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a shifting planet - feeling pregnant?
Feeling pregnant when you wake up in the morning? Queezy, woozy, drunk? All the feeling centered around your stomach? Digestion moving a little slower than it used to? Any of this start sometime around Monday after the latest timewave? Well you're not alone. Know how lying down always makes sea-sickness feel worse and how it's better to stand up when feeling that way? That's why after laying down for 8 hours at night on a shifting, moving, swaying planet one wakes up feeling 'out of sorts'.

Guidance was just saying to me last night before bed that I don't 'realize' how soon everything's going to shift. Guess that's why the dreams last night were of magma plumes erupting outside of town, watching the foundations wash away from beneath buildings ( a real metaphor for all of us now of having our foundations being washed away) and other such major upheavals in all our lives.

As it details in my dream book, catastrophes in our dreams usually relate to our own personal lives and very few people have 'prophetic dreams' of