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a subconscious body clearing technique
A Subconscious Body Clearing Technique

(Note: This is a technique for relieving one\'s own emotional
blockages that also helps us understand how to work in clearing others of these
kind of blockages).

Tonight\'s exercise encourages and regulates subconscious-body
housecleaning. Most individuals avoid certain experiences or lessons
because they are uncomfortable, and store them in the subconscious body.
However, these assignments cannot be avoided forever. The best strategy is to
regulate their entrance into your life. Orderly lessons, learned one at a time,
are digested more completely and deeply at all levels.

This technique exercises your imagination in combination with a word of special
vibration. Singing this word, with its specific consonants and vowel sounds,
will help you consciously enter the Etheric or Subconscious World. Because of
the nature of this plane, it is difficult to access it via the Light alone. The
word, which lets you use the Sound element, is an essential tool or key.

First close your physical eyes. Gently place your attention on the
spiritual eye, which can be thought of as a screen behind your forehead. It is
located between and behind the eyebrows, and correlates with the pineal gland in
the physical body.

Although, images usually race across this screen like the scenes of a
movie, keep it empty for this exercise. Replace any scenes with the
image of a blank screen in your imagination.

Those who have difficulty seeing with their spiritual eyes will probably enjoy
this exercise, because it doesn\'t require you to see anything! Look only for

Now begin singing the word or sound, `Ah-Noon\'. Repeat it slowly
in the exhalation of one breath. Draw the vowels out so the song sounds like
this: ahhhh-nooonn-ahhhh-noonn-ahhh-noonn…

At the end of the breath, inhale very slowly through the nose. Then
resume singing the sound in a string again. Let the singing of the
`Ah-Noon\' fill your head and entire being.

Keep focusing on the screen behind your forehead. Sing into it as if
leaning on a windowsill and singing through the window into the night. Soon you
may see stars in the night. Otherwise, let the sky remain black.


The mental sheath can get so cluttered it no longer accepts impulses
from Soul. Then it starts to run its own introverted game, sending out thoughts
from within the over-burdened storehouse. It tries to be the master instead of
Soul\'s communicator. Soul sadly becomes unable to affect the lower sheaths.

When this happens, the mind is even more convinced its stored pictures are the
only reality. A negative, downward spiral begins, and the mind\'s discrimination
is further weakened. Soon it is unable to recognize truth in any situation. This
blindness further closes the mind to Soul. The dial of the ego, the first of the
five dials in the second level of the mind, swings to an extreme. Soon other
dials are unhinged. It is interesting to note that, although these extremes seem
to inflate the mind\'s role at first, they will eventually close off the inflow
of Light and Sound and cause the mind\'s downfall.

On the other hand, a mind that consistently listens to Soul can easily separate
Its impulses from mere lower-world reflections. Soul helps the mind weed out
thought-energies that do not nurture the whole of life and the individual.

Excerpted from Beyond the Light by Ginny Katz