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a swiftly tilting planet the changes in the planet s axis
A Swiftly Tilting Planet The Changes in the Planet's Axis

Peter Farley

For many, many years when I first began writing the best description and metaphor I could find for what was happening on planet Earth was Madeleine L'Engle's children's 'fantasy' novel, A Wrinkle in Time. It tells a story of how the darkness is taking over Creation one planet at a time and how it is up to the `more pure-hearted' children to stave it off and save both themselves and Creation. Not surprising for one so in tune with what was taking place, L'Engle's follow up to A Wrinkle in Time was the continuation novel A Swiftly Tilting Planet. Rather than a full poleshift, what we are getting here on Earth is more exactly that, a growing magnetic and polar 'tilt'.

From Helen Parkes (translator of Nostradamus's Hidden texts - ) on the subject of the Earth's axis changing:

"I tried to tell Linda Moulton Howe this last year, even sent her photos of the sun rising where it has never done so before. She wouldn't have it, saying everything was normal where she is

My answer "There has to be a fulcrum point somewhere"

"Actually I was going to mention to you yesterday, the angle the world is right now

Perth is headed up (sideways - comment Before Its News

Sydney is headed down (also sideways)

Snow in Chile's Atacama Desert means Chile is headed down

Heat in USA means it's headed down (albeit without some sort of UV or ozone or even jetstream protections)

Greenland has melted (headed down)

Antarctica headed up (sideways)
Great droughts middle Africa (headed up to where the Sahara was)

Fires in Russia (headed down)

In Part 9 of an article entitled Mr. Brooks and the Alien Invasion from Underground ( ) which Guidance had me write in December, 2007 it talked about this very subject , that as the planet ascended, Earth actually not only moved through dimensions, it actually moved to a different part of space, hence ending up in a more `righted' position. This `righting' of the planet's axis is what's occurring right now and is creating the Earth Changes people are talking about and writing about and experiencing. The indigenous people around the world are the first to really notice:

Inuit People on Sun Wrong, Stars Wrong , Earth Tilting on Axis

In one group this was posted, Billie Brinkley added his own comment: "For the past year or so I have been talking to people about the sun and moon being in the wrong place. Some laugh, some agree. The sun now rises in the North East here and sets in the North West. It used to shine in my southerly facing window at the front of the house in the afternoon. Now it shines in the northerly facing window. I have lived in this exact place for 38 years and it's never, ever been off like this. The moon is way off, too. The crescent has been at the BOTTOM like a smiley face.

My observations.


From the article Mr. Brooks: "Fortunately or unfortunately, as the planet has entered and sped up in its ascension process, the crust is still buckling from wanting to slough off its old skin much as some reptiles do. This creates tears or rifts in the energetic fields above such fault lines and buckling as already described. Unfortunately, this also allows more of the `underground' reptilians to access this dimension and to further invade and inhabit or attach to 3rd dimensional forms."

A Swiftly Tilting Planet is a 1978 science fiction novel, part of Madeleine L'Engle's the Time Quartet. In it, Charles Wallace Murry, a very advanced and perceptive child in A Wrinkle in Time and A Wind in the Door, has grown into an adolescent. His intelligence and remarkable goodness carry him through an adventure in time to save the world from nuclear disaster threatened by Mad Dog Branzillo, the dictator of the fictional South American country of Vespugia. In order to change the outcome of the present, Charles Wallace must change the past, in a series of "might-have-beens", events which are turning points fought over by the powers of good and evil. The book's title is an allusion to the poem "Morning Song of Senlin" by Conrad Aiken.

As mentioned in so many of the articles Guidance has had me write, what most of this planet has been living has indeed been a `past timeline' much as is described in Bruce Willis' movie, The Twelve Monkeys. There are many recent articles on my website about the time changes the planet has been going through after this past timeline was corrected. But . . . now as part of the reinstallation of planet Earth into its `correct' place in the higher dimensional worlds, the axis is also being `righted' so that the planet now moves in harmony with everything around it.

Geology shows tropical forests underneath Antarctica, great waterways where the Sahara Desert is, remnants of oceans where now there are deserts, and various places on the planet show that pole shifts have been a regular thing. History tells us, from native oral tradition, of the planet's constant changes.

Interestingly there is a precedent for what is happening on planet Earth as it has been moved to a different time-space continuum as a part of the ascension process. It happened much the same way but for different reasons to the group known as the Zetans or Grays.

Here is an excerpt from `Visitor from Within" Chapter 1 by Lyssa Royal which describes this scenario that took place somewhere around a million or so years ago. If it sounds familiar it's because many of the same races and Beings mentioned are responsible for what has also been taking place on this planet in our time.

"Let us begin in the Lyran system back when civilization was flourishing and new cultures were exploding throughout the cosmos. The range of cultures these early humanoids created was vast. There was one planet we have called the Apex planet that we will refer to as the ancient origin of the Zeta Reticuli race.

"This Apex planet was very similar to Earth. The beings on Apex were a mixture genetically just like you are, because the early Lyran races had already begun to colonize. Apex became a melting pot for the genetics of the Lyran races. Therefore their society manifested a great deal of individuality and unpredictability. These qualities were even more pronounced than upon present-day Earth.

"There were those who were pacifists. There were those who were warriors. There were those who were technologically oriented and those who rejected technology in favor of an inner spirituality. Every polarity one could imagine was played out on this Apex planet even more dramatically than it is played out on your Earth plane. Their culture flourished for many thousands of years. However, beneath the surface of the mass consciousness there was a great deal of disharmony because the spiritual growth of the planet did not parallel the technological growth of its inhabitants. The gap began to widen. On the surface of the planet cataclysm began severe toxicity and severe radiation from atomic blasts even more destructive than on your planet today. There was much pollution. The atmosphere began to deteriorate and plant life was shortly thereafter unable to produce enough oxygen to continue the cycle of carbon dioxide /oxygen which kept the ecosystem balanced.

"There were those within the system who were aware of what was happening. They began taking measures to preserve life. They built underground shelters and prepared themselves for the total
destruction of the planet's surface. They didn't know whether this was going to occur, but they wanted to be safe. They knew they had a safety margin and that if they were prepared, their race would survive. They began learning to use alternate energy sources that could be used underground without any dependency on sunlight or oxygen from the surface. Thus they created a world that would be totally independent from the surface ecosystem.

"Preparation stretched out over many generations. They were farsighted, for they were certain this change needed to occur. They paced themselves and moved slowly. They began to see that they were evolving at such a rapid rate that the Apexian cranial size was quickly increasing. The natural birth process became difficult, for the cranial size was expanding more quickly than the female pelvis could accommodate. Thus there were many deaths during childbirth - of both the mother and the child. Since what you call cesarean delivery was not part of their belief system, they were certainly facing a species crisis.

"They were faced with a dilemma. Their population was decreasing. It became obvious that they had to prepare for planetary catastrophe as well as the possible death of their own species. They thus began turning to cloning techniques so they would not be dependent on the birth process. Then they could actually reproduce their species in the laboratory without the need for the reproductive act, conception, or natural birth. They assumed this knowledge would take care of them and they would be ready for anything.

". . . Gradually, individuals wrapped up their business on the surface of the planet and began to inhabit the underground cities. This was a great shock to many. Imagine knowing that you could never look at the sky again . . . that you could never lie under the stars...that you would be trapped in a rock environment for the rest of your life. Imagine the fear and sorrow these people were experiencing.

"Eventually, they all were moved underground. They had to learn how to adapt. Through their cloning capabilities (which they had been working on for at least 100 of their years), they began to understand how a body could adapt to an environment such as this. They began altering their genetics so that when new babies arrived they could be part of the underground ecosystem.

"This entailed restructuring bodies so they could absorb frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum and then change these frequencies into heat. This required a completely different way of body functioning and a new way of teaching the body to absorb nutrients. The bodies began learning to ingest nutrients from some of the luminiferous rocks underground. They had brought from the surface luminiferous plants as well. They studied these plants (which were chlorophyll- based) and allowed themselves to incorporate
these qualities into themselves.

"All of this occurred over a span of hundreds of years. Many Apexians died. There were successes as well as failures. They eventually got to a point where the population growth leveled out as the death rate decreased. The methods by which they were taking in nutrients and recycling into the ecosystem became symbiotic and balanced. They knew they could survive this way for an indefinite period of time.

"While this was occurring under the surface of the planet, profound changes were occurring on the surface. The Apexians did not realize that the planet's toxicity had set a chain reaction in motion. Severe radiation had begun breaking down the planetary energy field on a subatomic level. This created an electromagnetic warp in the time/space fabric surrounding the Apex planet. While they were underground, Apex actually shifted its position in the time/space continuum because of this dramatic subatomic energy breakdown.

"Time and space is very much like Swiss cheese. A planet in one location is connected through a series of multidimensional networks or passageways to other areas of your galaxy. When this warp began around their planet, the planet was moved through the fabric of time/space to another time/space continuum - which was a significant distance from their point of origin. You have labeled this area the Reticulum star group. The Apex planet was inserted in the Reticulum system around one of the faintest stars in that star group. This occurred simply because the planetary shift followed the fabric of time and space. The underground Apexians were totally unaware of this as they continued with their lives under the surface. They continued saving their species.

"If something such as this occurred on Earth, there would be various factions of people living underground who would have no communication with each other. These factions could develop very different cultures over hundreds of years. This is what occurred on Apex. These different factions represent the different variations that have been viewed in the Zeta Reticuli groups. Some individuals say they are very negative; others say they are very benevolent. But it really isn't as black and white as that.

"Over the hundreds of years that they were underground, they deliberately manipulated their body type to suit their underground environment. They allowed themselves to become shorter in stature than they originally were so they could make better use of the cavern space. It was merely a conservation effort. Because they were not procreating physically, their reproductive organs atrophied. Their digestive tracts atrophied because they were no longer taking in solid nutrients. They had mutated to allow themselves to take in nutrients through the skin. Their eyes adapted to the environment through the pupil mutating to cover the entire eye. This allowed them to absorb certain frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum. They had to do this in order to make optimal use of their underground environment. This description of their changes is a general one, since different factions would have made slightly different alterations to their genetic structure.

"During this time, they evaluated what they had done to their planet. They concluded that emotions were largely responsible, so they no longer allowed emotion in their lives. They also vowed that they would no longer allow diversity in their culture. Thus they deliberately bred out variations in emotional reactions to differing stimuli. They were adamant that their passions would no longer rule them. They began creating a neurochemical structure in which every external stimulus produced the same reaction in every person. They felt this would allow them to integrate into one people and eliminate the warring and passion that had ruled their culture in the past [all this WITHOUT the intrusion of the New World Order]. . . "

Planet Earth HAS been moved through time and space into its now rightful place as a Crown Jewel of Creation and the shifting axis of the planet is a sign of this event. There will NOT be a complete pole shift as some have claimed, but the pole is shifting. All that's left now is to rid the planet of the darkness that has controlled it for so long, and to also slough off those parasites that feed off the planet's life and energy and pollute its vibration with everything they do. That time is now. . . Where do you stand?

In service, Peter