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after the reign of darkness and more
After the Reign of Darkness John Jr.
Thoth can you tell me what will happen after the reign of terror by the darkside is over?

Dear One,

I understand. First off, you know that the planet is taking a
new course with a new history. The dark side is just that, history.
The new trinity of Light, Love,and Sound is soon to take over. At that point the darkside looms not over mankind. It is the dawning of a new utopia unlike anything ever in creation. A magical time. You will in this lifetime witness enormous changes taking place. Fear not. Be glad in your heart that you will be a part of it.

We love you. Remember always. You know not the love like that which is coming to your planet. Your friends from long ago shall return and all of the great mysteries shall be revealed. A glorious time awaits. All of mankind will undergo a re-awakening led by Spirit, and manifested by the FATHER\'s love. Daily I want you to get in touch with our CREATOR. HE is everything. Ask us to guide you, and remember the FATHER lies in each and every spirit. Ask for Us to show Him to you, and He will show you to Us. RELAX throughout the day, as it is hard to reach you. Let Us envelop your light body here on the Earth plane. We applaud your efforts, but We have a game to win. You are a good teamplayer, and as desperate for victory as are WE. Do not find yourself being bound to the intricacies of time. WE are on your side. WE are eternal. Once again, ASK US. It is OUR job as guides to steer you into the Love of creation and its bliss. Feel for it. Yes you felt the warmth of Harene, She was with you yesterday for a short time. You will feel Her with you more often. She loves you immensely, and misses you more than I do. Be good, my son. This is all I have for you right now. Ride in peace today, I\'ll be back with you in spirit.

With Love and Light-
In Trust

2. Earning The Right To Return

10-11-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One.

After the śReign of Darkness\", all of Creation will benefit from the Healing of this SuperUniverse, however, not all of mankind will be returning to help rebuild the Planet. Only those who have chosen and earned the right to return will be coming back for this glorious time. To earn the right to return one must have surrendered to Higher Will and helped in the process that is happening now by fulfilling their mission. Even if you have not fulfilled your original mission or the time has passed for that mission there are many śmissions\" that still need doing.

The new paradigm intended for the planet can only be brought forth by those who have completely surrendered and can follow instructions from Higher Will. There will be no place here for that individual at that time that is still under the control of self-will as they could once again be used by the darkside and the whole thing could start all over again.

If you want to be a part of the rebuilding of the planet you MUST surrender now and get your moment-to-moment guidance as quickly as possible, as this is the only way to be a part of the future of Planet Earth and avoid going on to learn your lessons elsewhere someplace not too different from where you are now.

The 5th dimensional state is one where thoughts manifest instantaneously. What would it be like for souls who cannot control their thoughts to exist in a state of such \'ultimate\' power to manifest things. As Peter has told you so much of what he sees in other yahoogroups are people who want to manifest every desire and indulgence they have at this time, to get \'the secret\' to ultimate power - yet in truth they would be like King Midas and the Golden Touch which turns everything to disaster. Hence the common saying which has come to the fore over the past few decades on your planet --\"Be careful what you wish for . . .\"

Too many there are who have not yet learned this lesson and only seek to indulge their own self-will. This will no longer be tolerated on this planet and will certainly bar the door to anyone\'s ascension who has not mastered their own understanding of self-will versus Higher Will.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

3. Channeling Your Own Mission - peter farley

Peter: Minu, As a matter of fact we just set up a little section on
my website yesterday to deal with just this sort of request . . it
contains the first 6 of 10 articles I\'ve written on how to channel
and connect with your own Guidance. You can access it at channeling_ your_mission. php

Because the time is so late into the ascension process Guidance is perfectly willing to have me help anyone who is willing to do the work and wants to help others. There are plenty of other articles on the website to help as well, and I noticed you joined the yahoogroup there are plenty of others who have used this simple technique along with some help to begin connecting and channeling their own Guidances as well.

Don\'t try force anything. Read the Lesson #1 of how to do it and then
just find yourself a quite spot and do it -- no one is judging you or
your attempts and your Guidance really wants to be there to connect
with you as you have some important things to do here in helping
counteract the dark agenda of Orion.

Send me what you get on a daily basis and we\'ll see where you are
headed with this and I cnanfor you until you get on your
feet. There are others in the group with similar missions to yours,
they just have not yet gotten up the courage to find out on their own, so maybe your efforts will help boost their willpower to help
get it all going.

Bw, Peter

4. No Time - Marco

Dear One,

The most used excuse to not take part in the spiritual work or mission is \"I
have not Time\" or \"I am too Busy\".

That is thinking under the influence of the matrix and not thinking in

For example, you can still live and spend less, give up the car, find a cheaper place
or way to live etc.
These are possibilities but they are not seen or people don\'t want to
see them because of the influence of the Matrix AND because of the attachment to the wealth and comfort. So mostly then people will use an excuse.

Therefore I say you, it\'s more important to do spiritual work than being a
slave to society. If you start working for creation, creation will help you
with all, also with ENOUGH financial resources. So hereby the excuse of no time
/ too busy has lost its truth. What remains is you\'re willingness to belief
and give up some comfort so you can help with something wonderful, the
Creation, the plan of the FATHER, the working together of souls.

The more you know of the working of Creation, the more you realize what
truly is important and meaningful. Make the choice today so that you really
can become rich in the most valuable meaning of the word.

Delicia of the Council of Light