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alien games
At least once or twice a week for the past 14 years I have received
\'invitations\' from one alien group or another to join and support their
agenda and help them with one thing or another. It is, however, only by
following the Guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy that I have been led
to meet the right people, be in the right places, to do the right
things, for all of Creation, not for one specific agenda or another.

Now, with the darkside leadership in this corner of the Universe in
tatters, with them retracting their darkside supporting energies from the New
World Order plans here on planet Earth, and with their plans to take full
control of the grid system and plug up all the female vortexes having been
foiled just like in a 25 cent melodrama, it is now that all these various
\'other\' groups want to come in and take over control of the seeming orphan and
place their agenda on its ascending body and on those who would and will go with
it. Oh, and of course they all want to take credit for what is happening now
and how it all came about, most particularly the Ashtar Command and other lower
level groups whose job it was to serve the Higher Will and not to be setting
their own agenda or ideas about control.

Here is just such a request from today, and yes, if you ever wondered,
my e-mail on a day-to-day basis does make the X-Files look like

Dear Peter
I am delighted by your openness and willingness to
pursue this...what I desire from you is your help in
grounding specifically 3 Etheric \"Cities\" to Earth and
by doing so we will change the matrix into from a
petro based economy into a Solar quartz
crystal...orgonic energy one...and when it occurs in
what will seem like the blink of an eye for those
unaware.... many that are tied to the old will be
altered forever.but as you well know it is time for
GM-Ford -the NWO ...thier power base to
disappear....the 3 Cities( Ashtar Command \"ships\")are
New Philadelphia overlapping the Vanutu
Islands...Jescara in the Jehu Kether Valley in
Southwest Virginia outside Tazewell and New Jerusalem
centered at the Nohoch Mul Pyramid in Coba in the desire on my end to play games with asking for your help as I have been guided to
do so...but should you for whatever reason not want to
help...I will respect your space and leave you be.

Blessings Brother
Mark T and Marduck Tov Monad \"responsible \" for him.

Now I could have been more polite with my response to this gentleman who wanted
to treat this old tired general like an ignorant young buck
private, but I\'m too old, too tired, and seen and done too much to play games
with anyone who seeks to take control of any part of Creation out of the hand of
those whose rightful job it is now to help it all heal -- the Spiritual
Hierarchy, the true spiritual hierarchy and not those claimed by others working
for the darkside and/or the Nibiruans. Most particularly this now falls to
ENJLIOU and CALIEFAH, the Creator Son and the Infinite Mother Spirit of this
Super Universe of Nebadon, those who have been through so much since Its
inception, and who have Both struggled to regain control of what so many thought
to be lost, and in the process to heal THEMSELVES and the children THEY both
helped to manifest here in order to experience the FATHER\"s Love and to gain
their own awareness of the grandeur of who they all are - infinite pieces of One
Grander Whole.

With most of you in this group coming from other places, other worlds,
other races, always go beyond the small personal agendas of any of these \'home
worlds and always DEMAND to serve, to channel, to be one with that which is the
Highest, for eventually that is where you will always want to be.

In service, Peter