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a reason to be
I received this e-mail today out of the blue from someone who has read my work,
just as I get so many people seeking for some kind of answer:

\"All of us that have seen the truth. We know the world is dangerous and
full of secrets. Sometimes it feels as if there is no hope. I am fed up
with agendas that involve the abuse of innocent lives. I am fed up, it
is my last mortal straw, and standing around with a protest sign is not
good enough. Though must I lift a finger to dissolve the, \"New World
Order?\" Or will the world know Truth and find peace by 2013? Because I
know that there are evil intentions out there, attempting even to alter
our DNA, \'thus stumping us to stay in this current state of living,
bringing further more support to the hidden agenda. I do not want to
live in a world that will never know peace. If the world continues with
the way it is, completely ignorant, cowardice, and powerless of True
Nature, then I do not want to be a part of it any longer. Is there a way
to stay true our destiny of CHANGE? I\'m not rich, and I live in a
polluted and chemically influenced environment. Will I be condemned? Be
honest. I hope there is a simple and easy solution. As my only hope, is
the physical vibrations of love, extending from my atoms to the vastness
of the universe. I do not experience these things for the benefit of
others, for in the end, there is only self. Jack\"

What Guidance had me tell him was very blunt but to the point. Since
this was all about him, then pretty much he was f**ked anyway. I don\'t
know for sure but when I ask Guidance I get an overwhelming \'Yes\' that
there\'s something in the chemtrails that also makes us all a little more
lethargic. I feel it and am not ashamed to admit it, not that Guidance
would ever let me sit on my butt for very long and do nothing about

It\'s hard to get up and give a damn, and as life gets tougher and
tougher there has to be a better reason for going through hell then
just surviving. A few days ago Sue Ann and I watched The Pianist again,
Adrien Brody\'s Oscar-winning performance of a Polish pianist going
through the holocaust. Can music be a reason to live even when you can\'t
make the music you love so much? What keeps one man alive and going
through such a nightmare when most others would perish?

Guidance has always told me that\'s what\'s to come would be hell, and its already
shaping up that way that so much focus and energy has to be put on just
surviving that there\'s little time for anything else. Human communications are
being shut down in every way, shape and form and the government is listening in
anyway so what\'s the real point? We\'re all terrorists in this New World Order
because that gives them a reason to control us and keep us subdued \'for our own

So what reason is there to go on living? I get a lot of people
expressing the wish not to go on living since they can\'t be or do or
have the things they want any more, and their lives just aren\'t the fun
they want them to be.

Now, I know the answer to this question for me, not that I haven\'t
yelled at Guidance to get me out of this damn place a thousand times
over the past dozen years or so, through the worst times of fighting
this war, and I know I\'ll probably do it some more before the whole
thing ends, but what\'s your reason? What the heck do you have to do
coming up that is so important as to make you stay? If you were Jewish
and living in 1935 Poland and someone told you what was about to happen
there, what would you do? what choice to stay or go would you make? and
knowing what eventually happened, would it have been worth it?

Think about it.

In service, Peter