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a new timewave coming soon
A New Timewave Coming Soon

Peter Farley

The following is a posting from my yahoogroup in October, 2006 about the timewave experienced then. We're about to experience another one very, very soon, and this one will be bigger than ever.

- Today's timewave

I experienced the new timewave coming through Florida about 11 AM. If some of you felt some effect from it in your own area Guidance would appreciate your sharing it.

All I could do was cry. Don't know yet how it affected things but with every new timewave the future is changing, particularly as more and more work gets done in shutting down the defensive machinations of the NWO along the grid. Hope it all helps lessen how bad this is going to be for everyone but that too is belongs in the realm of individual choices. I would not trade one moment of the pain I go through in my service for all the w3ealth I see around me here in Florida. It's just things and things have no future for anyone, especially for these miserable reptilians down here.

Like no other place, SE Florida makes me feel like I'm living a scene from the mini-series V with all those in power and with all the wealth the reptilians in human disguise or humans in a reptilian wannabe state or too, those who are their mentors --the Orions and the like.

We have one more grid point down here to do after ones I did in Las Vegas, Denver International Airport, Oklahoma City, eastern Oklahoma, Hot Springs AK, Biloxi MS, and five specific ones around the center of the old Atlantean capital located off the coast of Jensen Beach , Florida.

I don't know fully yet what the results will be but anything right now will help with what is about to take place. Again a warning for those living in or around the cities of Orlando FL and Portland OR. These two towns have little or no future to speak of in the not too distant future.

L and BW, Peter

The Mayans stated that "time would collapse" at the end of their Calendar cycle. The late Terence McKenna spoke of a "Timewave Zero" model, but there is still controversy over whether his discoveries are indeed scientifically sound. Smelyakov's model supports the basic premise of an "imploding cycle" centering around 2012-2013, but this would then be the end of the cycle and not include the major earth changes and events taking place prior to the `final' implosion.

A number of years ago, Aluna Joy Yak'in wrote on this topic:

"For over 20 years the Star Elders have shared various visions. These visions were based in the past, present day, and our future. Over the last few weeks another vision came and though it didn't seem to have any relation to the others, a series of visions lit up like a string of lights. In Mexico many years back, I woke up with the story of why the Maya and other South American civilizations were conquered so easily. I was told why Columbus, Montago, Pissaro, Cortez and all the other conquerors were able to take down entire empires with so few men, horses and weapons. Let's face it, how many men and horses could they cram on one of those little ships anyway and not to mention that they were in weakened states of health when they arrived. We know what the history books say, but this is what the Star Elders share about this time and what it means to us today.

"In time and space there are time openings - sort of time rips, or time viruses. Sometimes Earth passes through one, or a series of these openings. When we enter into one of these rare places it is possible for lower dimensions to enter higher ones without doing the necessary preparation or spiritual work. When this happens it imposes a lower nature onto a higher dimension. In order to balance the situation the higher worlds usually fall, and the lower ones gain more power than they know how to handle. This was the case of the Conquistadors and the Americas.

"This vision was also a warning to us at this important time. It was revealed that we will enter a similar time or space. It is important that we finish our spiritual work and purge our negative egos (outside egos) so as not to damage the next dimension with our lower natures. I was shown that we must enter this next world in a state of surrender and allow the next world to be our teacher. In other words, park your egos at the door folks, after all we do not want to become the next Cortez or Columbus while entering into the next phase of the process."

This explains what I've been teaching for years about the efforts of the darkside to use the portals or windows to the Universe that open during the coming ascension process in order to escape not only into other dimensions, but into the very Matrix of Creation Itself. This war is not solely Mankind vs. The New World Order, but Creation vs. the darkside in every possible way. More is also written in my works about time waves and the higher-level dimensions falling as they once did in Atlantis because of being invaded by `energies' from the lower dimensions.

How this relates to the timewave we are about to experience is that this timewave will lift the planet completely out of its lower dimensional place and fully restore it to its rightful 5D home as a wave lifts a boat on its gentle upward thrust. Only this one won't be so gentle, and it won't take with it most of those still attached to their 3D matrixes. Not only will it be an upward surging wave, it will also be a finely tuned purging wave to get rid of any detritus that doesn't belong, just as the Japanese tsunami washed the streets of the villages clean of any and all that was old, frail, and not ready to adapt. Those in Japanese villages who had raised themselves to higher ground after learning the lessons of the past were saved, and so will it be with the ending timewaves of 2011 2013 that will bring with them a new and glorious new Earth perfectly aligned for 5D status.