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A New Level of Healing - SOUND ENCODING ? The Completion of Creation
SOUND ENCODING ? The Completion of Creation


From Nita Rierson:
? Hi Peter!
I would like to share what I experienced during the sound encoding
session. Some of it is difficult to put into words because it looses
something in the translation. I felt the presence of very powerful
Beings and my Higher Self. I was very aware of the energy being
released as each point was touched, my thoughts and emotions left me
in record speed. It was as if I was deleting old software and
getting new. Each direction had a distinct feel and a Huge powerful
presence overseeing the process. I was very aware of the need to let
go and surrender and as I did, my Higher Self began to slowly anchor
in my body. I saw several visions, however only one sticks in my
mind. It was a vision of a large Spoke wheel with a smaller open
circle in the middle and as I looked at it, I saw a naked new born
baby floating down into the smaller center circle. I had the sense
that the spokes were the directions and that innocence and purity
were being anchored in. At the end of the sound encoding I was very
present in my body. Not just grounded, but fully present on all
levels. Yesterday I felt a little tired as the day went on so I
rested and drank lots of lemon water and green tea. I can feel the
process continuing as I write this. It feels like the anchoring of
my Higher Self comes in waves. I truly feel like a new person! I am
still aware that my corridor is in need of fine tuning and I am
working with guidance to remedy that!

Thank you Peter for a wonderful healing and profound experience!!
With love and gratitude, Nita

Gail Dickson's channeled Guidance on the morning of her sound-
? " Today is a new beginning for you. Appreciate what you will
receive today. The sound-encoding will enhance your life in enormous
ways. Enjoy your new adventure. With great Love this gift comes to
you." Your Spiritual Guidance.

Gail afterwards:
? "I feel Lighter and more . . more present."

Sienna Lea, author of Stealing the Moon
? . . . "I dont know this sound encoding has reconnected me
with life directly . . . . The work you do disentangles all the
wiring and literally re-connects peoples DNA properly . . . All the
vitamins and healing machines I have . . very few do I need anymore"

Gail Bongalis
? I'm doing well - - most of my fear has vanished - - (don't
quite know what the fear was about). Still have some dregs, deep
down .. I'm sure they too, will vanish when they are supposed to.
Now I know the true meaning of "Cough it up!" Perhaps if I cough
enough, the rest of the fear will disappear!

Had an HUGE release on Tuesday @ massage. Cried & cried & cried.
Again . . emotion that had been deeply entrenched & no specific
tags . . It was good & I think your work precipitated that. I have
had many massages with this woman before & have never had a reaction
like that.

Shila Fisher
? Hi Peter! Thanks for getting this to me. I appreciate
this, along with all the other gifts you gave me. Everything is
different, and yet the same. I am still processing ....and having
new realizations all the time. I have been truly AMAZED at what has
already shown up in my life . . .

Francine Sparks
? Peter!! how incredibly amazing...i have been thanking them
all day . . . today i feel i am in a warm embrace, it is a beautiful

Danielle Hancock
? Thank you for bringing the sound encoding in. I lay on the
beach in a circle and turned clockwise slowly for an hour. Felt
really good and the dolphins came in really close to the shore, near
where I was. I saw a lot of cool stuff.

Sound encoding reintroduces Divine Melody and harmonics back into
the physical and etheric form of Beings, providing them with the
correct complement of Sound that was devoid in the creational
process. The Higher Self is brought down from the grid surrounding
the planet and the 12 major points of sound encoding fuse it within
the etheric, emotional and physical bodies of the Being, permitting
a conclusion to the Creational process.

What was missed in the beginning is now brought into balance and the
Light is now harmonized with Sound in an act of true creational
process, as it was intended, with an equal pull from both the male
and female. With this in place the imbalance within Beings is
corrected and the first unbiased opportunity for growth in this
unbalanced world is "gifted".

The Effects
? The Sound Encoding will bring down the Higher Self into the
human form and clear out much of the old patterning and programming
from times old, bringing the Being back home into balance.

The Process
? MUST be done in person on one of the 5 people included, but
covers the person being done as well as four of their 'physical'
and/or 'spiritual' family members as well. Only one or at most two
sound-encodings can be done in a day because of the drain it puts on
the etheric body of the healer. Bookings are therefore required.

? The cost is $500. This could be shared among the 'family'
members included in the sound-encoding process of the physical
person getting done, or can be a gift to those people included.
Permission does not need to be obtained from them in the physical
although prior approval by the Spiritual Hierarchy (thru Peter) of
the names submitted as one of your extended physical or
spiritual 'family' members must be obtained.

With love and best wishes, Peter Farley

Related Writings and Channelings:

Dear One,

All within the universe is intertwined and interconnected. Changes
made in one part affect the whole. Sound Encoding orientates towards
the Central Sun in the Central Universe where the Father and
Spiritual Hierarchy reside both energetically and vibrationally. The
best, shortest path is lined up with the grid and Earth's magnetic
field that converge at true north and beam `through' the required
energies for the work to be performed.

Orientation will alter from place to place and with certain Beings.
The consciousness and awareness of a Being can affect the outcome
and the required orientation. One that is near the completion of
their mission requires a Sound Encoding not only for their present
energetic form, but one that will cater and facilitate the form to
follow. Gail is one such example.

Why does this shift in the use of directions occur, and how can we
ensure that the correct directional orientation is being used when
performing Sound Encoding or whether true north or its inversion is
required? You will know what to use dependant upon the spiritual
development of the Being concerned and level of service in this
lifetime. Matter behaves in certain ways, as does typical Light and
Sound in a given environment. Natural laws alter and change with
Beings that are connected or have a firm connection to the Source.

In the majority of cases with the work there will be no variation.
You will be alerted with regard to those that require a directional
orientation modification for the Sound Encoding to correctly
propagate throughout their Being. This is something you will
inherently know as special and unique cases arise.

Continue with the work and as the Sound Encoding is performed that
grid framework that imprisons the Higher Selves will weaken until
the point where critical mass is reached and all those trapped will
be freed. Then, you will see the miracle of Sound Encoding, as those
whose intent and hearts are pure connect to their Higher Selves,
adopt the will of the Father and move forward with positive changes
in line and accordance with the new paradigm.

All constructs have their foundation upon a belief and thought-form.
Changing the thought-form alters the construct and in turn the
belief of what is possible. A belief of freedom and that Planet
Earth can be a paradise where all are cherished equally, can alter
the outcome, as can any thought-form that is conductive to the
evolution of life.

With Grand Love, Aristenna from the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of

2006-05-09, Hiburu

Dear One,

Hiburu, the language of the pre-diluvial gods of old, the origins
from which the Hoovids (Jewish race) themselves created the Hebrew
language prior to it being passed on to Earth and later corrupted ?
was modified by the Niburians in the Tower of Babel incident --but
permitted direct communication with the Divine.

The format is not in words or sounds as such, but the symbolism of
the Divine Consciousness that resonates within the Higher Planes
without limitation and without the requirement of a medium to
propagate thought, for all are One at that level of existence.

To restrict or attempt to express the means of communication at this
higher level is to attempt to dissect the unexplainable and refer to
only approximations that within your third densities will be taken
as absolutes and expanded upon by theorems or mind-thinkers to what
suits their own limited frame of reference. To use the term
telepathy is an approximation, however it does not correctly explain
the means by which the Higher Realms commune with one another, for
to do so, in essence, is through the heart and mind; yet to use the
mind alone, whilst a poor substitute, can be analogous in this case.

The flares of thought that emanate through the vibrating
consciousness of the brain are a form of Hiburu. The functional
human body is a macrocosm of this, yet to explain the communication
is to delve into the function of image imprints of light upon the
retina and the transfer of such nerve impulses to be interpreted by
the brain.

The sparks of thought, the conscious manifestation of existence and
imprinting of thought on the brain is the closest thing to
explaining the flares of thought that Hiburu is ? that which
literally imprints ? burns ? a new neural pathway through the human
psyche of the mind, linking the physical to the etheric and [in
turn] up through to the consciousness of Divinity ITSELF.

To sound encode a soul is to activate these neural centers within
the brain ? on the physical dimensional 3D level ? best and most
easily done with symbolism, similar to the psychological cards used
in research experiments. An encoding with the recipient humming the
HU would further facilitate the effectiveness of the imprint and
allow the encoding to develop an initial imprint within the Being
themselves, firstly through the brain, a direct avenue of the mind
and then through to the heart. Calm the mind firstly; tackle the
most difficult of all and the heart will have no resistance to the

With Grand love and always by your side, Darthiel, Haroon and the
Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Background

Sound Encoding --The Completion of Creation
by Peter Farley

Like the new release of, or new model of, some outstanding
invention, what is now coming back into this corner of the Universe
so devoid of the true Light and its companion the Divine Melody, is
sound-encoding of the DNA-stream of supreme energy grid

The twin pillars of Creation are Light and its companion, Sound.
Spiritual paths which speak of only one without the other are out
of balance and not undertsanding of the composite nature of
Creation--the Male and female, and the catalyst that ignites and
fuses the two into one. This is the true Holy Trinity.

In transcribing the original Creation story of this Super Universe--
Nebadon, I thought I had the basic understanding, until recently.
The more the Spiritual Hierarchy have had me working with
the 'healing' and ascension' of the female energies of this area of
Creation, the more I have had to delve deeper into the role played
by the female in creating the Darkness that existed long before
planet Earth was created.

This led me to a better understanding of the Biblical 'tales' of
Adam and Eve, and Eve's role in metaphorically taking the first step
AWAY from the true Light of the FATHER, and in the process stealing
that which was the male aspect of Creation ?the Sound and its

As reflected in the motto of Thoth (Hermes Trimistegus), "As above,
so below", the spiritual war taking place in Creation right now is
manifested, reflected, and even brought to resolution by the events
presently taking place on planet Earth.

Spirit(God) works THROUGH people, is a major understanding of doing
the spiritual work here on Earth. Especially is this true in the
type of healing and grid work we can do. No healer can take credit
for being more than a good channel for the energies working through
him or her. With the
grid work, it is very much the same. Our higher selves do much of
the work in tandem with the Guidance directing the overall war.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form
to another. So often in doing the healing work I do with these
special energies, it is I who must take on the darker or corrupted
energies within the person to be healed so that my 'clearer' etheric
body can
process them at a faster rate. Yes, many energies can be 'thrown'
into the Light for transmuting, but many energies created here on
planet Earth MUST be transmuted here on planet Earth --especially if
that person is to ascend into a higher level of Soul resolution.

The more I work with all of those, all of US, who have had our
flirtations with the Darkside, the more I see the tendency toward a
schizophrenic duality going on within higher level Beings fighting
back their past failures in succumbing to the Darkside, and their
drive and the opportunity Edgar Cayce says we all now have to come
back 'at the rising of Atlantis' to make different choices from
those we have made in the past. the patterning of the past is within
each and every one of us and is too difficult for most of us to
overcome without a great deal of spiritual healing aid.
Reprogramming the DNA is a function of this new Light and Sound
Encoding process.

The DNA, the Holy Grail of planet Earth, the Da Vinci Code of our
alien heredity, the ultimate Tree of Life reaching back from planet
Earth into the heavens, has been screwed up from day one on this
planet due to the failed experiment this planet is.

Before that, however, without both the Light AND Sound encoding
from the correct highest process of Creation involving BOTH the male
and female energies in creation, Mankind's ability to fight their
own 'bad genes' has been almost impossible from the very beginning.

The grooves in our record are too well worn, too deep, and too well
manipulated by everything around us for most of us to even put up a
good fight against what the Darkside knows how to do so well -- keep
us as slave prisoners for their own ulterior motives.

The New World Order's stranglehold on Man is based in the control of
this DNA. The Caduceus or Thoth's Staff shows the snakes holding
sway over Mankind's DNA respresented by the staff trying to take
wing back heavenwards.

Here are the words of the Darkside leadership sending their emissary
on her way to her dark, dark mission here in this lifetime: :

"Go now my dear, for you are the serpent that will encoil Planet
Earth, and corrupt its essence, turning Gaia away from her children
and making it the Dark Whore House that we deem it to become.

"Once you accomplish this task my dear child, you will be taken back
to the core of the planet where Gaia once resided, and you will then
be turned into the very Dark Mother that runs the Planetary portal
into the Heart of Creation and the Father's Essence will be yours to
command... "

Many Beings I have worked with over the past few years of doing this
type of spiritual healing work have memories of such threats against
their Soul's very existence should they once again take up the Sword
of Righteousness, or stray from their dark programming. Many of the
implants and crystal imprints by which we are
controlled 'energetically' have such programming which triggers and
creates fatal diseases within the lifeform should their existence be
threatened or attempts made go beyond their limiting abilities.

And just as pretty much every one of us is implanted or programmed
to accept these darker purposes, so too is the entire crystalline
network of the consciousness grid surrounding the planet.

Since I was very young I have looked at life around me and commented
to myself, "It's not supposed to be like this." How can anyone judge
another when the cards are so heavily stacked against Humankind.
How can anyone overcome such an advanced technology of control?

The dark crystals implanted along the grid system of the planet are
meant to transmit the dark energy these emissaries would supposedly
channel to mortals, and these mortals would, through there own
weaknesses and self-willed actions, magnify, thereby weakening
Gaia's defenses.

The crystals on the grid are still very much linked to some people's
Higher energy form. These same Crystals, however, can also be turned
to relay healing energies to the whole Planet, or at least to the
areas most needing them.

This will also strengthen Gaia's defenses against darkness and the
corruption of female energy since people will be receiving healing
energy-- female healed energy--which will allow for the weak points
or imbalances inherent in the creation of this corner of the
Universe to be fixed. This will begin to take place as people are
newly Sound AND Light encoded, and as the sound encoding which has
been missing from this corner of Creation is reprogrammed into the
planetary consciousness grid to be filtered out to every living

Intent--Perfect Intent-- is everything in this type of healing.

"There is no need for people to be afraid, of Light, for their Soul
is made of Light. What blocks the will to become again one with the
FATHER is that their intent has been literally hijacked by darkness
in the way that it was isolated from the vehicle of their
manifestation - the lightbody, and on Earth, the physical body more
than anything else.

"Trapped witout the will to escape, so it is that the person is
completely dependent on external aid for becoming released from the
darkness that engulfs its Heart and Soul, for they are one and the
same - the portal that is fully linked to Creation's Origin, The

"The problem with the encoding of sound is that, since Lucifer made,
or modified the light bodies of his staff, he was unable to guide
the process in Perfection as the Creator Parents did once.

"Imbalance makes for a lesser portal, and so Light does not make it
through in perfection, if at all, it only makes it through the
deformed prana tube, to come out as lesser, dark light.

"There is a need to pull from both sides when creating a Being - a
pull from a Mother, and a pull from a Father, so that the Being is
created through a balanced process. If there is no balance, then the
Being is created lacking a sufficiency of Light and of Love, and
will be prone to abuse from others that are dark, or if there is no
dark, then the Being is prone to creating patterns of lesser light,
which is darkness.

"There is no need for making scary faces to show the ones on the
side of the Light, because the ones on the side of the Light that
came here to work and do not, are already far more than scared by
themselves. They fear the contact with their Hearts because of how
they have grown used to the lesser lightbodies that they live
through. The lesser enlightened bodies make it seem like the Light
burns and sears through one's consciousness, when the only thing
that is seared through is the deformity of the ego, and its
progarmmed errant self will.

"Their light bodies are no longer able to house patterns of the
Highest Light because they were either modified or damaged or
created in a lesser/dark way by Lucifer and the errant Soul known as
Cali. There is also the shattering of the lightbodies, usually each
with different programming, that are awakened and used by the
Darkside, and are easier to control and subdue than a perfect whole
Being of Full Light.

"Some Hearts/Souls of perfect beings were implanted further with
imprisonment mechanisms. The hearts were then limited and unable to
hold together the lightbodies - thus making it impossible for the
Being to function as it should.

"That is the corruption of the Heart - the surrounding of it by
darkness and the limiting of its ability to communicate and hold the
body together, so then the body is no longer guided by Light,
because there is a separation from its Source... which is the Heart
of the Being.

"There is no more need for running, for all that can be healed is
laid before you, and made clear, with help for you to reach through
for it. You will reach through it, if you have the will to do so,
and nothing can stop your Will from being the Highest, but
yourselves focusing on lesser objectives."