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a brighter tomorrow
Dear Ones,
Some people say to Peter that he is spreading doom and gloom by sharing OUR message with you. Don't be fooled, for someone like Peter who has seen the worst of what the New World Order and the darkside can and have done on this planet, the promise of a brighter tomorrow after the 'Shift' is a welcome reward worth working towards.

Peter works with and for US. His mission in this last month of his service in this way is to shake the very foundations of what people believe in order that some may still wake up in time to make the jump to 'hyperspace' as Star Trek would call it, to lift themselves and be lifted into the higher dimensional existence of this planet along with all ts bright tomorrows.

No one knows better what it's like to be given one more chance. After so much failure, one day, with one last offer of redemption, Peter took the bull by the horns and turned himself around with OUR help. It's an offer WE now make to all of you, even with so little time left. The FATHER's LOVE is infinite and never changes for you and every living Soul, but free will demands you make your own choices to move forward into this bright new future, or to choose to remain fixed in an old 3D Matrix where you will continue learning the lessons of non-attachment and controlled self-will. the choices is as it always has been, yours.

WE love you very much, more than you love your own idiosyncrasies, but WE do humbly ask that you take one more look at where you now stand in the face of this oncoming tsunami of change and or forward progress, and then re-evaluate your decision to blindly stay where you are or to move forward. WE are always there to assist you but YOU must do the walking forward. Let us know any moment of the day . . but be very, very aware that this is a limited-time offer for a day approaches so very soon when there is no room left for change on this timeline.

With all the Love of the PARENTS WE are,