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a crossroads for obama
A Crossroads for Obama

Sue Ann: Can you give us an update on what is happening with the connection [templating]between Obama and Melchezidek?

Aristenna: Yes, Dear One,

There has been a new development. With Melchezidek being blocked from returning to this Superverse the situation for Obama now taking complete control for the darkside has changed significantly. He no longer has the powerful dark energy driving him to fulfill a dark destiny. Even though he is still wired to become or 'take on' the energy of Melchezidek to fulfill this destiny it will now never come about. This leaves him open to a new destiny if he so chooses, just as many sent here to assit the dark agenda now also have an ultimate to turn thir faces back to the FATHER and the tue purposes of Creation.

We have been surrounding him with light and the FATHER's LOVE in an effort to awaken that part in him which is still open to change and to service to Creation. However, as you and peter both now know, Melchezidek himself has not really committed to any healing of his own even though he has now returned to hiw own SuperUniverse. This is a problem for both he and his Creator Parents to resolve before again it can cause similar distress to what has occurred here in your now neighboring Superverse. We desire that since there are literally billions of people on the planet wanting and looking to him to make a positive change that this will therefore influence his decision-making processes and influence him to make a shift on his own. This desire of so many people is currently having a huge effect on him and he is beginning to feel the responsibility and to realize the power he has to make this all become a reality.

Without the strings being pulled by Melchezidek he has a chance to become his own man and he is beginning to feel this and is 'hoepfully' being drawn towards a new destiny. The darkside's plan has always been to make a world that was just for their own use while all the others remaining in existence would be of service to these few elite. Now that Obama is free to see the larger picture of freedom and a good life for all there is a grander opportunity for him to make amends for what has taken place in the past due to the grander, darker designs of Melchezidek. He is now beginning to see and understand the devastation of building a world for an elite few on the backs of the many. He will have to choose who he will serve for now he is, for the first time in a very, very long time, much freer to make that choice.

Melchezidek was hoping that the original wiring/templating of Obama would automatically carry out his plan anyway, and this is no longer a viable option. He, therefore, is still trying to find a way back into this Superverse once again to control this planet and eventually the entire SuperUniverse. This cannot now and will not now happen as all the avenues for his return have been sealed. the work you and Peter are to do next week outofstate will eventually seal off the last avenues for this ever to occur. melchezidek is becoming quite frustrated as he realizes the Great War is finally over, and is struggling to come to grips with the reality of all his work to creat a darker SuperUniverse for himself and his cronies has now come to an end.

As WE have said before, this economic crisis was orchestrated by the darkside to come to bring the world to the breaking point just before the election to set up this country for a ˜savior" and insure the election of Obama. Things have, however, slipped out of their control and the economic situation took on a life of its own and became much worse than they had anticipated and with far-reachign ramifications even for those who initially set the ball rolling.

There will still be hard times ahead no matter what happens with Obama so We urge all of you to continue with developing your moment-to-moment guidance every minute of the day for this is the most important ability you will need now and even more so in the near future. Peter has had an insistent ringing in his ears demanding that the planet be allowed to move forward with its changes. It has been like retarding the birth of a newborn in order to clean up the final dregs of the old world before allowing the new birth process to advance and it will not wait very much longer. Also ask Us about where to live, what to stock up on, and so on, just as if you were preparing for an anticipated hurricane, tsunami, or such. We are here to help you with every aspect of surrender and with your missions of this time, simply ask Us for Our help at any time.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light