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Alien Abduction and Dream Wars Part 2
Alien Abduction and Dream Wars Part 2
Andre Gonzatti and Peter Farley

In the dreamscape there are already some outposts, but people
sometimes dodge them for fear or feelings of shame or that they are
not ready to connect yet because of ego's attachment to other groups,
a separation or blockage of True Divinity expression and perception.

The outposts are already filled with people, but most of them only go
once and then give up what they are to do in this lifetime due to
attachment. The vibration of the dimension they are healed at still
doesn't allow them to perceive what is in store for them after they
reach new levels of surrender. Since they have no glimpse of how they
will feel and be when they are further healed, then they end up
heading to other places or giving themselves up to other types of
guidance that offer more candy than truth and healing.

Even with Our Light being true, earthlings have grown too attached to
the wrong idea of what is good and what is bad, and what is spiritual
and what is not. Sometimes they see truth as bad or offensive because
of how attached they are to old ideas inside their programming.

The proper way to detach people from their old patterns is by having
them notice the irony of how they pollute and then try unpolluting
them. Also how they become attached to how things fade away in their
lives without them disconnecting all the time, when they can simply
see that theses things have faded and now there are new things for
them to enjoy. Angels show it to them all the time but there is
extensive programming that slows down how they move through phases
and emotions, instead of learning on a faster lane.

Back on these bases under these deserted areas there is more
information being generated as they get to people and research how
they are able to also magnify attachment, especially to the feeling
of work for rewards: working further in dreams will also create a
sense of need for a reward, as it is a natural outcome. Then they
will receive none. They will feel further frustrated, and perhaps
pass on this feeling to others while they work on their 3rd
dimensional life that the rewards aren't good enough. But payment
will not increase, and the economy isn't getting much better,
inflation comes but no salary raises ensue. The mass consciousness
will feel this build up of frustration and pressure as well. Thus we
have the building up of a classical picture: a population angry with
too much work, little payment and less consumption power, due to the
increasing discrepancy between payment and prices.

Something will happen to direct all this anger. Like in Germany,
again there is a scenario where a group will have to be blamed. The
most probable group being blamed is one of the more marginal ethnical
ones. Sure this time it will not be the Jews, but instead the Latinos
and blacks, the scapegoats of immigration and illegal border
crossing. Imported as a cheap work force, now they will serve a new
purpose: that of a target and excuse for failure to contour financial
problems by the government while they feed the only industry that
matters: the propaganda industry. Civil war is at hand there, not
against the government alone, but also between the people that once
united in aiming at their governors. Divided they are better ruled,
and defeated. Now government can destroy more of its opposition and
have the other part join their side as "the favored and protected
ones". Kissing ass saves the day once again.

Aristenna and Ergotarh, Supreme High Councillor of the Spiritual
Hierarchy's Council of Light