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a new way of being
New Way Of Being
7-22-07 through Sue Ann

WE are in a limbo state as well as you during these next few days and
weeks. WE know that your time has a strange feel to it as if it were
moving but not moving at all. It has a quietness and a wait-and-see
feeling to it.

WE are preparing the way for you and know this next mission will be a
success and the timeline WE have been working on achieving will
become solid. This new timeline is based on LOVE, Guidance and

One of the reasons you are having such a hard time breaking out of
left-brain routine is that as Ma\'at you were the one who designed the
social order from my mathematical and language systems. You designed
civilized rules and behavior systems to help create regimentation
within groups of people. Morals and social order were your specialty
along with rules, reward and punishment, social justice and courts of

Your designs of social conformity brought much order to the chaos of
that time. Order and rules had to be established as quickly as
possible after the great catastrophe of the sinking of Atlantis.

You have believed for a very long time that people need rules and
regulations to have an orderly society. Now you must make a paradigm
shift to the other way of thinking that those who have Guidance need
no rules or regulations as their behavior is always guided by LOVE
and they must be free to behave in any way their Higher Guidance say
when following it precisely and with the intent to learn fully the
true meaning of being one with all Creation. This is spontaneity and
the new timeline is based on this and it is the only way a war
against the darkside can ever be won.

With Much Love and Appreciation,