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all the warnings . . . are over
All the warnings . . .

Beneath this article are 12 links to articles on my website about the current Earth changes, the Shift itself, and what it all means spiritually. Guidance has me put those there to lead you to some foundation as to what's taking place right now because all the warnings about ´what's taking place' are over and it's now up to you to do your own homework if you're going to catch up and understand what you and your loved ones are now a part of. Don't expect to watch or learn any of this from the mainstream media or the nightly news. Certainly they'll document the individual events (or at least some of them) and once in a while they'll even take a stab at relating them to 2012 or some other absurdity. Nothing, however, will fill you in as well as doing your own homework or better still asking your own spiritual Guidance ( ).

It has become very obvious from events of the past years and particularly the past 9 months that the tectonic plates of the planet are ´shifting'. Whether this be because the planet is coming into alignment with galactic center, because the sun is having premenstrual cramps, or because God said so, only matters if you're planning on surviving the events and serving Creation by assisting to ground the new 5th dimensional paradigm on the settling planet. If you're not planning on staying then you need to have your direction and choices down pat because this is not only a major transition point for the planet and much of the solar system as well, it's also a major transition point for those whose God is self-will and not Higher Will. The New World Order/the Matrix/the Orion-Sirian Alliance, the Annunaki, the old Atlantean sorcerer warlords, the darkside, have all had their time and played their games on this planet long enough. The war to free up this planet has been won even if the darkside losers are desperately trying to destroy as much of the planet as they can before the balance of power shifts.

Hence, much of the economic destruction and wars and strife-torn civilizations are a by-product of the failed Great Plan of the New World Order to build the New Jerusalem across the North American continent and set up the phoenix-rising New Atlantis.

Despite what you read from all the conspiracy theorists, fruit loops and darkside plants you see posting on the internet, 80 % of the earth changes taking place ARE NOT due to HAARP or any other man-made devices. True the pollution of the air, the land, the waterways and oceans, yes, that's manmade and most often deliberately done since darkside members of differing alien origins can live in far more polluted environments than can the rest of us from gentler, kinder origins.

So anyhow, here seems to be the scenario that can be put together from all the earth changing events of the past few years, from the Hidden texts of Nostradamus (courtesy of Helen Parkes ), from Guidance, and from downright common sense – again, not specifying the cause for that is up to each individual to decide for him or herself.

The tectonic plates of the planet ( ) have been loosened due to some outside forces, potentially the Sun, the moon and some far more distant pulling on the surface of the Earth. Each subsequent earthquake or swarm of earthquakes then loosens this jigsaw piecrust surface a little more. The major quakes in Indonesia, off the coast of Japan, Peru and New Zealand have all been proven to have affected the rotation of the planet and to have further created a domino effect of one plate pushing against another and pressures rising. Many people talk about a poleshift related to all this, and even although the geomagnetic poles seem to be moving, even the man who wrote the book on poles shifting (John White) agrees this does not seem to the scenario this time (though I'm sure he's making lots of money from his book expressing both ideas). One b-grade movie of a few years back, Absolute Zero, suggests that a 15 degree tilt in the axis of the planet happens thus causing great ice ages to occur in a very short amount of time. To be taken a lot more seriously is Nostradamus' suggestion that a 5 degree shift in the axis of the planet would occur, bringing with it utter devastation for various reasons such as tidal waves, unheard of winds, and instantaneous cold snaps (perhaps what happened to the mastodons, snap frozen standing up with fresh green leaves still in their mouths). Consider a, or a few, large earthquakes along the lines of what the planet has been experiencing and perhaps even greater ones occurring and this shifts the planet so badly that the Chandler Wobble then becomes a dramatic tilt. The wobble itself suggests that the planet has experienced some destabilizing events before. The fact the the planetary geological calendar has shifted from 360 days in a year/cycle to 365 ¼ days also hints at major catastrophes occurring which can effect the entire planet in very short amounts of time. This could occur at any moment of any day and would bring significant changes to much of the land and ocean surfaces of the planet in mere hours, not days or weeks or years.

Through all my Guidance-inspired writings and living 24/7 under Guidance's direction, this appears to be the most-likely scenario we are all now facing, not the sudden rapturous disappearance of millions lifted off and becoming invisible instantaneously. Many millions, perhaps even billions, will die much as many thousands disappeared during the Sendai earthquake and resulting tsunami. One can't take it all personally. One can't go saying they hadn't been warned. No one can say they weren't given choices to ascend along with the planet, to be prepared for the earth changes we're already experiencing. There are no victims in war. There are no children in war. We've all been here done this before, most particularly at the various breakups of continents such as Lemuria and several times of Atlantis. Many of us didn't listen to the warnings then either. The time for warnings is past, the days are growing very short in terms of the approaching mega-quake or mega-event that will then, as Nostradamus suggests, trigger a further series of events that will rapidly shift the planet's place in the heavens forever. And thankfully so.

Joseph Smith knew to prepare his Mormon followers for just such an event. Unfortunately, just as with the Mastodons, most people don't listen to their spiritual Guidance or even heed the warnings of the animals dying off or acting strange all around them. The clues go in one ear and out the other to be replaced for what Target has on sale for Father's Day or what's happening today in the Casey Anthony trial. NO judgment here but the planet will do well with a few less morons, a few less self-serving people. But most of all, this entire event will mark the end of the reign of the New World Order on this planet for good. Get this all over and done with and then we can face them once again as the Star Wars continue, this time on a less controlled battlefield, and we shall win again there as well . . . until darkness no longer rules in this or any other corner of Creation.

Wishing you wise choices in this very short time left, Peter

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