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A Spiritual Primer Lessons 1-12


From the Spiritual Hierarchy

Through Peter Farley

for Marie ?with gratitude

Lesson 1: How to Change

by Peter Farley

Probably no one knows more how difficult it is to change than I. You could say I 'wrote the book' on it.

Six or seven weeks ago before I left San Diego to do gridwork in Florida I was working with one of the group who Guidance was adamantly telling her she needed to look into getting a new car. Attached as we all are to the old ways of dealing with life i.e., using our mind to figure out what we think is best for us given our limited circumstances, she baulked at doing it. Upon returning to San Diego today it was the first thing I heard that so-and-so had had a car accident and her car had been totaled. A little worse for the lesson, so-and-so has begun looking into getting a new car to replace the old one she was so so attached to.

There is a spiritual law that if we are attached to anything, Spirit will take it away from us to show us we don't NEED it. We can have almost anything our heart's desire, as long as we do not get attached to things. This blocks the whole flow of things into and out of our lives. It works with people as well as 'things'.

If you stop for one minute and imagine this state of having everything you NEED without the worry and pain of attachment to it, what would it be like? The hardest lesson I had to learn in my training was that it is a bountiful Universe and that Spirit and Guidance want better for me than I want for myself. Holding things to us, smothering them as the big hulking character Lenny does in Steinbeck's classic novel 'Of Mice and Men', only seeks to leave us without them.

Attachment is what stops the flow of everything good into our lives and leaves us with a sense of lack and of not being loved. Surrendering to the flow only brings us proof everyday of how much it is we are loved.

The Highest Order of Masters is the Order of the Varagi -- Varag meaning 'detachment'. Detachment does not mean you do not love or have passion for life, in fact you have ten times, a thousand times, more passion and caring because you are not trying to control the river (Spirit) and bend it to your Will. As New Orleans found out and many, many more cities and countries will find out soon, this does not work. To go with the flow, to work WITH Nature rather than trying to harness her, to be a vehicle FOR Spirit, not a manipulator OF Spirit, is the way life really works to everyone's highest purpose.

If true spirituality were easy, every one of us would be Masters already and would not need to be here in the flesh; however, Spirit gives people the lessons THEY NEED not the lessons they want.

I have not found one 'spiritual giant' that got where they are by any other means than by surrendering to this process of being a co-worker with Mother Nature, with Spirit, with their own highest Guidance.

This is the very same Guidance most people say they cannot hear simply as an excuse because they are not yet ready to surrender their own will for something better in their lives.

We can all go on learning lessons eternally in the manner 'so-and-so' is doing, as I once did, as everyone I see is trying to do, or we can understand the process and surrender our will to that Higher purpose and ease into the flow of things where our will works in co-operation with the Higher Will for everybody's higher good. When Guidance says do something, is it not for everyone's highest good?

Will you be left without for giving, for surrendering, for not feeling attached to that petty little something you think you hold so dear? Can you really ever own another person's Being? Let it or them go and like the butterfly we hear so much of, find out how good it feels to see it coming back to you in ways you never thought possible.

Exercise 1: Practice releasing attachment to at least one thing each and every day and watch for the spiritual signs of what Spirit really thinks you should have and how much better it is for you. Until you too are ready to surrender all your will to Spirit, take daily steps to show IT you really, really care.
L and BW, Peter


Lesson 2: How to Wake Up
by Peter Farley

Waking up is simply a realization of the truth that surrounds us in every minute of the day--the fact that Life makes no sense unless perceived with the aid of a good solid clarifying spiritual perspective.

It would be easy to sit down here and write about the chaos that I see engulfing every facet of life as I travel back and forth across the country, but the only thing that's going to help anyone get through the veil of fear and the difficult times ahead is taking the now vital steps to understand what's going on from a higher spiritual perspective.

1. This starts with you doing your homework. I have never made any money on writing the books Guidance has had me write. They have in fact been a financial burden in terms of the time and money it costs to sit down and write them, but as one member of the group shared recently,

"Hi Peter, I have really enjoyed the first two volumes of your book Tree of Life. It?s probably the most concisely written account of the history of humans. I would like to order the rest of them on CD-ROM. Thanks, Jason." [The first two volumes are free in the files section of the group, on my website and various other places]

Their true value has been in helping me understand the nature of the work I am doing in freeing up earth's magnetic grid and assisting with the healing of the Creator Parents involved. Along the way, they also help make sense of any student's worst nightmare ? human history.

The fact is that your entire history is in there somewhere, as well as that of your spiritual parents, the very archetypes of the life you are living/manifesting here on planet Earth in this single
lifetime and in all the lifetimes you have manifested somewhere in this SuperUniverse.

I am off very soon to finish the last two volumes so that the 9 volume set is as complete as it can be to share with you the outline of a very actively changing and healing Creation such as no one else can or ever will be able to share with you. Because I have been a party to something beyond description, Guidance has tried to bring you into it and share it with you through the writings over the years.

This is the grandest time in all of Creation, a time for celebration and a time for buckling down and getting serious about the work YOU agreed to come here to do so that as much healing can take place before the time comes when we have to begin anew.

2. The second aspect of 'waking up' is realizing you are probably not human, and that the lies put forth by the New World Order organizations that tell you you are are only meant to enslave you. As you will find scattered throughout the writings 72 percent of Earth's population is not human, they simply manifest holographic forms here that have a resemblance to the human forms we feel to be normal.

Stopped at a fast food restaurant yesterday in Palm Springs, CA, a tall gangly gentlemen with a distinctively alien face hobbled in with a bent and crooked body which only reflected the true alien 'morphogenetic form' which lay beneath it. His body fit him like an ill-fitting suit of clothes, as it often does feel to most of us unused to having a physical form of this type and size.
People in my audiences immediately KNOW what type of Being they are just from my mentioning of some of the myriad types I have worked with. It just makes sense of who and what they are and the things they know and sense inside themselves. More than anything, it helps them understand why they have always felt they do not belong.

Knowing you are or are not human allows you to move beyond the limitations imposed upon you by the thought that you and everyone else is human. It also helps free you from the thought that you have to conform to a particular weight and size and look that Madison Avenue dishonestly convinces you you should have. It frees you to stop judging others by the NWO's false standards for living.

The image to keep in mind is that of a Star Wars Bar, and tens and tens of thousands of different types of Being coming together in a melting pot of planet Earth. That is the true nature of what's really taking place --or as you can see all around you from the racial intolerance and genocide infecting our species . . . not taking place . . . indeed, not melting together.
It doesn't take more than a few minutes of working with anyone on this concept before they begin 'seeing' the various shapes and types of Beings coming in and out of any well-trafficked spot. Does it make sense now why everybody's favorite sport is people watching? Who could have ever imagined that that 7' 3" basketball player and that midget could have come somewhere long ago from the same mother, let alone from some proto-typical amoeba walking out of the pond.

3. Last but not least, the major aspect of waking up is finding deep down inside yourself that something that made you agree to come to planet earth at this time and in this form. Something there was in you that said ?I want to come here and help in this the most difficult and challenging time the Earth has ever faced. Lessons be damned! I chose to serve!?

Ask yourself what was it that made you CHOOSE to come here to be of assistance at such a trying time. Search deep within yourself for that something you've always known but never could quite put into words, that something that said 'I am special', 'I have special gifts that will aid in freeing this Universe from the terrible grip of darkness that threatens to snuff out all life and any sense of Freedom'.

Then get out of your victim state. Stop being a Finding Nemo-type seagull with your 'Mine, Mine, Mine' mentality, and get out there and help.

And along the way, remember to say thank you for this the greatest opportunity your soul will ever get to be that someone special who aided Creation in its darkest hour of need.

And have some fun doing it. Sometimes memories are all we have to live on when the going gets the roughest.

The Spiritual Hierarchy thanks you for your choice to come and help serve.

L and BW, Peter

Exercise 2: Read The Multi-faceted Crystal Universe article from the Files section of my yahoo group-[printing it out helps] Then tomorrow have your morning coffee at a Starbuck's (or some populous place) and see how many different kinds of Being you can recognize.


Lesson 3: Finding your own mission
Or What the heck AM I doing here? by Peter Farley
Recently, I have had to be involved with a number of people who are not working, either because of early retirement or being on disability, etc. It was very noticeable how being out of the mainstream flow of life effected their ability to maintain any sense of 'normalcy'.

If true spirituality is being in the flow or central current of a fast-moving stream, then most people are hanging out on the periphery of that flow, getting caught up in the pools and eddies and backwash of that stream. For these people who choose to be away from any form of contact with that flow it is like being out of the water all together. It takes an amazingly strong person to be away from the flow and still maintain their own personal balance, and very few of us can do it.

Very few people do not gain in their awareness or spiritual growth from being around other people. And very few people I have worked with over the years are simply here for their own spiritual growth.

In The Only Planet of Choice, the Council of Nine (yes, the good ones) say that only as few as 2 to 3 percent of souls coming to this planet ever complete their missions. And my Guidance says it is often less than that.
Perhaps this is because for most of us, the 'Lightworkers' or more spiritually advanced Beings, our missions involve coming back to planet Earth to assist other people, not what a lot of 'spiritual' paths preach. For the New Age religions it's all about personal spiritual growth and not about assisting others and the spiritual awareness gained and the spiritual medals earned from doing this.

Thus most of us are looking in the wrong direction while the missions we chose in coming here lie directly below our feet. In fact almost everyone I've ever worked on in the healing room or thru the Net have in some way already been doing their missions or at least, with the times to come, honing their skills for when they are needed later on in this lifetime.

The biggest problem is that we don't see the skills we have acquired over so many numerous lifetimes that can be used to service the grander spiritual needs of Creation. We all think we have to be martyrs or public figures, when in truth the great spiritual workers are usually behind the scenes of what's taking place. Skills such as organizing, facilitating, bringing others together, even cleaning can be and often is a spiritual skill never really appreciated as such.

No one ever sent an army of soldiers out to fight a war without any kind of support personnel. Neither does Spirit.

When thinking about your own mission [channeling your own mission is a series of articles in the messages section of the group]first remember, just Being here and Being awake is one of the greatest gifts we can give because Spirit works through people, especially those who are awake.

Second is that anything you do to assist others in their time here on the planet or in acquiring some real-time awareness is part of Being a Master.
Third, look at the various skills you take for granted that make you so good at anything you like to do and do well. How could they best be used to serve Spirit's mission in helping as many to be free as will wake up in this time?
I have always made the offer to help anyone understand their mission if they will e-mail me with that request []. Understand, however, that not everyone is ready to here their missions. If I had known where my mission would take me I doubt that at that time I would have had the strength to go through with it.

Missions are very rarely 'go here, do this'. Spirit/Guidance usually wants to see you walking the path before it shows you much more. As one door along the path opens, more of the mission is shown. The further you walk, the bigger and clearer the picture gets.

Keep that in mind and do not seek to see the end when you have not begun taking the steps and building the foundation so very necessary to doing your full mission here in this lifetime.

Next, think for awhile about the fact that everything you are and everything you have ever done in every past lifetime is all to lead you to this point in Eternity when all that you are and all that you know and everything you can do is needed to help overcome the darkness spreading like a cancer across Creation.

And as They say in The Only Planet of Choice, "What's it going to be like going through Eternity knowing that the lifetime that really counted you didn't step up to be counted?"

And lastly, learn to channel your own mission, for no matter what anyone tells you about it, no one can answer all the questions you have except that Guidance with whom you worked out your current mission in the first place. Also it is They who will help keep you on track as you walk that path, as Sue Ann's Guidance says in this brief channeling:

Dear One,
We love you, we are you. We know it's hard for you to trust yourself/US. It's easier for to trust the untrustable, others. We know what makes you happy.

Yes, you've been betrayed and have betrayed yourself. Trust again as you did when you were a baby, trust US again, your true guardians. Be happy with US. We know you, we are you. Look at the alternative, fear and uncertainty and all the thing you dispose the most. Just do it, trust and be happy. Your people have been bound up tight with interest, legal issues, laws, etc. until there is no freedom from the fear of loss of freedom and poverty. That has been the plan and it has worked beautifully. All of you are scared to death to even breathe. Trust US, We'll walk you through this tangled mess of laws and punishments.

Freedom and happiness are what you and everyone should have easy access to. Stay in your heart, ask US often, listen through your heart. Trust what you feel there. Ask yes and no questions. Vision being happy in the future as well.
Love, Your, US

L and BW, Peter

Exercise 3: Do the channeling with your own Guidance with this simple, easy to use exercise:

Channeling and Your Own Mission --
The following simple technique is how I have taught so many to successfully channel their own Higher Self or Guidance, correctly, the first time and every time that fear does not get in the way:

I am writing to tell you about a way to channel. It is called the "Dear One technique". First, I would suggest going to a quiet area where you can sit comfortably in a relaxed state, somewhere where you won't be bothered.

Then, either on paper or set up on the computer in a Microsoft Word program or something, write "Dear One," Whomever your guidance comes from is referring to you as the "Dear One". From there, begin writing whatever message comes through you however you receive it. Do not stop and judge the message, and do not try to edit or spell correctly or anything. This is the other half of the mind (the analytical side) trying to be in control. All that can be done when you are finished. Keep writing whatever you are getting and do not stop until your Guidance signs off.

You may need to start out with something like, "The most important thing for you to know right now is. . ." to get you started. Your mind may try to get in the way or you may get flustered. Do not think about things. Do not question. Do not wonder if you are doing it right. The best motto for this is 'Just do it'. If something happens to stop you, just start over again by writing "Dear One," and then continue. When you are finished, you may channel a closing such as "With Great Love" and then channel the name of the Being or Beings you are channeling. If you do this once or twice daily, it should become more comfortable to do within a very short time.

Always COMMAND that only those who are for your highest good and those who serve the Highest be allowed to channel through you. Some may channel their Higher Self, that part of them connected to every other Soul and to the Creator Itself. Some have more specific missions to channel messages for or from the planet, for specific groups of beings on the planet, or for the Lightworkers as a whole.

To strengthen your own innate talents of doing this, ask your Guidance for an answer whenever you have a decision to make anytime or all of the time throughout the day. Should I wear blue or green today? Should I go this way or that way to work? Should I go to McDonalds or Wendy's for lunch? Should I have the chicken or the hamburger?

If you can even get just a yes or no answer to such questions, with time, you will be able to deal with any situation that confronts you by simply asking Guidance. Constant practice builds the ability to hear, see, and to trust.
Guidance will rarely ever ask you to do something which is not a part of your spiritual makeup. You always have the right and should eventually learn to challenge whatever you are getting by asking/commanding THREE times "In the name of the Highest, is what I am getting correct?

Yes, there are other entities out there that like to play games, but you are not trance channeling and as long as your intent is pure, nothing should ever be able to bother you.

I am always here personally to help individually with this task until you get comfortable with it. Most people I work with get upwards of 90% correct the first times they do this. I would be happy to let you know the results of your initial efforts should you so wish. Some of you out there have specific messages for this group and some others around you relating to the talents/skills/mission you have brought into this lifetime. I can also help you with this should you see fit to ask for this kind of assistance.
Above all, Enjoy! Laugh and Be Well,


Lesson #4: Finding and Maintaining Balance
By Peter Farley
The word ?equilibrium? is often used as a synonym for balance. Equilibrium, however, implies two aspects of balance maintained in their place by a third point or fulcrum. Simply said, it is the male and female aspects of Creation maintained in their particular state of balance by a pivotal point?in this case, the third or neutral force in the Universe, Spirit.
A spiritually-aware woman in the 4truthseekers Yahoo group sent me an e-mail recently in which she included these words: ?I am being told, you are a pivotal point in the re-creation of this new 5th world earth . . .? This is not because I am anyone special, but rather because even though Spirit has me often go to extremes in what I must do to assist people or the planet in this its hour of need, I always use my connection to the Spiritual Hierarchy to act as a counter-balance to whatever Guidance has asked me to do.
Recently, Guidance had me reply to an invitation to join a ?channelings? group by characterizing the Beings channeled in that group as to whether or not they were connected with the true Light, sitting on the fence, or connected or being used by the dark side ?knowingly or unknowingly.
Out of the ethers came an e-mail from a person I did not know questioning my ?ability? to so characterize such well-known New Age channelers and entities. Even though Guidance had been absolutely correct in categorizing these people and entities, the whole purpose of having me do this as I found out was to connect me up with this particular person.
Many times lately I have been led to work with someone who, the same as myself, has had a very strong connection with the dark side in many past lifetimes. The point of the re-connecting with them has been to offer them, as I was once offered, the chance to make up for our past lifetimes by helping to correct things here in this one.
Many times in my work Guidance has had me mention Edgar Cayce?s suggestion that so many of us were co-opted into using our powers and abilities for the dark side at the sinking of Atlantis. Some of us just did it out of sheer lust for power. His idea is, however, that most of us are now back here with the chance to make different choices at the rising of Atlantis, thereby finding the balancing of our past karmic debt.
How much we are loved that Spirit would go to almost any length to give us another chance. How sad it is that so few people actually take advantage of this new opportunity to correct that which we have done in the past. How little they understand how many tens of thousands of lifetimes it may be before we get such an opportunity again since this is the end of a grand grand cycle of time and of healing.
Balance is not so much maintaining that center all the time, but instead it is being able to use Spirit or our Guidance to counterweight that which we are being asked to do in this so important lifetime. So many of my clients over the past ten years have heard me say that karma is suspended here in this lifetime if you are doing what you came here to do. This lifetime is not about karma, unless it is the karma of ?not doing what we came here to do?. Many spiritual paths know and teach that anything done in the name of the true Light and Sound of the Creator does not bring karma.
Balancing the male and female within us or the left and right sides of the brain comes only by using the catalyst or fulcrum of the Spiritual World.

All of us have had the experience of trying to maintain a balance by thinking or using just the two elements without using the third. And it has not worked, has it.
According to the Council of Nine, ?There is One, of the highest order, that is the purest of light, that is a composite of all, that creates all. Each soul in the whole Universe came directly from the true Creator, so each soul is imbued with this energy . . . Love is God. And it is love that creates the energy which feeds God?and makes God . . . God is . . . unified, infinite intelligence, supported with pure love . . .?
Man?s history is a search to replace what is seen as the lost connection to the FATHER, that balancing force that can reunite the fragments of our original selves. This struggle has only been because of a lack of knowledge of the fact that we truly are parts of the larger Oneness of God, and can never really be separated. Some of this connection was stripped from us by our Annunaki alien ?parents? along with our 12-strand DNA. Some of it as been suppressed by the implants many of us carry within our bodies that limit our ability to re-connect to our own Oneness, our Higher Selves trapped in the outer dimensions of the planet. The rest we have allowed to be stolen from us by the priesthood and by our politicians who have used our own lack of self-esteem to make us feel even more unworthy, and as though we really do not count. When we separate ourselves from that Ocean of Love and Mercy in which we feel the direct connection to the FATHER and to the Oneness within us, we are always seeking to return. It is all a matter of intent and self-will versus the Higher Will.
It has been said that ?Man is never closer to God than when in the arms of a woman?. As explained by the Nine, we have taken this to mean that we can reunite with this oneness through sexual intercourse, and the more sex we have the better:
?For in the moment of sexual exchange it is the one moment in your physical life when you attain the oneness of your Creator. It is that time and moment which is sought . . . (and) has debased the purpose of sex . . . And because the founders of religion knew the truth of this returning, and did not wish the masses to attain it also, they forbade it, and thereby made it dominant.?
It is the uniting of the two energies of male and female with the neutral force of the FATHER (LOVE/spiritual connection) that can make us whole again. This, however, needs to be done within our own beings, each and every one of us, for we cannot find HIM outside ourselves, nor through any other person as so many of us try to do. So the first step to achieving this is self responsibility. The second step is to find that balance by going within, for we are never really separated from the FATHER.
Guilt and fear and judgement are the three factors most used against the human race by those who would seek to enslave it and keep it always out of its balanced state. They keep us off balance by making us feel guilt for what it is we do, fearful for what may come if we do, and judgement, self and otherwise, for everything everyone does not realizing the diversity of Mankind and the need for individual experiences. The Catholic Church gets its powers from the doctrine of original sin, when the word ?sin? simply means ?without?. There is no sin; there is only the Universal Law of Balance or ?the reaping of what you sow?. This idea of maintaining balance in one?s life is expressed in The Philokalia:
?For these reasons every man should make it his whole concern to guard his senses and his thoughts, so as not to devise or do anything that does not seem to be in accordance with God?s will. Let him prepare himself patiently the things that befall him at the hands of men and demons, whether these things are pleasant or unpleasant. Neither the one nor the other should excite him or make him give way either to senseless joy and presumption, or to dejection and despair.
?Such a person knows that nothing in life is unchangeable, and that all things pass. Thus he is not troubled, or anxious about any of them, but leaves all things in the hands of God . . . (cf. 1 Pet. 5: 7)?
In service, Peter
Lesson #4 Exercise
?The universe was not set up to have an imbalanced opposition which fundamentally broke the norms and laws of the Universe. The imbalanced opposition arose because some Being somewhere made an error?which is not so bad in itself, for errors do arise. The erring Being then omitted to acknowledge what it had done: his was the major error.?
So say the Nine, and fortunately, they also offer suggestions as to how to deal with the presence of negativity in our lives, negativity that creates imbalance, to which the author and the Spiritual Hierarchy have also added a couple of their own:
? Always look for the golden light. Those angels working for evolution always radiate a golden light.
? Accept the negativity within you, and permit it to be dispersed with this recognition; if you thereby come to know your fears, this can be useful negativity.
? The opposition works through the emotions?release your fears to your own higher power and let them be dissolved. If you can consciously connect to your spiritual guides or angels, then you have an even greater power?coming into knowledge and truth does not make your path easier for to be in service is also to pay dearly for that right to serve.
? Respect them if they create difficulty for you. With your mind see yourself from the ground to your head being swept with Divine love, Light, and the FATHER?s joy in you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Because of the Law of Non-intervention, THEY cannot help you if you do not ask.
? Do not blame yourself when you have erred, but make a position to not repeat it. Always function from the center of your being, in integrity. What is important is to attain a state of being in which you cannot view yourself with dislike. Also it is important that honesty is functional.
? Do not take on anything or anyone you know you do not have the strength to pull away from.
? Forgive yourself. . . Each one of us needs to use our personal sovereignty to re-join the human race, from a background of decision and commitment. Love starts with ourselves. The way to start loving ourselves is to omit doing things which make us dislike ourselves.
? And always remember: There are those upon Planet Earth that were created by ?the opposition?.


Lesson #5: Getting Off the Fence
By Peter Farley

The basic understanding people need right now is that there is a war taking place in Creation between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness up unto almost the highest levels and dimensions of the Universes. We are all a part of this war whether we like it or not. The only choice we have is whether we want to be part of the forces of the Army of Light, or victims, dupes or cannon-fodder for the forces of the Dark.
Early on when I first began this particular mission of mine Guidance told me it was too late to save the planet, but that there were a whole lot of High Light-workers sitting on the fence who I could help.

Well along the way we helped save the planet. I haven't been so successful at helping many Light-workers get off their fences though. It's the most difficult thing to do. The New World Order has known only to well how to stop that happening. They've had lots of practice on tens of millions of planets before this one.

They've programmed us all too well. They've hooked us into a Matrix so well that we think we can't survive without it. Along the way they've added a few other small things to act as anchors to stop us should we think of hopping down and doing what it is we all came here to do. Some small little things such as denial, fear, self-will, and the idea that spirituality is all about being out of the body soul travelling the higher dimensions.
My favorite cartoon is one of the old Far Side ones where a new angel is sitting on a cloud looking bored. In the dialogue bubble coming from his lips are the words "I wish I'd brought some
Religion teaches us that spiritual evolution is all about getting to the point where we get ascend to some place to spend eternity with God hanging out ?I guess playing Scrabble or some other cosmic board game. Worse still is the unbelievable concept introduced into Christianity in the first millennia that we get to do it in this old, worm-eaten body which will ascend at the proper time manifesting some idyllic time of our lives ? Whatever that would that be? 11, 18, 35? Which age would you choose? Or do you even have that choice?
In Eckankar, as with most spiritual teachings taken over and co-opted by the darkside, as everything is on this planet, people sit around talking about being the Master, instead of being the Master as its originator Paul Twitchell tried to tell them. I remember one story the Living Eck Master told about a chela/student who wanted to help by taking on some of the load of the master. The next day that person was flat on their back unable to get out of bed.
So where is the glory, where is the reward, where is the benefit of doing all this tough spiritual work and training, just to have to work even harder ?and usually for those who cannot or will not
appreciate one iota of what it is you do?
Therein lays the answer to today's lesson about getting off the fence. Each and every one of us have to find that something within ourselves which helps us decide to forgo any type of recognition, to risk the possibility of losing family, friends and loved ones, and to possibly surrender even our very lives in order to serve the Higher Will, and for what purpose?
There is no answer to this one, folks, for this truly is one each and every one of us has to find for ourselves. All I can do is share my own story and see if it resonates with something going on
deep within you:
My life was a Groundhog Day of selfishness, loss and new beginnings over and over again, the same lessons coming around over and over again, never finding resolution. What did I have to lose? Well I never knew what there was to lose until I stepped up and fought back against overwhelming odds to get off my fence and do the proverbial `dance'. And I lost more than I ever thought I had.

As one man who recently came to see me from Venezuela said, "The best warrior is the one with the fewest attachments." And he was right. I do not have most of what any of you have. Then again my mission is not your mission. I cannot say to you to give up what you have to do this work because I do not have the things you have ? or at least the `things' you think you have. As I always tell people, `I'd rather be watching football.'
All I know is that, after working with thousands of people from around the world in person or online, every one of us, every one of those thousands of people all had something inside them saying `This is what I must do! Time is running short and I came here for a Higher purpose, not just to live a meaningless life of acquiring things, seeking out new ways of filling in my time, and struggling to make the daily bread.' This is the thing that will either drive you to get off your fence or not. How loud that still small voice within you is can be the only thing that makes you get down off your fence and not get back up on another one. Every spiritual path has the metaphor of the cliff and the student making a figurative `leap of faith' from that cliff, just like Indiana Jones once did. There is no guaranteed support for you in the physical and lower worlds except from your own personal Guidance and your own sense of knowingness. Therefore you're probably crazy if you do get off the fence, but then again, ask yourself ?What have you got to lose?
It all comes down to that thing which once helped give me the realization to act or forever regret not acting: It is what the Nine say in The Only Planet of Choice: Ask yourself what's it going to be
like going through Eternity knowing that the lifetime that really counted, you didn't step up to bat?"

In Service, Peter


Lesson #6 The 5-Minute Drill
By Peter Farley

The wildfires in California, the floods in New Orleans and the Carolinas, the hurricanes in the Midwest, the earthquakes in any other place; all give us reason to have a 5-minute drill down pat,
both in our heads and in our physical existences. If this preparation is not for what is going on right now, at least it will come in handy for what may be to come in your area soon.
In watching all these events on television one is continuously struck by the message over and over again that so often these people had 5 minutes of less to get in and get out of their houses with whatever was most important to them. It's a great lesson in the non-attachment phase of our spirituality, what is most important to us. For some, those who are attached to the past, it's the photo albums. For some attached to the future it's the important paperwork. Still others grab the pets and the kids and make a run for it and thank themselves lucky if they all survived.
A couple I know in Roswell have all their camping gear and some food stored in wooden ammunition chests so that in case of an emergency these can be picked up in a second, loaded into the back of the car and they have everything they need to survive, at least for a while.
They'll probably survive longer than most if the emergency goes on for more than a few days. That is if they can get out of town on choked freeways and major access roads. It's a good idea to have some type of storage device like this handy for the times to come when change may be drastic and very, very immediate. A `different' way out of town to that most people will take is also worth considering; as well as where the heck would you go?
A few years back after warning people not to be in Florida during the Fall of 2004, Guidance led me to be there during that Fall to experience a time of major crisis, in this case the four hurricanes that ravaged so many disparate parts of the state. Grocery store shelves emptied in a day and a half. Freeways that normally come to a standstill during peak hour traffic were totally inadequate to handle millions of people all trying to head for safety at once. It was only the moment-to-moment Guidance we have worked with for so long that led us safely through that time in relative ease and comfort as opposed to what so many were also going through.
On 9-11 in Roswell, NM, more than 2,000 miles from New York City and the center of what was taking place, people were fighting each other to fill their tanks with gasoline at the first sign of
Many years ago Guidance warned that cities would become cancers during the time before 2012 and the chaos that would set in. We can read this in Billy Meier's Henoch prophecies, in the prophecies of the Native American Elders and many, many more. Joseph Smith had the
Mormons practicing for this time to come for more that a hundred and fifty years. What does your Guidance say to you about making a few concrete plans to deal with what is to come?
Recently I have seen many people leaving the United States for the relative safety of Central and South America, people trying to band together to form some type of communal group that could possibly co-exist in times of major trouble.
During the 1970s I had the experience of living on a kibbutz in Israel to see just how such a thing might work. Even then there were difficulties. If you know of the communal settlement in Scotland
known as Findhorn, they had some measure of success in this type of living because they had a central feed from Spirit in the form of Eileen Caddy's channeling.
Those of us who are scheduled to come back here to help rebuild the planet after it rises fully into the 5th dimension will have just such issues to face all over again. How do we rebuild a society from scratch, but not the same old one that has never served anyone but the slave-masters? How do you build a higher dimensional civilization that works?an education system? A legal system? A food-supply system? The nice thing will be that we will by then be able to `see' our former friends in the Pleiades and other friendly star systems, so we will have some help along the way. But can we do it better, unlike anything ever done before? Can we build something befitting our role as the crown jewel of planets in any of the other Universes?
Just some things to think about as you begin to go through your days and the chaos that is gradually over-taking us all.
Exercise #6 Make a list of what you would take with you if given only 5-minutes to get into your house, get what you NEED, and leave. Time yourself doing it sometime. Divide up the chores among the possibly present members of your family. Then add or rewrite your list and find ways to cut down the time so it is 5-minutes or less ? in and out. Take a look at the attachments that this exercise brings out in you. Deal with them if you so choose. Remember: The only thing you can take with you into ascension is the lessons you've learned here on Earth and the spiritual growth you have made. All else is an anchor that can and will hold you back when the time
comes if you allow.
In service, Peter
Lesson #7 A Little Light-work
BY Peter Farley
I recently received a request for assistance from a gentleman who started his e-mail this way: ?Greetings, My name is Grant, and I rarely have a chance to check this list, my unread email total over ten thousand in this address alone.?
It brought up memories of a ?Light-worker? who spent her days reading the hundreds if not thousands of e-mails from all the yahoo and other groups she belonged to. Unfortunately there were 3 weeks worth of dishes in the sink with fruit flies buzzing around them, a science experiment growing in the refrigerator, the five-year old son was walking around in wading boots because he had no shoes, and like an old Route 66 hotel room, the odor of stale marijuana and cigarettes permeated everything inside the four walls.
Then there?s the ?Light-worker? who chased down every one who owed her a penny while herself owing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. And the ?higher initiate? I worked with who knew he was responsible for creating the technology the aliens use to suck the life-force out of the children they ?harvest.? Last I saw him he was giving a talk on ?Grace? to a ?spiritual group?, but had not accepted Spirit?s offer to help him undo that which he had created. [The funny thing about Grace is that one has to accept it when it is offered. He never mentioned that part in his talk.] The list goes on an on. The excuses I?ve heard range from ?I have to get my Soul Mate before I?ll do my work? all the way down to ?I have to take care of my dogs ?they need me first.? When it comes to Light-workers, I always plan on doing the work alone, just in case . . . and usually that?s the way it ends up happening. It?s kind of like Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama always talking about love, and making lots of money for their pretty words too. One recent event I was at the lady knew she needed help. Her home was a shrine to the Dalai Lama, yet every time she went near him she was so drained of her energies she had to take to her bed for days. She kept blaming it on her own inability to ?deal with his vibration,? even though her sense of those around him was so very much that they were reptilian.
The problem with the Matrix [?core- mother?] we live in and the Light-workers is that every one of us likes to say ?well the matrix is a lie . . . well, except that is for this little part or that little part?, whatever it is we?re personally attached to. Light-work is all about being responsible for one?s self, standing in one?s own Power, and helping others. Yet every Light-worker I see wants to bring in their past saviors from this religion or that religion?the old slave paradigm of control trying to infect the new paradigm of endless Freedom.
A few years ago Guidance had me write a list of the alien affiliations of the politicians in the US Senate and House of representatives. I also did it for the Australian government for one Aussie lady. A week ago Guidance had me separate a list of ?New-Age? channelers into those that are bogus, those that are ?for real?, those that are sitting on the fence or being manipulated, and those who were just downright dark. Pissed off a few people, yes. But these are the very same ?gods? and saviors of the New Age religion who people so easily give their home-grown power away to so, so easily. I?ve rarely seen a High Light-worker I?ve dealt with who is not far, far higher than those they look around them. Light-workers make good batteries for charging the darkside ?vampires?.
Ever wonder why the New Age section in Barnes and Noble has so many books in the section on Wicca/Black Magic/ Tarot [based on Freemasonic symbolism] etc? We?re so caught up in the past that most of us will never, never show up to the battlefield when it comes to the current crisis facing us. We?ve ALL been on the darkside. We?ve all dabbled with the only true battle taking place in Creation ?that of Power vs Love. And yes we?ve all fooled ourselves into believing that what we do is ?Light-work? when in fact it?s only for our own self-edification or to satisfy the need we have to justify our very powerful state of denial.
Once again, the Council of Nine from the Only Planet of choice have a nice way of putting things: ?. . . obedience doesn?t sacrifice free will, it in fact promotes it because you don?t give obedience that importance . . . Conscience arises as a result of having erred . . . we (in this Universe) have now developed a habit, an addiction to error. . . Perversely, further error makes previous errors more comfortable to live with. . . we might feel helplessly impelled to step into yet further error, since not doing so implies facing up to all the previous errors. . . it is we who need to forgive ourselves . . . the real importance is the exercise of free will in obedience.?
Why is it so hard to let go of the idea of Jesus as a savior? Or even to let go of the idea of a personal savior at all? You guessed it, it saves us from having to take responsibility for who we are, for the mission and personal spiritual growth we chose in coming here, and most of all it helps us not stand out in the crowd . . . we can be prison camp guards just doing what we?re told; we can sit on our fence more comfortably until the tide comes and paths in the West are simply made up of Christians trying to pretend they?re something else.
We?ve been taught to be tolerant of every religion and every other belief, but we?ve never been taught nor supported in saying from our deepest inner knowingness ?this person, this teaching, this path is dark. That takes courage and conviction and more strength than most any of us have.
I?ve been fortunate in my training to have taught every level of school from elementary up through University, and don?t doubt it, the education system is perhaps the biggest and most effective part of the military/industrial/educational complex known as the New World Order. There is NOTHING about it that does not at least covertly preach and teach and support peer pressure, the ability?the necessity?to conform.
There?s no judgment here about what we choose to do or not do in the days, weeks, years to come. Nobody knows better how many ways we as human beings are controlled, programmed, shut down, in attempting to do what we came here to do. Crystal Implants, biological implants, propaganda, peer pressure, ?paying the bills? ? Millennia of taking over other such planets in Creation has taught the New World Order well what works best in how to win this war. Smoke and Mirrors. And how very easily we comply.
Ask anyone who has their own personal Guidance, those who really are in contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy or the higher echelons of Guidance available to us ? none of these ?higher level? Beings wants to do anything but serve US in what we have volunteered to come here to do. There is no hint of worship and often not even any hint of reverence, just a loving fun-filled but deadly serious ?here?s the adventure ?let?s go for it ?attitude.
It?s always been a saying Guidance has had me pass along that ?you get the level of Guidance depending on your level of commitment.? Less aware people, less committed people, have the ?lower? forms of Guidance whose job it is simply to help with our own spiritual lessons here. Generals have no time for soldiers who are not here to fight.
The trick here though is that also none of these Guides will ever denigrate, lessen or deny the experience and the work we came here to do in helping stop the darkness in this, the most important lifetime of all, here at the most critical pass of all ?the pathway to the rest of Creation.
In service, Peter


Lesson #8 Pain Relief and the Power of Togetherness
BY Peter Farley
Ever notice that the largest section in the drugstore is the ?pain-reliever? aisle? Life is a pain and we all just want to ?get through? it as fast and as easily as we can. Ever heard the saying that ?pain is nature?s way of telling you there?s a problem which needs your attention??
Time and time again I have to say it, Louise Hay?s book You Can Heal Your Life is the bible of healing for it let?s you know where the energy is being blocked in your body and by what mental or emotional attitude. Everyone seems to have a copy of this book but so very few people ever use it the way it was intended. Instead we grab for the nearest ?pain-reliever? and hope to avoid looking at the problem. Think of the worst grade of school you ever suffered through. Now extrapolate that to your life and repeating that same grade over and over again, tens and tens of thousands of lifetimes into the future. Now some people liked school because they accepted the fact that they needed to learn some things in order to progress out of that unlovely grade and go on to graduate to a place where they were the sole cause and effect in their lives. For the rest of us, it was suffer through the class, avoid learning as much as we could, never realizing that lessons MUST be learned in order to progress, and that ?avoidance? only prolongs the lessons UNTIL they are learned.
The greatest release in my life came when I accepted the slogan, ?Just do it!? as my mantra. Still so much of what I have to do to fulfill my mission here on this the ?unloveliest planet of all? I do not want to do. But I ?just do it?. By the time I get to the other side I have helped a few people along the way and there is relief available to me in the form of downtime or recuperation time provided by my Guidance, and sometimes a good laugh or a genuine treat as reward for a job well done.
It?s never easy but you just do it, and as I?ve found with driving through blizzards and dust-storms and torrential rain and hail storms, if you keep on going, eventually you get ahead of the storm instead of remaining bogged down in it.
The one thing that makes it all easier is having someone to share it with. Unfortunately too many people are waiting for that ?partner? before they get to going with their work. Both Light and Sound have particle and wave properties. Bose wave sound is the pinnacle of listening appreciation. Like a tsunami that washes everything away before it, we as particles of Light and Sound work better in co-operation with others, that is when we form a wave of the many instead of being the individual particle ?trying? to get something big accomplished, something big like the overthrow of the New World Order.
What stops most of us from ever finding that partner is again we have too long taken pain relievers to avoid learning the lessons that Love has to teach us:
?True love is never the result of how another person looks, behaves, or interacts with us. It is a choice to be loving no matter how that other looks, behaves or interacts.? Neal Donald Walsche
Synergy is when the power of those working together is greater than the power of the one alone?a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts).
We would all like to think that one person can be the superhero that saves the world, but in truth it truly does take a village of superheroes all working together to get the job, job #1, done.
In service, Peter

Lesson #9 Focusing on What is Important
By Peter Farley
No matter what kind of deadline we face in life, towards the critical final phase we always need to focus all our attention and energies on what it is that must be done first and most importantly. Everything the Opposition tries to do is scatter that attention with every means at their disposal.
Attitude and attention both need to be focused on achieving the desired goal. Anyone who has any form of spiritual greatness has only achieved it by learning to focus their attention on the ?wish fulfilled?, keeping the goal in mind. When we look at the rest of humanity we see the multiplicity of things which THEY allow to sap their energies and their focus. We have many times written about the ?energy vampires? used to drain off our Light and feed it back into the darkside. All of us know people surrounding us who are like this. It?s all about them. Their words, their actions, the interplay with them, leave us drained and unable to rise to the work we have in front of us.
Nowhere is this whole situation of focus and attitude more evident than with teenagers. In assisting a friend with his project to aid teenagers in this time, the number of ways in which their focus is stolen remind me of a videogame named Blasterball where the balls pings and pongs all across the screen sometimes at incredible speeds to only be deflected by anything and everything in its way. It?s without a doubt the hardest time in Creation to be a teenager, and we are obliged to help in any way we can to get them on course because they are the future, and without them there is little or no hope for the future of this planet in terms of civilized existence. It?s a daunting task to say the least.
Seven volumes of the history of the New World Order are now complete and the final two are in the works, and it doesn?t take reading much to see, to know, how this situation has all been carefully planned to do exactly what it has done ?to disarm us, to disable us, to keep us focused elsewhere on the smoke and mirrors of unimportant things in order to keep us prisoners and lead us further into slavery.
?And consider now how delicate the machinery is growing. As life grows more complex, the machinery grows more intricate, and therefore more vulnerable. Our so-called sanctions become so infinitely numerous that each itself is frail. In the Dark Ages there was one great power?the terror of God, and His Church. Now we have a multiplicity of small things, all delicate and fragile, and strong only by our tacit agreement not to question them.? (The Morning of the Magicians)
And we do not question, do we? For if we did we might find ourselves impulsed to get up and act and that might mean doing it alone, moving ourselves out of our comfort zones and into the role of leader ?the role we contractually agreed to come here and perform and to honor in return for our own spiritual growth.
?And it is during this long period of unquestioning that Darkside has built its kingdom and stolen what was left of Free Will itself. As Kryon suggests, literally all of our responses to human suffering are being utilized as a method to manipulate our feelings by somebody who wants us to react to it for one reason or another, but react without actually doing anything about it. We are being impulsed to feel afraid, sad, helpless, bruised, desperate, and raw, and the more we respond to things we have no part of, the more we ignore things that need to be taken care of right in front of our own noses.?
While Apocalypto is a remarkable and perhaps prophetic movie on an allegorical level, the movie Blood Diamond hits us in the face with the reality of what is taking place in the world outside our comfortable living rooms, daring us to do something about it on a personal level. Unlike Hotel Rwanda it does not spare us the visual terror of what is taking place on a human level, and that has the potential of becoming a very real part of everyone?s future. If we cannot see the overwhelming hand of the New World Order in our own lives, seeing its callous and brutal hand in the lives of others can only help those who are still asleep to possibly wake up before it is all too late.
In service, Peter
The yahoo group dedicated to creating a forum where teens can dialogue and interact with one another and CONSCIOUS adults is


Lesson #10 10 Recommendations for Staying Healthy in Chaotic Times
By Peter Farley

Guidance has 10 recommendations to help pretty much all the people in the chaotic times we are now experiencing, and the worse ones to come. It is recommended that more research as to how the individual reacts to each one of these and how they should use them as part of their own regimen of health.
Not knowing specifically yet what diseases, viruses, health-challenges each of us shall face individually or as a species during the coming years, the Spiritual Hierarchy are offering these not simply as dietary additions, but rather to be taken seriously as foods and methods that WILL come in handy in fighting off specific medical challenges in the very near future. Many seem specifically addressed at the ongoing effects of the chemtrails.
? California Poppy (Eschscholtzia californica)
California Poppy is a relative of Opium poppy but contains no opiate alkaloids, and is not addictive. It has been used to help calm nerves, aid insomnia, reduce anxiety and relieve pain. It is considered to be an anti-anxiety sedative and has been shown to positively affect attention deficit disorder. It can be smoked or used in a tea and has a mild relaxing and sedative effect.
Part Used: Dried aerial parts. Constituents: Alkaloids; flavone glycosides. Actions: Nervine, hypnotic, anti-spasmodic, anodyne.
Indications: Californian Poppy has the reputation of being a non-addictive alternative to the Opium Poppy, though it is less powerful. It has been used as a sedative and hypnotic for children, where there is over-excitability and sleeplessness. It can be used wherever an anti-spasmodic remedy is required.
Preparations & Dosage: Infusion: pour a cup of boiling water onto l-2 teaspoonfuls of the dried herb and leave to infuse for l0 minutes. A cup should be drunk at night to promote restful sleep. Tincture: take l-4 ml of the tincture at night.
Recommended source: Mazatec Garden * P.O. Box 3194 * Houston, TX 77253-3194 Ph: (877) 472-5842 * Fax: (888) 453-1854 Email:

? Pure Tahitian vanilla (used to be available at Trader Joe?s inexpensively)
Traditional uses of vanilla have included its use as an aphrodisiac, carminative, antipyretic, and stimulant. Very little research has been done on its health properties, however, Guidance recommends that its use will be mainly as an antipyretic.
Antipyretics are drugs that prevent or reduce fever by lowering the body temperature from a raised state. However, they will not affect the normal body temperature if one does not have fever.
Antipyretics cause the hypothalamus to override an interleukin-induced increase in temperature. The body will then work to lower the temperature and the result is a reduction in fever.
Most are also used for other purposes. For example, the most common antipyretics in the United States are aspirin and acetaminophen, which are used primarily as pain relievers.

? Taro root, also known as "dasheen", "eddo" and "kalo" (now widely available in US supermarkets or by special ordering). Warning: Always cook it before using.
Taro root is cultivated in many areas of the world including West Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and the Caribbean and Polynesian islands. A staple among many of the people who reside in these geographic regions, taro root is most well-known as the ingredient of the Hawaiian dish "poi", which is made from steaming or boiling the taro root then mashing it into a paste. Because of the taro root's popularity with the early civilizations that inhabited Hawaii, more than 350 varieties of taro root were previously grown on the islands. However, today that number has dwindled down to seven to twelve varieties.
Taro root is a starchy tuber vegetable that looks like, and can be used similar to, a potato. It does, however, have a hairy outer coating on its surface that is similar to the coating on a coconut. Because of this, when preparing to use a taro root, the root's outer skin must first be removed. This procedure is easy to do. However, some individual's can acquire a skin irritation towards the juices that are secreted by the taro root as its skin is being removed. Therefore, to be on the safe side, when peeling a taro root's skin, use protective rubber gloves. Additionally, because taro root can be toxic in its raw state, always cook it before using.
A taro root can be grown on both dry and wet land, as in a bog. The type of taro root that is used to grow in wet lands can also grow on dry land. This is not the case, however, with the type of taro root that is cultivated to grow specifically on dry land. This dry land taro root typically has a dark purple skin and white roots. Additionally, it contains a moist flesh inside. Although taro roots are grown year round, they are typically harvested in the fall. This is because they reach their peak in maturity then.
Taro roots can be used as an alternative to potatoes. They do, however, have somewhat of a nut-like flavor when cooked. Common uses for taro roots include frying, baking, roasting, boiling, or steaming them as an accompaniment to meat dishes. They are also often used in soups or stews. Additionally, vegetarians have found the cooked taro root to be a delicious addition to meals such as antipasto salads that include endives, peppers, tomatoes, chicory, and fresh herbs. Another reason that the taro root has gained in popularity for cooking purposes is because its starch is easily digestible. Additionally, taro roots are extremely nutritious as they provide a good source of fiber, contain a high amount of protein, calcium, and phosphorus, and supply approximately 95 calories per adult serving.
To determine whether a taro root is suitable for use, make sure that the root is firm to the touch, and has hairy roots. Once you have selected your roots, you can store them in your home for up to one week provided that the roots are stored in a cool and dry location, preferably at approximately 50?F. Additionally, when storing taro roots, make sure that the roots do not dry out.
Besides purchasing taro root in its natural state to use for cooking purposes, many manufacturers have developed food products that incorporate the use of taro root as an ingredient. These include the following: taro chips, which are similar to potato chips, cookies, and vegetarian taro burgers. All these items are available for immediate consumption.

? Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing is the therapeutic application of crystals to the whole body system to effect a gentle yet transformative change. The color frequencies of light contained within the crystals assist in activating the chakras, which allows blockages in your body?s energy to be cleared. This process allows emotional wounds and trauma to be healed as fear and hurt dissolve and a state of peace is achieved.

? Sea Salt
Sea Salt gets its color from the 100+ trace minerals missing from today's diet and is a healthier natural alternative to Table Salt. Natural Salt is dried from the sun and wind only and harvested by hand. Most Sea Salt is only about 84% sodium chloride, and it's in its natural form in balance with important minerals. Sea Salt has magnesium so excess sodium is actually removed from the body when the body is done using it. (Eat salt to rid your body of salt!) Real Sea Salt is an important part of life and is actually good for us. It enhances the nutrition of the food we eat, even fresh vegetables and fruit. It is alive. It wakes up our taste buds and enhances our body. Plus it tastes so much better! People who eat (sea) salt live longer too!
Salt is a critical part of our life and health. We need salt, so cutting salt out of our diets is not the right approach. Salt is in our sweat and tears and it's in our blood and bones, literally. In our bodies, salt:
-in proper proportion to water, regulates and normalizes blood pressure.
-stabilizes irregular heartbeats.
-helps to balance blood sugar levels.
-helps us maintain energy levels.
-in combination with other essential minerals, sodium helps regulate metabolism.
-helps remove acidity from our cells and is a strong alkalinizer.
-helps our body absorb nutrients.
-enables the liver and kidneys and adrenal glands to function properly.
-helps maintain the electrolyte balance inside and outside of cells and helps the cells communicate and function properly.
-helps prevent muscle cramps, dizziness, exhaustion and convulsions.
-supports life like water and air support life
-helps flush mucus and congestion.
-helps control saliva (otherwise saliva would pour right out of our mouths while we sleep. Wait, you know someone like that? Which, by the way, if you are a salivator, it's highly likely you are not drinking enough water either! When you don't get enough water you saliva glands work in overdrive to lubricate your insides and this can, in turn, get this, lead to a double chin because the glands are so overactive! So DRINK UP!) Salt works with water to help rehydrate us!

Salt helps make strong bones and bodies.
Salt helps brain cells function properly.
Salt can help regulate sleep and can help us get a good night's sleep.
Salt is a natural antihistamine and can help relieve allergies.
Salt is necessary for proper digestion and works to eliminate digestive problems.
Salt helps build a strong immune system and prevent disease and health problems (like gout, spider veins, and more) and can help our bodies heal (from surgery, sickness, burns, mental disorders, depression, etc.) and stay healthy.
Salt is a necessary part of good health.
Our bodies are like the earth and like the oceans. Creatures living in natural ocean water would die in a mixture of Table Salt and water because it is chemically different from true Salt. Our bodies are made up of water and salt in the right proportion with a mixture of minerals, all in balance. We are created and grow in a salty (amniotic) fluid. It doesn't make sense to strip away the very essence of life from the salt and then add synthetically made minerals back. We need real natural salt in perfect balance to survive. We must replenish our bodies with pure salt and pure water daily to stay healthy. We need the balance of minerals in real natural sea salt to maintain optimal health.
Recommended reading: Your Body's Many Cries for Water
? Coconut Milk
Coconut has recently been reported to reduce the viral load of HIV. It began in September, 1996 when a PWA, Chris D. of Cloverdale, Indiana, prepaid his funeral, stopped all treatments and supplements and decided to take his last vacation in the jungles of South America. His HIV viral load was over 600,000, CD4 count was at ten and CD8 was 300. Around October 14, 1996, he began eating daily a dish of cooked coconut prepared by the local Indians. By December 27, 1996, upon returning home, his viral load was at non-detectable levels and he had gained 32 pounds and was feeling great. He then had a friend who began to eat 1/2 of a cooked coconut each day. In 4 weeks his viral load dropped from 900,000 to 350,000 and in another four weeks after adding Crixivan alone it became non-detectable. The Indians in Surinam eat cooked coconut every morning to help prevent illness.
Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is converted by the body into monolaurin. The action attributed to monolaurin is that of solubilizing the lipids, in the envelope of the virus, causing the disintegration of the virus envelope. Mary Enig, MS (Nutritional Sciences), Ph.D., has done extensive research on trans-fatty acids. She wrote that some of the pathogens inactivated by monolaurin include HIV, measles, herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus (CMV), influenza virus and pneumonovirus, as well as several bacteria. Lark Lands, Ph.D. reports in her upcoming book "Positively Well" that, in India, coconut oil is fed to calves to treat cryptosporidium. Mark Konlee in Positive Health News (Report No. 14) reports on coconut products and lauric acid research as well as how it has been reported to resolve neuropathy in a few instances.
Dr. Enig suggests a rich lauric acid diet would contain about 24 grams of lauric acid daily for the average adult. This is based on her calculations on the amount of lauric acid found in human mother?s milk. The daily amount (24 grams) could be found in about 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil or 10 ounces of pure coconut milk. About 7 ounces of raw coconut daily would contain 24 grams of lauric acid.
In his report Mark Konlee gives ideas on how to use raw coconut, coconut milk or oil. If you are allergic to coconuts, you may use coconut oil. The allergy is caused by proteins in the coconut, not the oil. He also describes other uses for coconut oil such as for skin rashes, fungal infections and plantar warts. Abram Hoffer MD in "The Facts About Fats" recommends using a certified organic coconut oil such as that distributed by Jarrow Formulas. It is made by Omega Nutrition, Bellingham, Washington, and is packaged in opaque containers.

? Water Buffalo yogurt ?
From Woodstock, VT. Buffalo milk's health benefits include higher protein and calcium levels than cow's milk, not to mention lower cholesterol. (Commonly available at Whole Foods market)

? A natural pH balancer ?
The Key to Great Health
If the body?s pH becomes acidic, it becomes harder and harder for the body to uptake other nutrients, such as minerals, vita-mins or herbs. The key is to establish the proper acid/alkaline balance of your body.* An acidic pH creates a hostile internal environment, like a raging storm, making the body struggle to get the nutrients it needs. The more acid you become, the worse you will most likely feel.

As the body?s pH comes into better balance (pH 6.4 to 7.0), it is like a sunny spring day; your body can easily assimilate minerals that were very difficult to absorb at a more acid pH. The first morning urine pH is an accurate reflection of the body?s tissue pH. Obtain a roll of pH tape to measure your own first morning urine pH.
Up to 10 to 20 Times More Oxygen
In an alkaline environment, you have abundant oxygen. As the pH of the urine drops, less and less oxygen is available to the tissues. Small changes of 1/10 to 2/10 in pH can mean 10 to 20 times more oxygen availability. Both doctors and patients report many health-benefiting results such as greater flexibility, easier breathing, faster running times, clearer mental thinking, sound sleep, etc.* ) 238-0610 ? (800) 370-3447 ? fax (512) 238-
Inner Light has a wonderful pH (or acidity) balancer.

? Irish Moss
Irish Moss is also known by the names Pearl Moss and Carrageenan. This plant is found on the Atlantic coast of both Europe and North America. Irish Moss is a seaweed that was used by the Irish during the famine of the 19th century. During the potato famine of 19th century Ireland, Irish moss saved thousands of people from starvation. It was once used as a mattress stuffing, as cattle feed, and as a thickener for colored inks used in printing. The entire plant has been used medicinally. Traditionally, use of Irish Moss was in respiratory illnesses where it was often the core of prescriptions to treat irritating coughs, bronchitis, and many other lung problems. It has been used in digestive conditions where a demulcent is called for, such as gastritis, ulceration of the stomach, and duodenum. This herb's soothing activity has also been useful for inflammations of the urinary system. It has also been used as a food in maintenance diets for diabetes patients. The primary role of this herb was in speeding recuperation from debilitating illness, especially tuberculosis & pneumonia.
Herbs such as Irish Moss and other tonic nutritive remedies have much to offer in facilitating proper recovery of health. The primary chemical constituents of Irish Moss include protein, polysaccharides, iodine, bromine, mucilage, carrageenans, beta carotene, and vitamin B-1. The extract of this plant consists of sulphated, straight chain galactans. Of these, there are two different types: a gelling fraction known as k-carrageenan, and a non-gelling fraction known as l-carrageenan. They are both composed of o-galactose and 3,6-anhydrogalactose residues with a high proportion of sulphate esters, but are differentiated by the relative proportions and the number, type and position of the sulphate esters. There is a variety of grades of different molecular weight, including a food grade which has a molecular weight of about 100,000 to 500,000.
Recent animal research has shown Irish Moss to exhibit an anti-viral property against influenza B and the mumps viruses. This research supports the traditional use of Irish Moss in such conditions. Studies have also confirmed the herb's value in treating ulcers, and to use it as an anti-coagulant. The mucilage present in Irish Moss is used in large quantities by the food industry to make jellies and as a smooth binder (adds texture and stability to ice cream, whipped cream, puddings, soups, and salad dressings). It has also been used as a thickening agent in cosmetics, and used in lotions as a skin softener and to prevent premature wrinkling.

Take two (2) capsules, two (2) times each day with water at mealtimes.
Warning: Because Irish Moss has some blood thinning properties, people taking anti-coagulating medications should avoid using this product. Long-term use, however, can decrease stomach acid and thus interfere with digestion.
Irish moss also contains many vitamins and trace minerals, including iodine, bromine, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc, pectin, B vitamins and vitamin C. It contains antiviral and antibacterial factors. Thus, those recovering from operations or illness will find it beneficial during recuperation. The Web site states that traditionally, "The primary role of this herb was in speeding recuperation from debilitating illness, especially T.B. and pneumonia."
Typical preparations come as tea, tincture or tablets made from the whole dried plant, usually in combination with other herbs.

? Apple pectin
Apple pectin helps remove radiation from the system it is available in bottles at most health food stores, flavored or unflavored. If one wishes simply to consume a lot of apples or raw, unfiltered apple juice, these are also viable alternatives.
Apple Pectin is a source of water soluble fiber which has a gel-forming effect when mixed with water. As a dietary fiber, Apple Pectin is helpful in maintaining good digestive health. Pectin is defined as any of a group of white, amorphous, complex carbohydrates that occurs in ripe fruits and certain vegetables. Fruits rich in Pectin are the peach, apple, currant, and plum. Protopectin, present in unripe fruits, is converted to Pectin as the fruit ripens. Pectin forms a colloidal solution in water and gels on cooling. When fruits are cooked with the correct amount of sugar, and when the acidity is optimum and the amount of Pectin present is sufficient, jams and jellies can be made. In overripe fruits, the Pectin becomes pectic acid, which does not form jelly with sugar solutions. An indigestible, soluble fiber, Pectin is a general intestinal regulator that is used in many medicinal preparations, especially as an anti-diarrhea agent. Our ancestors believed that old proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Today, nutritional scientists research for evidences that verify how Apples are good for our health. Apples are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber, which is effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Apples work in any form (raw fruit or powder or juice) to maintain good cardiovascular health. Researchers at the University of California, Davis, found that Apple Pectin acts as an antioxidant against the damaging portion of cholesterol in the blood stream. Many researchers suggest that people who eat fatty foods should, if possible, wash down this food with apple juice rather than the usual drink.
Researchers have found that raw Apples are the richest of fruits in pectin, with the Jonagold variety of Apple leading other varieties. A diet of low fiber, high fat, and animal protein appears to be the leading cause of death in many people. It has been established that a diet rich in Apple Pectin can protect against these diseases. Research in Japan has found that Apple Pectin can also decrease the chances of colon cancer. Apple Pectin helps maintain intestinal balance by cleansing the intestinal tract with its soluble and insoluble fibers. Apple Pectin tends to increase acidity in the large intestines, and is advocated for those suffering from ulcer or colitis, and for regulating blood pressure. Pectin is also effective in causing regressions in, and preventing, gallstones. There is also evidence that the regular use of Apple Pectin may lessen the severity of diabetes. Along these lines, it has been suggested that fiber-depleted diets actually help cause diabetes mellitus. Other studies have shown that the regular consumption of Apple Pectin could lead to permanent reductions in insulin requirements (to prevent the possibility of insulin overdose, diabetics should make their physician aware of the dietary change).

? H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2O2 ) Therapy
Hydrogen peroxide therapy, as well as other oxygen-based treatments, is rapidly gaining in popularity within the alternative medicine community. Mounting evidence suggests that H2O2 properly utilized holistically effects the body; it acts as a catalyst for various needed body processes as well as directly reducing anaerobic bacterial infections. H2O2 oxidizes body waste products and diseased tissue. It has been shown to dissolve calcium and cholesterol deposits in the body, and it stimulates peroxidase production. Oxygen content in the blood and tissues increases with oral and IV use, and hydrogen peroxide stimulates the body's enzyme systems as well. Even so, the effects of hydrogen peroxide in the body are wide, varied and still not completely understood.
One of the greatest benefits of using Hydrogen Peroxide for therapy is that it falls in the natural treatments category. H2O2 breaks down as H2O (water) + O-, completely nontoxic. Hydrogen Peroxide is not a foreign agent introduced into the body. In fact, H2O2 is produced within the body in cellular and other key metabolic reactions.
The greatest concern with use is the powerful oxidation which results in the explosive liberation of the extra oxygen molecule. This effect can be safely managed by varying the H2O2 concentration in any solution used. However, not everyone is in agreement that hydrogen peroxide therapy is safe, even when the H2O2 is used small amounts, when used orally. Opponents of hydrogen peroxide therapy claim that usage results in organ and tissue damage. They believe that using H2O2 increases any and all conditions associated with free radicals in the body. Delving into this subject, at present, is outside the scope of our work. If one is unfamiliar with H2O2 use, then the best suggestion is to research both sides of the issue thoroughly before using it internally.
For internal use, a USP "food grade" 35% hydrogen peroxide is recommended, although ALL caution MUST be used when handling H2O2 in concentrations above 11% ( a link to an affordable source is available on the colloidal silver products page ). For external use, a standard 3% store purchased solution is fine, and in reality there is no direct evidence that the commonly sold 3% solution cannot be used orally. Please remember that a 35% H2O2 solution is HIGHLY caustic and should be stored in a safe freezer, clearly labeled and out of the reach of children.
Also one of the myths of health is that everybody should be and would be healthier as a vegetarian. This is not now true but will be increasingly true as the vibration of the planet and its people changes. The following is an excerpt from Mila?s channeling on the coming ascension process included in my article Zero Point Time and the Healing of the Human Form:
Each species that consumes flesh is undergoing a parallel biological shift into vegetarianism in the coming generations. For the masses of humans, newborn children will enter the world with this tract in place, and it is anticipated that the parents of such offspring or those attending to them will have enough awareness not to feed the child flesh. Like us, you are probably already experiencing this shift in many of the young people these days. Too often though we are finding parents who have bought into the old paradigm of health that says that health can be generalized ??this is supposed to be good for you . . . This is supposed to be bad for you . . .? Generalizations never have and never will work for people?s health. As soon as I mention something is good or bad for a client, the very next client has exactly the opposite situation true. This attitude would only cause the child to enter the paradigm of destruction again, as the act of eating flesh causes the thought-form of destruction to remain in any ascending field. Our human Anunnaki predecessors ate of the blood of their slaves and the flesh of certain crustaceans in the ocean to sustain their embodiments up to 18,000 years in life span; and in so doing, fell into consumption thought-form. Although hinted at in Sitchin?s work, the meat vs grain diet of the Annunaki shows up most prominently in the story of Cain and Abel. Slaughter through consumption leads to war; it also leads to disease. Disease became prevalent as an energetic war between the Annunaki and other alien races raged causing the Earth?s grid work to move outside of her form, debilitating her embodiment---in so doing the grid work of the slaves (their Higher Self) also moved outside of the etheric form and into machinery that has been called ?Disease Machinery?.
Our Higher Self, for most of us, is now not in our bodies where it was always carried in our higher dimensional forms. The machinery caused disease and a shorter lifespan for all slaves to become the norm. The Higher Self of many people is now trapped in the magnetic grid of the planet and the two are inextricably aligned. So the healing of one and the freeing of one will mean the potential freeing of many. This is why the New World Order seeks to control or already does control most of the grid system of the planet. It also has much to do with OK City and the destruction of the twin WTC towers. Oklahoma, and in particular the Murrah Building Memorial Site lies on the Heart Chakra meridian of the North American continent. By controlling that site with the energy-harnessing Memorial that has been built there, those in power are able to also harness the heart-energy of all those in every part of the continent. Indeed, this war that rages between Humanity and the New World Order is all about Heart vs. Mind, the male patriarchy vs the female- led new paradigm. Control of the female heart aspect of Creation allows the darkside to control all the Creative processes. Much of the work we as Lightworkers have to do is to connect people up to their Higher Self while helping them release all those old thought- forms and emotional patterns which keep their Higher Self enslaved or trapped in this magnetic grid. The biggest problem here is that so many Lightworkers who have come here to help have bought into these thought- forms and emotional patterns and become stuck here. Think of someone trying to help a drowning or sinking person in the ocean or in quicksand also becoming trapped and going down with the intended rescuee. Be careful lest the rescuer also become the victim.
It was not until the nuclear war on Earth created by the Annunaki, which included the destruction of such cities as the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, that humans remaining upon the surface of the earth turned to slaughter and consumption of the animal kingdoms in order to survive. This has occurred twice in your human history. Over time and as the vegetation restored itself, the red race humans (Atlanteans and former Atlanteans) reverted to a vegetarian diet again ceasing to eat flesh. However, the white race related to the Annunaki and their slave populations continued to eat flesh from this point forward (30,000 years ago). Furthermore after the fall of Atlantis some 10,000 years ago (the Biblical Flood as explained in my book), all humans fell so low in consciousness and became so mechanical that all of humanity has retained it?s meat-eating and consumption based habits ever since. It is only as one understands nature that ascending humans will build a bridge towards working in unity with all kingdoms upon earth. Currently there are more than a dozen people on the planet who hold the Gaia consciousness and manifest its various problems. They are here to aid humans in understanding the planets problems and helping the consciousness to heal before ascension. At this time and in the next 4-5 years, consumption karma shall be released by Earth upon a global scale. As this occurs, the false intervention and souls that have used consumption-based tactics to pull apart earth?s field, grid work, libraries and moving energy systems apart into many falls in consciousness will cease to have any affect. To paraphrase Captain Picard on Star Trek, if we can make it so. One can understand in this that it is thought-form that causes any experience; transcend the thought-form and the experience changes. It is exactly the same with viruses that are, to best describe them, simply alien thought forms. For it is thought-form that calls the experience into one?s dance of life. (Watch The Andromeda Strain ?Michael Crichton?s first novel/movie to get a better idea of ranges of existence). In the transcendence of consumption-based thought-form, earth will cease to be consumed. In so doing, she shall exit the dance of unconscious harm that has plagued her, particularly over the past 50,000 years of global history.


Lesson #11 There are no gifts -- only learning and responsibility.
By Peter Farley
?As long as you are willing to pay for being manipulated, there will be plenty of so-called artists who will happily serve you.? Kryon
Now that ?gift-giving? season is over, it?s time Guidance wants to talk about the fact that there are no spiritual ?gifts? per se, only learning, awareness and self-responsibility.
Many times I get e-mails referring to ?the gifts? I seem to exhibit:
"I am currently reading your [first] 2 books and want to thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I am hoping that . . .
"The talk show I just finished listening to (your most current) reminds us to be aware of the war that is going on around us. People with dependencies that I have known seem to change personalities and do it quickly. There are so many forms of dependencies rapidly now it?s overwhelming. These are all grown adults-- not teenagers. This increase must be part of the ongoing war and why everyone is so out of touch with themselves.
"Thank you for all your help sorting this out for us
Flo in Michigan"
Anyone who has known me more than the past 10 years will tell you although the potentiality was always there, there were no exhibited ?gifts? at all , only selfishness, manipulation of others, and pure self-will.
The abilities I now have come purely from learning and self-surrender; the ability to get myself out of the way and do the bidding of That to which I am connected.
Because none of these things are ?gifts?, because I have learned step-by-step everything I now can do, I can also teach these things. If people simply have gifts, they cannot then teach those gifts. This would be like you were born with it and don?t know how you got it. To call things 'gifts' is to deny the many, many years of 24/7 practicing and learning and struggle it sometimes takes to learn to do what it is I can do.
Talking about others? ?gifts? though, gives us an out for making the effort to learn for ourselves that which we ?wish? we could do or want to do. It is the ?aging whine???oh if only I had been born different . . . given this gift or that gift,? instead of earning it.
As has been said in so many other articles, you have to pay to serve, not BE paid. That payment comes in the form of surrendering your own will to the Higher Will, to do what it is you are asked to do when you are asked to do it, whether or not you want to personally?whether or not it is inside your own ?comfort zone?.
Everything you needed to do your own spiritual mission you came into life possessing. The only thing lacking with most people is the drive to do that mission at all costs, no matter what one has to sacrifice to do it, no matter what obstacles one has to surmount. If so many people have now run too late to do the mission they came into life to do, doesn?t mean that with a little inner fortitude and ?true grit? they couldn?t pick for themselves a higher and even more important mission, instead of saying ?oh well, maybe next lifetime? and just giving up. There is greater karma sometimes in not doing anything than in at least doing something. You are the cause and effect of what you are capable and are willing to do with your life this time around.
As Barbara Clow says in Eye of the Centaur,
?You don?t experience time, you only experience the passage of it. But you do experience cause and effect even though you create great religions and theologies in order to avoid that truth. Christianity is designed to ignore cause and effect: the Law of Karma. You could alter all experience in what you perceive to be a moment if you just could hear what I say . . . the reality of time is subtle. Let it go, and suddenly you will be God. . . You carry within yourself, in your body, the timeless awareness. Therefore, since time is form, you know how to manifest; that is, to make one thing happen at the right time.?
All the training we have gone through in all our past lives (and those are almost innumerable), was all to lead us to this place in time, this lifetime when the biggest battle of all would take place. This import was driven home in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy when the opposition forces kept repeating, ?the time of man is over?. So you still have all those abilities you have learned in all those lifetimes within you, all those things which make you unique and led you to ?volunteer? to come here to assist in this most critical hour. Now what are you going to do with them if not use them to overcome the darkness that threatens to swallow all life on this planet and so many others as well?

Saying you don?t know what your talents are is just another way of copping out or buying into the low self-esteem the New World Order likes to breed into us to keep us impotent in this moment. This is why every spiritual path says self-realization must come before God-realization.
Spirit uses who you are in order to achieve its necessary goals. It will NEVER ask you to be something you are not, or to go study something that goes against your own will or ?grain?. Everything you are and have been doing in this lifetime is usually only enhancing the ?skills and talents? you brought into this lifetime. All you need to do is cut through the veil of the seeming unimportance of the job you are doing in terms of its effects on the bigger picture. See the all-important talent and skill that job requires that can be applied to the greater spiritual war taking place. An army is never JUST comprised of soldiers. Every means of support is required to put any kind of army in the field. Feel good about what it is you can do. Do not look to other people?s ?gifts? but know that whatever is required of you, you can do. Know that whatever Spirit/Your Guidance needs of you, They will lead you to do/learn/acquire . . . There are no spiritual gifts, only a lot of smoke and mirrors used by those other people wanting to make money from you or control you or to make you feel inadequate. What have you got to lose by not doing what it is you are best at? Connect with your Guidance and They will lead the way and everything you are will only make you better at what it is you do.
In service, Peter
P.S. Yes there is grace, but ask yourself what have you done lately to even be ?worthy? of Grace? And then go out and do the work anyway, grace will come as you have earned it.

Lesson #12 Ego is Not a Dirty Word
By Peter Farley
Like the 12 days of Xmas, we come to an end of these 12 lessons Guidance wanted to offer you. No one is more or less important than the others, but since ego is such a misunderstood and very powerful influence in our lives, it has been saved for last.
Most people know they have a personal chakra system. Nearly all of the written material explains an individual?s personal chakra system. What we are going to talk about at this time is a chakra system outside the person?s body and located in the auric field. This chakra system is called ?ego? for lack of a better term. It developed outside your body because it was easier looking for answers, confirmations, etc outside of one?s self. It forms very early on in life in most people when we first have to defend ourselves against some outside threat to either our emotional or mental understandings of our self. How to identify it? If you look for everyone else to have the correct answers (for you or anyone else), if you lack self-esteem (as: thinking yourself less than, etc. People call this not enough ego), or it could go the other way where you think you know more than and are an expert in everything?too much ego). Actually ego is neither good nor bad? it just is. It is when we go outside of ourselves instead of inside that causes us problems.
This chakra formed around our first self-defense issues becomes the ego chakra. Not everyone is comfortable with the removal of the outside ego chakra system. One lady felt great pain and discomfort at its removal because so many of her issues in life revolved around her ego. Sometimes it is just easier to have it there, but the benefits of removing it are truly remarkable. It is easier to go within to get the answers, you get better answers that are directly related to you, you won?t appear to be either lacking in self esteem or ?egocentric, you will be more self confident and having an inner knowing. Removal of the ego chakra requires a commitment from you because it will change your life, the way you perceive yourself and your perception of the world.
Ego is not a dirty word. As Ceanne DeRohan explains in Right Use of Will, healing our disconnections and non self-acceptance is a matter of personal choice and timing, yet personal choice is not a constant, it changes and expands as a person evolves. What may not seem right to us right now may become right at any other given moment. Spiritual growth has been thought to require death of the ego as with many of the Eastern religions. This is not a true understanding of the situation. There is no problem with ego. Like the mind, it can be a wonderful tool, but always makes a very poor master.
?Denying the ego its right function has created disease in the ego and this disease is the problem. Death of the ego is not a necessary part of Spiritual growth.
?Ego in fact is the part of you that recognizes yourself as you. The ego operates to protect your present level of ability to accept and express. Ego is as Divine as anything else. There is no problem with ego if it sees itself as evolving with the rest of you. You cannot tell the difference between yourself and anything else without ego.?
However, when ego is allowed to express itself as better than those with whom it co-exists, then it attaches itself to power and becomes out of balance. Power can be a wonderful thing too if used in the service of Creation, but he was unable to maintain that attitude as his ego shifted. The power wielded by Beings such as those of the Spiritual Hierarchy and higher spiritual councils is only to be used for the Highest Good. It is not and must not be allowed to be swayed in any way by the individual will.
The problem here is that the Opposition will focus more effort on overcoming a stronger opponent than it will a weaker individual. This is the way it is with the darkside. When other energies are allowed to permeate the essence of a person wielding such powers, their direction can be gradually shifted until that person is serving that Dark Side, often without even knowing it. This is what has happened to some of those channeling the very Beings here to help us all ?Beings such as Ramtha. Things change. The Opposition uses a great deal of its energies to infiltrate, corrupt, and otherwise interfere with the efforts going on to help correct the situation on the planet.
In Eye of the Centaur, Barbara Clow is addressed by a God-like being who counsels her on how best to know if the energies she is connected to are of the highest or not:
?You do not have to worry about this question. You are able to know in all situations whether the energy is from me or not. Trust your awareness. All energy that is not from me is energy that we fight to dissipate. The energy that we fight to dissipate is very large and very all-encompassing on your planet, and in our realms it is like a pea. But, if you do not ground and diffuse, magnetize our energy on the earth plane, the earth plane will be destroyed in some form. You will be overcome by that other energy which causes human beings to do things which destroy them.
?You must proceed with your judgmental abilities based upon intuitive perceptions toward the correct source. You must connect; you must do many things with this source. You must protect this source as information is concerned. There are many levels here for doing this. You must work to get the correct words through to the humans by means of writing and by means of speaking. You must exist as a purification force. In all rituals that you participate in, you have the power to purify participants in the ritual, and you have the power to affect to some degree the priests and priestesses, the transmitters of the power. You have the power to go to the temple to purify.
?And you also exist to radiate unconditional love to all beings and all people that you encounter. The magnetic force of the purification of unconditional love is my way of reaching to the human plane. . . As you follow my instructions in this lifetime, you will not succeed on the physical plane. The negative energy forces will overcome the earth plane?not you, the earth plane?in almost all situations. Even my energy sources will be hidden and taken from the people.?
Free Will is the key element here for even the highest spiritual beings have Free Will. To use our Free Will to make the decision to surrender it to the Higher Will we must understand and regain our own sense of individual will or the chance to regress is still present. Again, Barbara Clow:
?But they can become divine only by activating their inherent free will. And free will can be mastered on Earth only by allowing total trust?by seeing from the inner brain [and heart] rather than through the five senses. This skill makes it possible to be on earth and in all other dimensions simultaneously. This is the secret of experiencing oneness with all things.?