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Re: Acceptance

I would think someone would have brought up the subject of loving one\'s
self and accepting one\'s self and the need for this to take place
before one can do it for others.

One Master I used to deal with once said that it is impossible to love
God before a person can love here on Earth, and that kind of makes
sense doesn\'t it? Of course the second part to that is you cannot first
love someone else until you first love (and accept) yourself. New Agers
talk about soulmates when there is no such thing as just one right
person for anyone. Our true soulmate is our higher self, for most
people that part of themselves trapped in the etheric planes around the
planet and basically the \'other half\' of who they are, and the opposite
sex so to speak of what they find themselves here on Earth, meaning the
masculine or feminine half.

The problem is that everyone\'s major spiritual issue in coming through
this life on this planet has something to do with self-love, self-
acceptance, self-esteem, self-worth, self-- something or other. I
didn\'t yet catalogue them all as they indeed seem to relate to the
various astrological signs, the various spiritual lessons that we go
through so many lifetimes working on each.

Loving and accepting one\'s self is not easy on this planet where low
self-esteem is the norm and unconditional love is also very unheard
of. I woke up on my 50th birthday sleeping on a friend\'s couch in
Reno, NV, and said \'Today, I like myself.\" That was after about 8 years
of moment-by-moment training and doing the work my Guidance wanted
me to do, and after at least 4-5 years of doing it every second of the day.

Accepting one\'s elf and loving one\'s self comes down to the point of
seeing ourselves as Soul and not as these physical bodies. Unless you’re
Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie you\'re probably not the hottest stud or
babe out there. You did, however, CHOOSE this body, this family, this
set of circumstances in coming to Earth for the best way to learn your
particular lessons. Seeing yourself as a spiritual Being coming to
Earth to learn some spiritual lessons and as more than flesh and blood
is the beginning of self-love and self-acceptance (and all the other
self-somethings as well). Doing your actual spiritual mission or at
least being on the right path is also a very big plus. And lastly, that
feeling you get when you\'re serving others allows you that sense of
doing good that overcomes all the others bad feelings and thoughts
you\'ve ever had about yourself.

I\'ve been saying for the last dozen years of so that peter has no
problems because he\'s too busy working with other people\'s problems.
Amazing how when we have too much free time on our hands that time is
used to bring ourselves down or feel bad about ourselves. With a health
respect for one\'s self and what one is doing, being in the flow of Life
and Spirit and doing what one came here to do is the finest way I\'ve
ever found to feel good about yourself -- no matter how old and grey
you\'re getting physically because inside you\'re always young at heart --
in the FLOW.

In service, Peter