for those who choose to make it their highest priority.

You will help lead people into this new paradigm of Love, Peace, Joy
and happy productivity.

Thoth will be close to you for as you heal so does He. You have been
partners many times and will be partners again as you help lead the
way from intense darkness into that new kind of SuperUniverse that
only great adversity can bring.

This is the first SuperUniverse that has experienced such things and
from this extreme experience of negativity a new level of
consciousness will be born, one with great knowledge and extreme
compassion as only those who have gone through hell can know.

Welcome aboard, babe!

With great LOVE and Acknowledgement,
Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light