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Adam . . . and Eve
The past few days have seen myself and some other spiritual warriors
on a trip to Mt.Shasta to free up the feminine energy in the
planetary Grid associated with the mountain and that entire area of
upstate California and southern Oregon.

Freeing up the control the darkside had over it was not an easy task
and is still only partially accomplished. Wars are not won that

On the way back to San Diego our MI assignment also led us to Death
Valley. Our mission there was to help free up and eventually destroy the dark
egg below the area holding the trapped consciousness of cities such as Tucson
and Albuquerque as described in earlier articles.

Sounds a little far out, but both those with me may eventually share their
experiences of thre events because both were able to 'see' and 'feel' and 'know'
what was taking place in the work they were doing.

I am now off to the East Coast to New Hampshire where the stolen cosnciousness
is being held 'captive' and to do some other grid work there including,
hopefully, freeing up the stolen female energies ata grid point in New York

The war is being fought as most people sit in their living rooms not even
realizing a war is going on, and for those of you who are the 'Lightworkers',
time is running low for you to step up to bat, or to at least be prepared for
what is going on and the worse things yet to come.

As an update on the Creational story I will ahve to work on over the summer
should we alls till be around by then, its eems the flaw in this area of
creation really did have a beginning with the first 'bite of the apple' by the
female. Guidance knows many women and men alike will revolt at that idea, but if
you have followed any of what has bene written throughout my work then this will
begin to fill in the blanks.

Also it is helpful for those who understand what is going on to know that
Thoth, the Darth Vader character written about in earlier works is currently
holding an armistice against the forces of Light for the chance for his mother
energy to have a further opportunity to heal herself. This gives us all a sigh
of relief. The darkside is crumbling, brought to a checkmate place where what is
to come will mean a healing for all of us if only we wills tep up to the
responsibility we shouldered when we came here to serve.
the following is a letter to the Eve being here on Earth from the Spiritual
Hierarchy about her past and potential for healing. it serves a s agrander
lesson to us all about what has until now been perceived as the victim state of
womanhood and the real need for its healing.

Dear E. . . .,

Or should we refer to you as you called yourself throught the ages,
and among those who you manipulated, away from their own eyes and
understanding... Queen of Darkness. Elightening sound through your
newborn self will, you are the banshee queen that instead of
encoding others with sound would do it with terror, disguised as
Light that you stole from Lucifer after stealing it from him, and
him from his special reserves, the little precious that he had.

Being double as you are. You are the one in need of healing more
than any other Light infused being ever made through Creation.

The path that you chose led to darkness, your experiments led
Enjliou and Callia to face each other differently, and to deal with
each other differently, and so Enjliou, rejecting his new dark self,
could do nothing else but vomit up what became Lucifer, the bringer
of light - the one who attracted you, oh shiny princess of

Take heed that there is nothing darker than the control and the
manipulation that can be brought through self will, that you had,
separate from FATHER.

FATHER made you unto his image, as a female vessel, to further
enlarge CREATION and make it a thousandfold larger. You were to
house it as another MOTHER entity, a counter part of this CREATION.
And the level of complexity would become a million fold, naught, far
grander as it cannot be described with words..

As you were made unto his image, you had free will. The grandest
gift of all. Freedom. You went to explore it before being filled and
made a MOTHER SPIRIT. You went to wander and you met your child
those that were less enlightened than you, and you experimented with
them, AGAINST the call of FATHER who sought you to see, but not
change the balance and the way of harmony in CREATION.

You seek your own CREATION, clearly to bend FATHER to your will, as
the new highest will, as a thief of his CREATION, and a woman that
has no end to her selfish desires.

You make and you inflict what is felt since darkness came to be
E. . . - Haarenesh Eckat Moonosh (Mother of Darkness and Dark
Beings), Mother of Dark Tought and dark beings infused with it.

You made the dark matter itself. Your presence and existence as you
uphold it, maintain the level of darkness in the Superuniverse that
Enjliou is responsible for. You are the one that keep this blackness
here in his House.

Your thoughts of separation made this split. You made this unto
Enjliou and Callia, to play, and experiment the new, and the
unbalanced, against the will of the Highest, against the FATHER who
you loved but would choose to not love any more.

Then your darkness, the unbalance brought by you, and the birth of
Lucifer as your first newborn child, your first experiment.

He made his first friend and boyfriend to be a henchman - Thoth.

Thoth was there learning his ways up, and you gave the way up, and
you had sex with him, making yourself a whore and a victim of his
voracity for Love and for the Light that he could never create or
reach otherwise.

The darkness would see you as no originator of darkness, or as
anything but a lost angel, which you pretended to be - even to
yourself, in denial of what you had done. In denial of your
responsibility for creating the first inbalance ever. Older than

Making the effort to forget and blocking your own Light, you made
yourself seem lesser and separated but you still are the highest one
in Creation alongside the FATHER.

The reason that you are not the portal to the Highest Dimensional
level of CREATION is that you deny the respect and the fact that you
are, so that you can experiment, and play with things, walk in
circles in denial.

Lucifer cannot bend you to his will. Thoth cannot rape you. You let
them do such things, you had control over things. All along.

You are the one being chased, because you want it. You will be
disconnected, by FATHER, at the time you decide to become lost.

You cannot be left away, not forever. This whole story has been
played in order to enlighten you to the possibility of an easier way
to seeing what is and what is not.

Yet, if you deny this, you cannot and will not be let go. This is
marked to end, this is closure.

Your Light is to be shrinked, and as you deny yourself the purpose
that you were born with, you will be given another one, the
beginning from zero point. Enjoy your eternity of being experimented
by others, and learning with your own pain. The pain that you
caused, will be learned by you, your experiment will gain new value,
and become far grander than you could imagine it to be.

This is no lie, as Andr? likes to put it. It is the final truth, and
you can take it in, calmly, slowly, and come to unmake your doings.

Or you will be certainly undone, and from a very fresh start, led
and educated to become, what you once were, and decided not to be,
with your own Free Will.

HAROON and RAJ along with the Spiritual Hierarchy