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about the pleaideans
So many people admire and look to Native American teachings thinking that they are somehow higher than other teachings around when in fact they are simply 6th dimensional (in a, now, 15 dimensional SuperUniverse). It is because so many people have their recent roots or their current alien energy forms from the Pleaides that there is this strong connection for so many on the planet. When pure, the teachings are 'higher', but as Standing Elk admits, many Native Americans these days have turned to the white ways and like the blacks adopted the religions of their suppressors. The spiritual lesson of being Pleaidean is that of 'mushy heartedness'. The Lyrans, those who seeded the Pleiades, are more focussed heart, having learned to balance some 'masculine' willpower with the feminine softness of heart. This is the true yin-yang, male-female, positive-negative.

From Vol 1:

"As the Nine describe it, the Pleiadeans are our actual biological ancestors, and very much a part of our family. A lot of people on the planet feel drawn to the Pleiades for exactly this same reason, and hold very close feelings for these beings and this star system. Most all the Native American tribes point to the Pleiades as the home from which their ancestors came. There are also many legends revolving around the Pleiades in numerous other cultures around the planet. The Balinese and the people of Tana Toraja (in Indonesia), both say they came from the Pleiades. Their houses resemble long boats and are symbolic of the ships that the ancestors arrived in long ago from the Pleiades.

As stated earlier, the Pleiades were also a seeded planet, one which had a little more success because of its finer vibration and the higher dimensional level on which its people's existed. It is now a civilization which exists almost solely to provide seed help and technical and biological intervention on other planets.

Randolph Winters, in his book The Pleiadean Mission: A Time of Awareness, shares some of the history and qualities common to Pleiadeans, and sheds extra light on the ancestry of other planets:

"The Pleiadeans and their ancient ancestors called Lyrans, have been aware of our planet for more than 22 million years, but this was the first time that they had come to Earth, to observe and become involved with us. They could have come at any time, but it was clear to them that our civilization was beginning to develop, and that an important time was coming which would lead to great change here on Earth.

"The ability to project thoughts to another place on the planet is very common and is the socially accepted method of visiting. Telepathy, the ability to communicate by thought, is practiced by most of the population. Devices such as phones are non-existent. Try for a moment to envision what life would be like if everyone on the planet were contributing part of their thought energy to a common pool that was used to protect the health and well-being of the planet, the animal kingdom, the food, and the health of all inhabitants. There would be no greed, hate, anger, or negative thinking, but only true understanding and love among everyone.

"Even though most communication is mental, there is till a tube type of system to travel around the planet. You can travel to almost anywhere on the planet in a very short time. This tube system is mostly above ground and available to everyone. When you are riding in the tube, there is no sensation of movement because the problems of gravity and energy have long been overcome by Pleiadean science. The tube cars are something like our monorail systems on Earth, but are far more advanced and intelligent. As with other structures on Erra, the tubes can think and carry on a conversation with you about your destination, and answer any questions you may have about the scenery or topography of the planet (more primitive tubes of this variety were also used on Earth by the Anasazi to travel on the long straight roads they built, having no wheels as such).

". . . Because of this, everyone is able to share in the resources of their world in accordance with their contribution, without the fear of greed and power. This has made their life more pleasurable, and creates an environment where the quality of life is considerably higher.

". . . . Divorce is not allowed because they feel this is an offense against the Laws of Creation. If the marriage laws are broken, the partners are exiled from the planet, but this rarely happens. They believe in many kinds of love, especially in friendship and marriage which are very closely related, as well as the love of all creatures."

Pleaideans have been the most 'abducted' group of people also because it is their DNA that has been driving the experimetns on DNA-manipulation and DNA-dissolution practised in the chemtrail spraying of the last two decades and more:

From Volume 1:

How Vegan & Pleiadean Volunteers Work on Earth

"In the meantime the Vegans, those from Lyra and those from the Pleiades have also chosen ways to influence the human movement toward throwing off these would be oppressors. The Vegans send some of their most advanced beings to be born on earth with earthly parents and to grow and develop and do their work to help prevent this take over of the planet by these Empire, Federation and Network aliens. This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadeans have also their volunteers. There have been those who came in space ships and met directly with individuals ( Billy Meier ) and met directly with individuals who were open and desirous of meeting with them. These entities even gave warning about the Orion Empire and sought to prevent the treaties (with the US Government), but failed to do so*. (* In Behold A Pale Horse page 202, William Cooper speaks also about a race of humanoid aliens --author)

"Therefore, while they seek to help in whatever ways they can to hinder the Orion Empire in its conquest or the Draconians in their various invasion plans, they avoid direct interference in the affairs pertaining to these entities on Earth They are even careful not to talk about these entities as being dangerous or enemies of theirs or of mankind. Those from Lyra also incarnate into human form to help change the vibrations and instill a sense of spiritual meaning into the lives of those whom they come in contact with. These are the ways whereby the amalgamation of star systems works together to help Earth in its struggle for survival and for spiritual enlightenment. . .

through Paul Shockley - The Aquarian Church of Universal Service

From Anna Hayes, from her Voyagers; The Sleeping Abductees, about the Zetan (Greys) agenda here on Earth: ""The Starseeds also are able to more easily partake of multidimensional communication, which enables them to "go" above the frequency fence "the Zeta are working now to "erect" within the human DNA code (remember, the frequency fence is a type of sound technology that utilizes contrived frequency modulation). Because the Starseed is already re-linked, to some degree, to its original Soul Matrix the Zeta cannot perform a forced matrix transplant upon a Starseed without first dismantling the Soul Matrix. This is very difficult to do with the technology they have available. And the Starseeds are protected multi-dimensionally by the Zionites, as well as by other groups (enlightened Zeta, Aethien, Ranthin, Sirian, Pleiadean, Breneau and many other presences). The Starseeds are the greatest threat to the old Zeta agenda, and so the Zeta try to find other ways in keeping them out of operation.

"Zeta do whatever possible to keep the Starseed from awakening to its true identity. A sleeping Starseed is not a threat (and is prime for manipulation). Much of the "brainwashing program" has been employed to keep the Starseeds sleeping through distraction and fear of their own identities as appearing "out of the norm." They have also instigated a campaign to create separation and segregation between the Starseeds and Earthseeds, and also between Starseed groups, thereby exerting social pressure upon the awakening individuals.

"The Zeta and the Interior Governments have also "pushed" in certain places and in certain times within the Medical communities. The movement to discredit holistic therapies, and to use drugs for the treatment of "emotional" conditions not of a psychotic nature, the prejudice within the psychiatric professions toward "spiritual" or "paranormal" experience, the repression of "women's issues" and "minority" rights--all of these things are fueled by Zeta "agitation" in the "right places at the right times." The Zeta and Interior also infiltrate religious communities when needed to insure that the factions will remain at odds, to ensure that humans will not band together in tolerance, for that would be the demise of the old Zeta agenda. You would not believe the issues within your public forum that have come under Zeta/Interior influence at one time or another. Why do you think issues of UFO sightings are repressed and censored from the media whenever possible? Who supports the networks? Advertisers,of course. Who might be influencing conglomerates "behind the scenes"? Perhaps a few "little grey shadows?"

Although not a direct participant in the Civilizations of the Twenty-Four, the Ashtar Command was created from a peaceful planet as an example for all non-peaceful planets to emulate. It is a planet which has seven major cities enclosed in crystal domes, or what appear to be crystal domes but are really energy fields held in place by a thought field from the general consciousness of the population there. According to the book A Pleiadean in Time, Ashtarians are very scientific; they are often researchers or inventors. They are tall and thin, and prefer to wear their hair long." (Their spiritual lesson is the morality of technology since they are the ones who create technology such as atomic weapons used by other Beings)