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a window of opportunity closing
In the Matrix series of movies, the character Neo would have told you at the beginning of the movie that he knew a lot about things. By the time he was safely pulled out of the Matrix he would have admitted he knew nothing. If you've come out of Christianity (and admit it every Western person has some of this forming their beliefs), out of Mormonism, out of New Age (rehashed mystery school )teachings, Buddhism, Tao, Science of Mind, Urantia, or anything else seekers glom onto in the Matrix, you don't know jack about 'God'. Most people join this group coming out of one or many of these 'religious teachings' and think that all of them have something to say about the way Spirit and Creation really are. They don't. They are ALL part of the reptilian/Matrix agenda of control and enslavement. If your politicians are pushing Christianity while raping the country, the coffers and the regular people, then you can more clearly see how the one fits in with the other. Zecharia Sitchin and many others talk about how the two arms of control left on the planet by the `departing' Annunaki (but still maintained in full working order) are kingship (politics) and the priesthood (religion).

Star Trek deals more with spirituality than any or all of these put together. Watching the movie Bruce Almighty will teach you more about surrender than will all your catechism classes. The Matrix movies tell it as it is, there's a war going on in the real Creation beyond the flimsy veils of illusion created to keep the slaves as slaves. Every Matrix-spawned religious-spirito group has some simple element of truth in it to attract the helpless 'seeker' who thinks he has to look beyond himself to make sense of all that he sees in the Matrix worlds surrounding him. This, in fact, is the basis of all effective propaganda which must include some element of truth around which it can build its web of lies. Hence this trapped slave becomes the eternal seeker instead of the eternal adventurer free of limitations and not bound by anything except the void of unexplored at the outer realms of God.

Very few people come to this group with the attitude of setting aside everything they think they know and looking at things with new and different eyes. Few if any see that most groups are full of `plants', people who criticize anything real posted in the groups, people who post dozens and dozens of meaningless stories unrelated to anything real so people eventually give up reading. The Spiritual Hierarchy likes to describe this group to me as a window of opportunity for people to move beyond those limitations, and even though I have asked to close it down THEY will not let me because no matter how few really spiritually capable people there are out there with a chance to rescue once upon a time THEY gave Peter one more chance and that made all the difference in the world (in Creation THEY like to say).

This very issue of putting old ideas aside in order to make room for the possibility of something new was addressed in the very beginning of Volume One of the History of Creation in the 9-volume Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?

"Author Machaelle Wright says it best when referring to a person reading her own works: "During an expansion of consciousness, our intellectual understanding of what we are experiencing is challenged because it is new to us. Like anything new, if we try to force an understanding of it through the framework of what we already know, we end up confused and possibly misinterpreting the experience. If we truly wish to expand our consciousness, that expansion can only serve to render our old framework obsolete. Any expansion we might have can actually be distorted if we try to force it through our old intellectual framework, such as would happen with a round handful of Play Dough squashed through a square shaping hole. Some of the Play Dough may get through intact, but it is distorted, while much has been left behind on the other side of the screen, hopelessly lost for use in the new construction.

"If we attempt to use our old framework when tackling new material such as is here being presented, we will tend to experience what we think we are experiencing instead of what it is that is actually happening. Or, worse still, we will tend to read into things what it is we want to hear, rather than getting the truth from what it is we are reading. We need then just to put the intellect aside - to just be. Let this new experience, this new knowledge, integrate itself naturally into our Being. Like a Zen master would proscribe, if we just get ourselves out of the way, life will show us what we need to know and what it is we need to be doing.

"In this way, we can allow the formation of a new and more logical or intellectual framework. As a result, we will then gain a completely different understanding. The experience itself will build its own new logical framework. So, as you read this work, just let the expansion or processing happen naturally. As you do, you will be surprised at how much easier it is and how much more you really understand." (from the Introduction to Volume 1)

"Simply put everything you think you know aside as you might suspend your beliefs for some grand and wonderful science fiction story you're about to read, or, like a Disneyland ride, just put everything aside, strap yourself in firmly, sit back, relax, and just let yourself go. Your body and your soul know how true this story is for both have an innate sense of knowing of what is true and what is not. The mind will always have more questions, but that's okay, just put them aside and in time all things will be answered."

No one learns more in a day than I do because the more I learn the more I realize there is so much more to know. And none of this is stored in the little hard drive of my brain for when you have connected yourself to the mainframe of the `All-Soul", knowledge and wisdom is consistently available to you. You don't need to `learn' things or read more because it is always there when you need it. I haven't read a book, gone to a workshop other than to give one, listened to a tape or anything in more than 10 years yet I could sit down and write about spirituality 24/7 if Guidance would let me. The first 4 volumes of the work I've done ( all 1100 pages) were written in 4 months from start to finish, and I type 27 words a minute at the best of times. And no, it's not all channeled material as anyone who has read them can attest.

When you're connected with your Highest Guidance and have purified the connection and surrendered to that Guidance for as long as I have there's nothing you cannot know. That's what people don't understand coming into the group that yes, I do know them and can know anything Guidance wishes to share about them. Because they can't do it they figure everyone can't do it. This is the limited thinking of people trying to bring you down to their level instead of rising up to a more all-encompassing state of awareness. But, as long as you 'think' you know something and allow the mind or even the heart to lead the way instead of Soul, then you'll always remain the eternal seeker and not the eternal knower.

Do your homework and get off your lazy fence-sitting butt and take advantage of the best chance you'll ever have to take a giant leap forward in your growth and spiritual awareness before it's too late.

With Love, in Service, Peter