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a spiritual war, a spiritual boot camp and basic training - a spiritual reality
A Spiritual War, a Spiritual Boot Camp and Basic Training - A Spiritual Reality

Tired old generals who have fought one to many battles and seen to many deaths in wars are rarely ever \'gentle\' with raw recruits. Ask Marco and Tom and some of the others in the group who have been through spiritual boot camp and basic training. Basic training is about getting rid of the old, breaking down everything you think you know so that you can learn things the right way, the way things really are out there from people who have \'been there, done that.\"

And, like the Navy SEALS motto, \"So What?\", you have to take it no matter how much it hurts and like it or get out of camp and out of the service, because others lives depend on you being ready to do what it is you came here to do. Spiritual service is no difference. And you\'re part of an army of Lightworkers, an elite force of spiritual warriors here to fight off the darkest things Creation has to put against you, and you better damn well be ready because your family, your loved ones, and millions of others depend on you being ready and being able to do whatever it takes to save this planet and make this ascension happen finally and forever, and to once and for all send darkness to a place from which it will never return.

people sit at their computers all day long reading information from various websites that have no validity when one second of valid inner Guidance would have told them that and what a waste of time they were. And another second of inner Guidance would have led these very same people to a website, an article, a person in need of help, that would have helped them with their spiritual lessons, with their spiritual learning, and with their spiritual mission of helping others.

As most of you know, Guidance has never had me be subtle about the things I write and say to people, and if you\'ve ever been on my healing table you\'ve probably heard many of these things before.

If your spirituality isn\'t about other people then you have no spirituality at all, and don\'t fool yourself that your studying for that time when . . .

This lifetime is not about you, it\'s about what you came here to do to help save Creation, this SuperUniverse, this planet, and these people from a continued life of slavery.

Your mission is to serve. Nothing else. It\'s a good reason NOT to listen to your Guidance because your self-will doesn\'t want to sacrifice its petty little needs in order to do something for others, so go find a rock to crawl under until the fighting is done.

You cannot serve unless you can hear and hear clearly under all circumstances the Guidance that was sent to assist you in doing your mission here, whether it be from your home planet, your home star system, the angelic realm, or the Spiritual Hierarchy Itself.

YOU chose to come here to do this. All your training for these countless lifetimes you\'ve been around has all led you to be in this place at this time to do this service. If you didn\'t want to serve why did you spend all those countless eons taking the training?

There are a million reasons not to serve and only one reason why -- because you care.

The lessons you\'re often here to learn are the lessons you\'re often here to teach. So get on with it. Stop pretending like you\'re a student and start teaching the things you already know, the things that Guidance whispering in your ear wants other people to hear.

Every one of you came from a place higher than the 5th dimension to which this planet is ascending, so you\'ve already been there done that, but if you chose not to serve then it is the spiritual awareness that you have earned previously that will be in jeopardy of being lost and those hard lessons of earlier times will need to be revisited since you obviously haven\'t learned them.

You came in to this lifetime with everything you needed to do your assigned mission. NOTHING else is necessary, perhaps only the refining of your skills for this particular battlefield, perhaps only the honing of your skills for the changing nature of this war.

You\'ve been programmed since long before birth NOT to serve in this way, programmed to follow the Matrix\'s orders and to bow to the pressure of your peers and to remain one of the sheeple that most of them are.

Guidance will never judge you for the choices that you make, but it will move on to those more willing or more ready to serve if you do not make that choice and follow it up with action. it is you who will not have the fun and excitement. it is you who will not earn your spiritual medals in this the most crucial battle of all, and it is you whose place in Creation will have to be re-evaluated downward to suit the level of non-commitment you have shown.

Newer people perhaps don\'t fully understand these things because they do not fully or perhaps even partially understand the war going on. That\'s the fault of those who have learned and should have been educating others but have fallen down on the job. Spirit is exacting and knows, like the movie \"Defending Your Life\", every choice you have made, and every choice you have refused to make and why.

When someone sells some illegal drugs to another, they are karmically connected to that person UNTIL that person gets off the drugs. The karma for not doing what we should be doing is just as exacting as the karma is for that which we do.

Your choice. The homework is there. the mission is there. There are still some of us willing and able to help with basic training, but suck it up and get on with it and don\'t winge and whine when something steps on your little ego defenses or your dainty little toes. You have no idea what your facing except deep down in your gut from when you first accepted this mission, and since then the nagging ongoing feeling gut that you really don\'t want to be here for what is to come. The more you do the training, the more you practice, the faster you break down the old worn out beliefs inherent in this system of programming people, the stronger you become and the better you will be able to help those who you came here to serve.

And you will win. And Spirit and Creation will win because of you. And darkness shall be no more. And a new paradigm, a new world shall be built, one like nothing Creation has ever seen before. And you will be a part of it, and like the winning quarterback at the SuperBowl you will hold your head high and hold your own trophy aloft and say \"I did this.\"

In service, and yes tired, Peter