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a morphing planet
Here is support for the articles Guidance had me write months and months ago on the lowering of the morphogenetic field of the planet.

Planet's shape morphing with earthchanges

Posted on July 29, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol
July 29, 2011 – ANTARCTICA - The Earth was never perfectly round to begin with, due to its spin. Just as an ice skater's skirt flutters up and away from her skates during her pirouette, water on Earth is more concentrated at the equator than at the poles. As recently as 22,000 years ago, several miles of ice covered much of the northern hemisphere. Since the downward pressure of land-based ice has reduced as the ice melted, the land underneath has "rebounded" causing the Earth to become more spherical, said Steve Nerem, an aerospace engineer at the University of Colorado at Boulder and coauthor of a new analysis of the Earth's bulge. "It's a bit like a sponge, and it takes a while to come back to its original shape," Nerem said. Scientists had observed the bulge shrinking for years, but then something changed. Around the middle of the 1990s, they noticed that the trend reversed and the Earth was getting fatter, like a ball squeezed at the top and bottom — but until recently they didn't have the tools to understand why. Gravity depends on mass, so any changes to the Earth's shape changes the distribution of mass, and therefore its gravity field. Data from GRACE, the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment — twin satellites launched in 2002 that make exacting measurements of Earth's gravity field to monitor changes in ice mass, the amount of water in the ocean and losses in continental water — enabled the researchers to test a theory that the ice loss was changing the shape of the planet. GRACE took snapshots of the surface of the Earth every 30 days, allowing researchers to monitor changes in ice mass from the changes in the gravitational fields. They found that melting glaciers Greenland and Antarctica were indeed the biggest contributors to the Earth's growing spare tire, as the huge amount of water was pulled to the equator. According to the researchers, the two regions are losing a combined 382 billion tons of ice a year. While the reduced mass on the continents will allow the land to spring back and make the planet more round, that process takes thousands of years. And in the meantime, the bulge is growing at about .28 inches per decade. The planet's radius is about 13 miles bigger at the equator than at the poles right now, says Nerem. This means that the point on the Earth's surface furthest away from its center is not the summit of Everest but rather the top of an Ecuadorian volcano. All this adds up to a strong signal that the planet is changing. –

contribution Luisport

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This morning's posting about the Earth's magnetic field deteriorating goes hand in hand with the past year's work on the planet's morphogenetic field and November 26's posting on having reached the point of lowest morphogenetic field surrounding our planet.

TRISTAN DA CUNHA - We believe the story about the whirlpools in the Atlantic, near northern Brazil, in many ways started on February 27, 2011. What's the significance of this date? This was the date we began reporting very unusual seismic tremors were taking place under the volcano Tristan da Cunha which straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Below are the seismometers for the volcanic region taken from the USGS LISS site in February of 2011 showing a gradual intensification of seismic activity under the volcano from left to right. Tristian da Cunha happens to be the star on the above map. Tristan da Cunha also happens to be in the middle of the red region on the map known as the South Atlantic Anomaly- the place on Earth where the planet's magnetic field is the weakest. I wrote in The Extinction Protocol: "The SAA field anomaly is an early-warning indicator that significant changes are already occurring in Earth's magnetic field. The reality is the field is deteriorating." –page 112

From: Peter
Sent: Fri, November 26, 2010 3:57:46 PM
Subject: [4truthseekers] Day of the Lowest Morphogenetic Field

After a really rough day yesterday in terms of physical 'weakness' not
just for myself but for many I had contact with, Guidance let me know
that today is the day of the 'lowest' morphogentic field of the planet
-- What does that mean? I'm not sure, ask for yourself and get your own

And what did THEY lead me to watch on TV this afternoon? 2012. Amongst
all the carnage of that movie the line that stuck out to me most was
'that all people should have a chance to survive or to know what's going
to happen'. Well they do, just as you do for a little simple homework
and dedication to strengthening your own INBUILT connection with Spirit
and your own spiritual Guidance.

Three weeks ago, Sonia was just like most of you out there, only perhaps
a little more attached to her mental learnings and the arrogance that
comes with thinking we know so much after studying New Age teachings.
Now read her channelings. Go back over them and see how she progresses
every day . . . maybe to make it, maybe not . . but she has made the
attempt and though not 'cured' or the old paradigm way of thinking, she
at least has had the courage to set it aside and see if there is
something better. And she's almost been perfect with her channelings
from day one simply because she also had the courage to share them and
get some feedback and what was needed to improve or to take the next

Everyone I've dealt with over the past 6-7 years at least has been given
that same opportunity and most have thrown it away because it, unlike
all the old paradigm religions of old planet Earth, takes
self-responsibility and a willingness to at least surrender some degree
of control to THAT which loves us more than we love ourselves.

All bets are off in terms of what happens from now on . . as Sonia was
warned today in her channeling, "The Brave New World is only for those
truly brave in spirit as well as earthly doings. And let me remind you
that the New Earth is not granted for an individual just like that."
Mark Twain said it best, "The human race is a bunch of cowards, and I am
the standard bearer". Well he wasn't a coward but those who refuse to
even 'try' connect and do what they agreed to come here to do, are. What
on Earth have you got to lose? - Nothing but the miserable situation you
find yourselves in and the fact of living through eternity knowing that
the lifetime that really counted you didn't step up to bat.

IN service, still, Peter