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Aliens and the Galactic Neighborhood
Aliens and the Galactic Neighborhood
by Peter Farley

A few months ago I sat in a hotel room with a handful of other people and watched a ?man?, a bi-product of the Montauk experiments, morph his face into what turned out to be every ?person? he had ever been during his lifetimes in this Universe. Among those faces were the various aliens he had ever been?here the yellow-eyed demonic kind, there a red-eyed face with ridges where there should normally have been cheeks, strange facial structures, odd head shapes?all-in-all a one man Star Wars galactic bar.

A human-alien hybrid in this lifetime, he was created to work in the multi-dimensional time experiments related to the Philadelphia Experiment. All his life this man had been hounded by the Secret Government?harassed, tormented, and persecuted?for the knowledge he contained within his mind and, even more, within his genes. Like an X-Files episode, he was a ?mistake? the government wanted to cover up.

Just a few short weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with one of the abductees dealt with in Constance Clear?s book ?Reaching For Reality.? This abductee worked with the aliens on a nearly day-to-day basis. Although she was quite used to it, there were still times in her life in which she felt she was being used against her will.

Then, two weeks ago, I sat with the representative of the Galactic Federation on Earth at the Prophet?s Conference in Santa Fe, NM, and discussed what had brought so many high levels beings together to attend this particular conference. Seemingly there were more prophets in the audience than there were on stage at this event. Everyone of these special people I spoke with agreed that it was a meeting on a higher dimensional level of beings, drawn from all over the world, to discuss the current precarious future of the human race.
The most recent statistics suggest that more than 57 percent of Americans believe in UFOs, while fifteen percent say they have seen a UFO, and 5 percent say they have been abducted. When you take a step into the world of a UFO researcher such as myself, there is no question about the alien presence on the Earth ? nor its constant involvement with human affairs on an ongoing basis.

The thing that scares me, however, is when I hear that 86 percent of those who believe in aliens say they think that aliens are friendly. Now that kind of blanket attitude really scares me. Go back and watch the old TV mini-series ?V,? and then think again.

The metaphor I like to use when speaking of aliens is our ?neighbors? and our ?neighborhood.? And just as in our local neighborhoods here on Earth, there are some neighbors who are friendly, there are some who are not. Do you get along with all your neighbors? Do you like everyone who lives around you? No. Are all of them honest and forthright? No. And that is the way it is in the Universe too. While we may be on one of the lowest rungs of galactic existence?it doesn?t mean there aren?t others who have some of the same problems we experience here on Earth. As one abductee said to me, the aliens don?t all like each other, sometimes they just have to work together. That is the idea of a Federation of Planets ala the Federation in Star Trek. It is well known that Gene Roddenberry , the show?s creator got many of his ideas from channeled material from a galactic group calling themselves ?The Nine.?

The book I have just finished, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?, details this alien interaction with planet Earth which has helped both create and shape the problems we have are currently having, and have had here on Earth, since long before what we like to call ?recorded history.?

Like amateur voyeurs we like to peek at our neighbors and hypothesize about what it is they are doing and what their motives are instead of accepting our place in their community and going out and being a part of the communal planning meetings that so desperately affect us at this time and in this stage of our growth.

It?s time for us to wake up folks and stop asking are they real? Stop listening to misinformation and work with those among us who are already in touch so that we may find out how we can educate ourselves, and take our rightful place in the larger galactic neighborhood to which we belong.