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a titanic groundhog day
The best two metaphors for what's been going on on this planet for the past decade or so are the movies, Titanic and Groundhog Day - and yes, today, Feb. 2nd is Groundhog Day.

Much like Titanic, the old paradigm has hit a serious iceberg and is sinking, slowly at first but now with ever increasing speed. Like the people on board the ship as in the movie, some have taken the lifeboats to safety, many are floundering around in the water trying to survive without any visible way of supporting that venture, and some (as I see a lot around me) are still onboard the sinking ship having their final dance, playing their final swansong, comforting their mate in the final moments of something they have accepted as an inevitability or being resigned to their doom.

Groundhog Day has always been one of the finest and most fun ways to understand the nature of existence, the burden of karma and reincarnation, and the ultimate lesson of existence - to love unconditionally. It's being replayed on the Encore channel all day if you haven't seen it, yes, time after time again. As explained in the volumes, this Groundhog Day effect is what has created a bottleneck in all of Creation, Souls not wanting to move on with their learning (As Chris's channeling today stresses):

"Firstly, Soul's desire for the dense physicality of this world, the pleasure and pain and the materialism it elicits, holds It to this planet. This keeps It reincarnating here over and over again when It should be moving on to other planets and other new experiences. This creates a "bottleneck" in the reincarnational cycle of the Universe, thus stopping the growth of other planets and other areas in Creation as well.

"Sex as we know it, and the desire we have created for it, does not exist on other planets except for the interaction of some alien species with our own. Sex has become a major means of controlling the people so it has been used by everyone from the government on down to get people to follow. This is especially true of business where marketing and advertising have built an unnatural mystique around sex that has spawned an enormous economy around just this one single aspect of life - sex.

"Since people are therefore so attached to the material world and to the enjoyment they think they can derive from it that no one wants to leave. This causes what the Council of Nine calls `soul-recycling'. For many souls, each of the soul-recyclings causes them to have greater and greater desire and more and more enjoyment for even more of the pleasures of life, especially those addicted to power. This locks those souls into the spirit-realms surrounding the planet, waiting to reincarnate, or sometimes simply as astral entities sucking enjoyment from others vicariously. Thus, not only do we have an individual balance of payment problems, we have a planetary balance of payments problem as well.

"The experiment has gone haywire, and the laboratory has been taken over by those who were originally supposed to be part of the experiment. The finest example of this is the recent movie version of H.G. Well's classic novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau. In this story, the genetically altered and electronically manipulated, half-man half-animal creations decide they no longer wanted to play by their creator's rules. The results are disastrous. So it is with planet Earth, and the consequences it has on the rest of the Universe are also disastrous as well. . ."

Well the bottleneck has now been cleared. As with a pipe full of drain cleaner the clogging substance is now being pushed through at an ever-increasing rate and the final surge that will clear the drain once and for all is about due. No longer will planet Earth be stuck in this cycle of Groundhog Day repetition. It has and is now the crown jewel of Creation that it was once created to be. A little more cleaning and polishing and some quick removal of the detritus clinging to its surface will allow it to be what Creation has always intended it to be.

Sink or swim. Your lifeboat is your own personal Guidance ALWAYS there to give you a helping hand. No judgement or fear mongering here. Those who are prepared don't have a fear of what's here and what's about to come, only those too lazy to prepare accuse anyone of creating fear .. . for that is their way of seeking an easy out when this time there are none coming.

In service, Peter