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a message to angels & others
A Message to Angels & Others
-Peter Farley, with Sue Ann Mikrut

Billions of people around the world have been caught up in alien-created
repressive religions for tens of thousands of years now, killing each other in
the name of their religions and their saviors, or passively sitting down and
being killed in order to reach Nirvana.

Being creative in its herding techniques, the New World Order and those who
control it know that to further harness those who would break free of these
societal and moral impositions and the peer pressure they exert, new religions
must constantly be created to appeal to those who have seen through the illusion
of the old. Fifty years ago in the age of \'peace, love and dope\' the New World
Order rehashed some of the old mystery school teachings based four-squarely in
the mental realm and preaching \'body, mind and spirit\' and called it the New
Age. It called upon its followers to sit around and like Peter Pan, find their
happy thoughts, and by doing this they could change their reality and the entire
world they lived in.

Unfortunately, while still sitting cross-legged in their dope-filled mental fog
these people did not see that the world around them was actually falling faster
and deeper into the darkness that they refused to acknowledge the existence of,
most particularly because these were the Light Warriors sent to the planet to
avert the coming disaster and rescue the planet from the rampant disease of
self-will and the darkness it created. Sent to save the planet and the creation
surrounding it, they instead became the power source for this darkness to
further spread, if not through the dabbling in things they did not or would not
comprehend the full ramifications of, then simply by the fact that they refused
to act against it.

Instead they adopted the clothing, the speech, the techniques and the attitudes
of various parts of the religions they had originally sought to escape and by
doing this, in the name of some illusory unity of all Mankind, sought to bring
about a world where everybody was equal and totally passive to anything but
their own self-delusion.

\"Peter, do you have any good news or is it all doom and gloom. OPEN your eyes we
are all drowning in negativity and all I read is conditional positivity!!!!

\"PLEASE Peter you have talent but you are bombarding so much negative I cringe
to read what you write, as a rule I delete it but I\'ve had enough. WE must walk
together in peace and harmony, not be segregated by some other world spiritual
readings, who only conditionally can we all be part of. I asked of you before
this and again now, please make the world a nicer place to live or don\'t bother
with all your conditioning.. . Peter as I\'ve said before you are a talented man
but as the world deteriorates we need more than just readings we need action,
where\'s the action behind your words??? Or are you like the rest that all you
want is an audience to read your doomsday messages??? You should take on
politics then. Love the concept but not the content,
4 truth seekers?????
who\'s truth?????
love and enlightenment in the positive light of spirituality.

Hello Bonkers,
\"Peter is not interested in yours or anyone else\'s comments. He is on an ego
trip which ultimately always ends in disaster. It always does.\"

I\'m hitting my head against the wall, frustration is the ultimate end to waiting
for this ego to wake up and smell the roses, there are roses left, Peter.

\"For all your doom and gloom and beliefs which are totally unproven as to their
source, sorry Azuria, as you know I\'m not a total fan of the \'one book\' but
rather than read such rot that has come from his so called readings I think I
will give it another go, just to get perspective.

\"I am still reading the \'tibetan book of living and dying\' for me the wisdom of
such peace of mind and state of being is attractive, rather than being told
under threat I\'m comfortable being guided on how to just \'be in the moment\'.

\"The best time is now, to be and become all I can in this limited world we live.
. . At least our message is of hope, love and unity, we are on the right side of
the light, even though we have our different belief systems.

\"Az, I have read a bit of the bible would you be willing to look outside your
views to hopefully see I\'m with you in my way of thinking?

\"I believe its time for all of us to take a leaf out of each others books and
instead of the war on words we join in the message of hope, love and peace for
the future existence of the soul’s journey.\"


This was an exchange that took place in a group called \'Paranormal Nexus\' about
some of my postings. Again it shows the lack of understanding of what action to
counteract the darkness truly means, the concept of spiritual warfare, and of
course it denies the very title of the group itself relating to the paranormal
which most people are too lazy to seek a true experience of. What it suggests
most is what has been most common in my and some other people\'s experiences,
that the New Age people calling them Lightworkers are more often Light
Butt-sitters, especially when it comes to doing their own homework or actively
working with the simple techniques of reconnecting with Spirit that are only too
natural to any of us once we drop the ideas of \'seeking\' and start just being.

\'It\'s the squeaky wheel that gets the most grease\', and the darkside knows us
all too well. In every group there are those purposely sent to be the Mr. Smith
who stirs up the others or who, in any way they can, sap the energy out of the
others and any shred of truth or relevance to anything posted. Everyone to their
own truth and unity be damned. It\'s just the Matrix way of doing things - of
keeping us all fragmented and incapable of unified action against them.

These New Agers won\'t admit that they live in an artificial construct called, by
some of us, the Matrix. If you cannot see or do not acknowledge the prison walls
that bar your way to stepping out to be free then how can you ever be a part of
that which wants to bring those walls down so that all men can be free? Morpheus
says it so well in \'Matrix I\', it is the other prisoners in the Matrix who will
stop you trying to be free. We don\'t need prison guards as long as the peer
pressure of our fellow prisoners stops us from even wanting to be free.

Being a media person I know the power of just accusing someone of something,
whether it is true or not. My experience doing my mission has only further
solidified this understanding as I see what has been thrown up against me, and
how many others who had some semblance of truth to their works have been worn
down until fatigue makes them surrender to the pressure thrown up against them.
In a woman\'s group I did a while ago we were all shocked to hear everyone in the
group admit that women would rather be wrong in a group than right standing up
alone. In talking with teenagers the peer pressure now to have sex, do drugs,
and to \'go along\', is greater now than ever.

When members of the Council of Light say the darkside is mounting its final
resistance to the changes taking place through the process of ascension, it
becomes obvious in everything we see around us . . . particularly in how vocal
these New Agers can be in stirring everyone up against anything that doesn\'t
suit their stunted view of growth and spirituality. They preach a unity that
means you have to believe as they do, or else. This is nothing different from
the bloodthirsty religions that went before them and the mystery schools that
lie at the very foundation of the New World Order.

The eight volumes of the history of the New World Order the Spiritual Hierarchy
have so far had me write put everything into a perspective one reader expressed
as, \"Finally history makes sense.\" Funny how so many little pieces when
intertwined can paint such a simple yet vivid
picture of the control that has spread darkness throughout this entire corner of
the Universe.

10-4-07 through Sue Ann
Dear One,

WE have asked you to channel information to .... about her mission and the One
on the Council of Light who wishes to be her guide. His name is Erthzen. He
already has a close relationship with her in the other dimensions and would like
to continue it in a more direct way.

She is a Seraphim, an angel of one of the highest orders. Seraphim come with
built in strengths and a very common weakness, that of arrogance. Surrendering
to Higher Will and Guidance has been difficult for many of them since the
original Creation and the hard times that created so much distress amongst all
its inhabitants.

Her mission is definitely about information dissemination. She is well-suited
to tell the true story of the angels, both of the dark and of the Light. Many
people have a naive view that all angels are of the Light, and completely
˜forget\" that many of the most powerful Beings of the darkside are fallen

Angels figure prominently in the True Creation Story and what has become this
vast experiment in self-will, and have figured as a major force in the creation
of much of the devastation of this
SuperUniverse. There are still many ˜fallen\" angels that need to eventually
\'come in from the cold\' before all of creation can be healed. Accurate and
compassionate information concerning this issue would be very helpful in
facilitating a complete healing of all the Beings concerned.

Also, the roles, levels and hierarchy of the angelic world are not correctly
portrayed, particularly by darkside representatives such as the being calling
herself Doreen Virtue. Many Light-bearing angels volunteered for active duty on
the front line of planet Earth and are in grave danger of spending much
unnecessary time in the 3rd and 4th dimension should they not regain the
knowledge of who they are in truth and why they came here in the first place.
Such information would aid greatly in triggering the awakening of those angelic
Beings still asleep.

WE warmly and enthusiastically welcome this wonderful angelic Being back into
the Service of the FATHER and look forward to working together again on a
conscious level.

With Great LOVE and Affection,
Aristenna, Erthzen, and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

This channeling was done by Sue Ann to assist in passing along information about
a specific person\'s mission in helping to awaken the sleeping angels here in
\'human form\' in this lifetime on planet Earth.

I\'ve written some about angelic beings and their part in the whole Star Wars Bar
scenario, just as Guidance has had me share some people\'s experience of Doreen
Virtue and others out there promoting the fluffy \'Christian and New Age view\' of
angelic beings. This rather than the Ceanne DeRohan expression of an angelic
realm in chaos due to the turmoil involved in their Creation and Manifestation
as told partly in my own works on the Creation story.

There are people in this yahoogroup who can channel some of the archangels,
particularly the true Michael, but refuse to do so for some unknown reason
relating to low-self-worth and of course fear. Having worked alongside many
angelic beings of many levels in this lifetime I know how valuable the mission
of the woman mentioned in Sue Ann\'s channeling could be if she finds the courage
to step up and do it. And so many of the rest of us could also assist with this
for we all come from higher dimensional levels and have worked with angelic
beings or, most often, been through periods in our soul\'s existence when we WERE
in fact angelic Beings ourselves. Educating others about these realties is the
prime mission left for so many of us now that the hard work of winning planetary
ascension is done.

There\'s nothing hard to it, except of course the pressure of 6 billion
programmed people telling you everyday your wrong, and heck, after living with
that for so long that\'s hardly anything at all.

Wishing you strength in your choices,
In service, Peter and Sue Ann

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