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always one more thing - mutant reps
Always One More Thing -- Mutant Reps
by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

The thing about a war is that there's always one more thing to do
until the war is won once and for all.

A member of the group reported to me the serious illnesses her family
had been experiencing up in the hills near Susanviille, CA, northwest
of Reno, NV. My writings on 'critters', she said, had rung a bell for
her, and every opportunity we tried to create to get her and her
family sound-encoded had fallen through. Even our e-mails got 'lost'
between her and I as they so often do for many people seeking my

Finally it came down to what we knew Guidance would have us do and
that was to go up there to deal with the area-wide situation we were
perceiving to be the cause of the problem. Since I don't look at much
of the issue before it comes time to have to deal with it (true
moment-by-moment living in the now)the one clue I got was "the Hills
Have Eyes'. Now this is a particualrly nasty recent movie
about ´mutants´ created by nuclear testing having a fair old feast on
the tourists they manage to trap out in the Nevada desert. I
complained to Guidance when They had me go see it but always know
it´s going to come in handy somewhere.

The member of the group listed some of the issues going on with her
family since they moved to the area some time ago: "Jd, Tawn, and
James have all been scheduled for surgeries. Jd´s is on the 13th of
Sept. to repair L4-5-5-6-6-7,S1-2, Tawns and James exact dates
haven´t been set but was told sometime next week, James is having
both feet done, bunions have grown under the bone and have to be cut
away. Tawny´s is not only her kidneys, it´s her right Knee, she tore
her ACL in a gymnastics accident and has had 11 repairs done already,
the damage is so extensive they want to do a partial knee
replacement. Oh, I was reading one of your articles earlier, you
talked about cats, I have a cat I´ve had for 17 years ( she sleeps
with me ) as I can´t lay flat due to the severe muscle spasms and
tremors, but several times a night she makes a very disturbing sound
runs up and down the hallway with her hair straight up. I have to
call her to me and calm her down, would this be some kind of
confirmation of some critters around here?? Maybe just way to many
wacko things for one family."

When I mentioned the movie, she e-mailed in reply: "Peter, I don´t
know what to say, I´ve always hated scary movies, as a child I didn´t
even like cartoons because I didn´t find anything funny in cats and
dogs hitting each other. But I did watch that movie. Was it not
about Mutants who targeted a family who broke down near them? Peter,
we live 35 miles from the Herlong Army Depot, have a Lot of Cemtrails
the last few years as well as The Plumes that blow our way from the
so called "old bombs" they were exploding two and three times a day
that shook our foundation. Lost quite a few friends to cancer, and a
very dear friend to a Brain Tumor last January.

"Or are we literally talking about the very scary people that have
been talked about that live in the hills behind Herlong and go all
the way to Red Rock, tales about Black magic and animal and child
Rituals ? They used to shoot at my husband when he worked for the
Road Department and had to clear the roads of snow. I thought it was
that we just all needed to cleanse and detox our bodies and center

Well personal health issues are one thing but when one finds out
about the true nature of planet Earth and the interdimensional war
taking place -- everything takes on a deeper meaning and makes us all
question the real causes affecting us and our families.

So, anyhow, Guidance had Sue Ann and I drive the 500 + miles up there
yesterday, and arriving close to the site Sue Ann channeled the
following info to let us know what had to be done:

"Dear One, (through Sue Ann)
"We want you to clear out the nest of reptilian mutations that are a
breeding program here in this area. This mutation is a particularly
nasty one that is very dark and nearly everyone in the area is
infected to some degree, very similar to the ´Alien´ series of movies.

"The inmates at the local prison and the military personnel have been
used extensively in the program.

"The area has a very large energetic crack that has allowed many
underground reptilians and critters to surface. This needs to be

"We will give Peter further instructions.
With great Love, Aristenna."

Arriving close to this lady´s house, Guidance had me energetically
close down this rift as They have had us do in many other areas on
our travels. The problem was the other outlet for the darkside
energies was on the other side of the mountains just outside Portola
so we kept on driving and had both done by about 9.30 p.m.

A short nap along the way and we were both back in Vegas for lunch,
another battle won, but still so many more to fight.

The next step will be to energetically long-distance remove whatever
is effecting each member of her family (her hubby ONLY AFTER he gets
out of the hospital --the source of so many critters and reptillian
attachments) --and then come time for the next sound encoding, do the
whole family that some of their weakened strength will return.

Aristenna´s channeling just how helps bring closure to this episode --

9/22/07 (through Sue Ann)

"Dear One,
"The work Peter did yesterday near Susanville, CA, was about closing
down a reptilian breeding program. In an effort to create
controllable creatures that can more easily pass as human and to
which Soul may more easily bond, the darkside had attempted to create
a clone/reptilian mutant. However, this ´creature´ has not been able
to receive nor hold on to a soul. It was important for
the ´creature´ to hold on to a soul so it could reproduce on its own
so as to be independently self-replicating. [As the Grays have also
been trying to do now for some time without much success]

"By inserting this 4th dimensioanl ´creature´ into a ´physical´ body,
especially a human body [Peter has already shut down the attempt to
do this with the dogs bred for household pets in Flagstaff], the
darkside had hoped to have accomplished this. These Sirian reptilians
are still not as advanced as those who originally manipulated the
existent human form as explained in Zecharia Sitchin´s books.

"Humans and these 4th and 5th dimensioanl mutations have been found
to not be very compatible with the normal human body. Though some
have found great success in ´taking over´ bodies, they have not
necessarily been able to fully inhabit it for reproductive purposes.
A prolonged presence causes much illness and long term dieases in the
host as the two energies fight for control over the physical form
[see earlier wrigins on the work done in Virginia].

"Peter closed up the extensive crack or energetic fault line that was
being used as the passageway between their labaratory and the
surface. With this doorway closed their experiment will have to shut
down at least for now as there is no further access to their local
guinea pigs. [WE have noticed and earlier written about seeing a
simlar things taking place along the fault line surrounding Bishop,
CA, and Yucca Valley, CA --work for another day!]

"These ´creatures´ can now easily be removed as their energy source
has been cut off and the ´scientists´ are now trapped below the

"We are very grateful for this closing of the darkside facility as it
once again threatened to undo much of the work that has already been
done to get this planet ´safely´ into ascension.

With much Love and gratitude.
Aristenna, of the Spiritual Hierarchy´s Council of Light.

And so another 1200 mile day done, the return to Las Vegas wasn´t
without its events too, but that´s a story for another day. *Smile

Best wishes to all concerned and thanks for the support of those who
assist in every possible way.

In service, Peter --and Sue Ann.