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American Slavery -New World Order, no matter what
We are all slaves to the New World Order no matter what
gender, color, ethnicity or race we are. Nothing has changed
since the genetic manipulation of us by the Annunaki less than
100,000 years ago, only the growing realization of our own part
in allowing this all to happen . . once again.

American Slavery
By Jolly Roger

The average American in the year 2005 lives a fragile existence,
in a struggle for survival that can be ended by missing a few
paychecks. The carrot at the end of the stick which was formerly
known as "the American dream" has been replaced by a whip
that can best be described as the American nightmare of
homelessness, and slow, early death. You no longer work to
achieve a better life for yourselves and your children. You work to
keep a roof over your head, and you pray that you don't lose it.
You became a slave when fear replaced incentive as your
motivation to work, but I still suggest that you work while you
can, because if the company you work for can't send your job
overseas, the U.S. government is allowing 2000 people per day to
enter this country illegally, because they're willing to do your job
for less.

It doesn't matter if you're a "white collar" or "blue collar"
employee. If you're an American, you're too highly paid. There
are billions of people who want your job, and your government is
doing all they can to see that you lose it to them. You see, we're
not really Americans anymore. Now we're just anonymous faces
in the "global village," because our government has sold our
nation to foreigners and international bankers, and the new
bankruptcy law has doomed the American citizen to a life of debt
slavery. They'll insist that illegal immigrants are only doing jobs
that Americans refuse to do, and you'll probably believe it,
because if you're watching the TV that shovels that stuff, you
probably still have your job. The illegal immigrants are doing jobs
that Americans always did, and every unemployed American I
talk to can't find a job anywhere. And just like the European
immigrants that flooded this country before the economic
depression of the 1930's, today's illegal immigrants also have no
gripe with a government that has allowed them to work for high
wages in America, while sending billions back to their homeland.
Nor do they care very much about our constitution, bill of rights,
or way of life. They're only here for what they can grab, and our
government has welcomed them with open arms, because
they're grabbing it from you.

You're already working much longer, and much harder, to
achieve a much lower standard of living than the previous
generation, and 25 percent of working Americans no longer even
get a vacation. The Social Security retirement age has been
raised to match the life expectancy of American males, so
apparently, you're also expected to work until you're dead. When
you do finally get a vacation, the only trip you'll be taking will be
in a pine box, and that's only if you're one of the lucky ones.
Most of us will only get the state-issued canvas bag that gets
tossed into the pit with all the others.

If you don't mind the fact that you'll be working until you're
dead, you might also want to consider the fact that you'll get
nothing for your labor, because this nation's economy is about to
crash like a freight train, and when it does, everything you've
worked for will vanish. After the depression gets ugly, and your
family has made the adjustment from three meals per day to
three meals per week, the newspapers will blame your hunger
on "the economy," as if it were some magical force that
uncontrollably ruined a couple of hundred million lives. Nothing
could be further from the truth.

Politicians and international bankers can manipulate national
economies at will, much in the way the media manipulates your
mind, and a decision has been made to impoverish Americans
(except for the ruling elite members and their families and other
offspring), because global government requires that everyone in
the world have an equally low standard of living. Simply put,
we're being robbed of all we've worked for, because our
government wants us to be poor, hungry, and docile, dependant
upon them for our existence, and in fear of them for our lives.
The government of the United States is intentionally destroying
the economy of the United States, because the politicians and the
international bankers they work for have decided that the
American way of life and catering to the demands of the
American constitution, is simply too expensive.

Regardless of how wealthy you think you are, you actually have
no real money at all. The "federal reserve notes" that are in your
wallet, and your bank account, aren't really money, but are
actually only paper on a debt that can never be paid, not even
by combining all the assets and labor of every American alive
today. Any loan-shark with a third grade education will tell
you "the paper's no good," and naturally, the foreign investors
who allow us to float this debt, have come to the same

What is commonly known as the "U.S. dollar," represents a debt
that is owed by the U.S. federal government, to the federal
reserve bank. The federal reserve bank happens to be the
privately owned entity that lent the money that's represented by
the paper in your wallet. The federal reserve act signed away
everything you own, and the fruit of your labor as collateral on
this debt, and as foreign investors are becoming increasingly
unwilling to invest the $2 billion per day needed to cover the
interest, our creditors will want to collect it.

About 90 percent of all Americans are mortgaged to the hilt, and
would have little or no assets left if all debts and liabilities were to
be paid.* Most Americans have taken advantage of low interest
rates, and are now paying a mortgage on their homes. The
booming real estate market has made every purchase profitable,
because the price of a home always rises. The problem is that
the price of a home today is incredibly over-inflated, and the real
estate boom that's been keeping the American economy afloat, is
about to bust. Interest rates are going to rise, and the price of
your home is going to drop drastically, which will leave you stuck
paying for a house that probably wouldn't pay the interest on
your debt if you sold it. If you're lucky enough to remain
employed, inflation will shred your paycheck until you can no
longer make mortgage payments (i.e. rising gas, food and utility
prices). This is when you need to remember that when a nation's
economy collapses, the wealth of the nation doesn't disappear, it
only changes hands.

Millions of Americans are about to be tossed into the street, and
because we're a kinder and gentler America, from the street
they'll be tossed into shelters (if they can find one). Once in the
shelter, they'll be wards of the social service system, which will
make sure they all have food, and a bed to sleep in. In exchange
for that food and shelter, the "welfare reform" act will put them
to work at jobs where they will collect no additional salary. I
guess the idea of "welfare reform" is a lot more acceptable to
Americans than "forced labor" but regardless of what you call it,
many Americans will soon experience slavery once again, and the
slaves are not just sweeping public streets. Under the welfare
reform act, many Americans are being put to work for private
companies for no wages other than the cost of their food and
shelter, both of which constitute the bare minimum requirements
of survival. By causing the economy to collapse, and
then "saving" the poor, our government can legally force millions
of Americans into slavery. The new slavery will be blamed on "the
economy," and it will employ a much larger percentage of the
population than it did before the civil war.

To understand how they're accomplishing this, we need to turn
our thoughts back to our monetary system, because due to the
fact that it is no longer based on the gold standard, our
government is in control of the money supply, and that gives
them the ability to cause rampant unemployment, which is
exactly what they're doing. The framers of the U.S. constitution
protected us from this brand of tyranny, but because Americans
were foolish enough to ignore and/or trust their government,
they will become slaves, but most of them will blame themselves
for their plight.

Article 1, Section 10, of the U.S. constitution clearly states
that "no state shall... make any thing but gold and silver coin a
tender in payment of debts." The constitution's prohibition of "fiat
money" (what's in your wallet) guarantees that the wealth of the
nation remains in the hands of the people, which leaves the
government incapable of stealing the population's wealth, as
they're doing today. You can collect all the dollars that you like.
Our government decides what they're worth, and by keeping the
presses working overtime, they're insuring that the dollar will
soon be worthless.

The U.S. department of labor has also changed the way it
collects data regarding unemployment, which allows for the
fraudulent unemployment figures that are printed in the
newspapers, and allows working Americans to believe that things
aren't really that bad. Their new "household survey" system
avoids counting most of the poor by basing unemployment
figures on telephone surveys. A real estimate, based on
population and payroll taxes, reveals that about 25 percent of the
American workforce is presently unemployed, and that will
eventually force them into the social service slavery system.
Unless your mortgage and debts are completely paid off, and you
can still pay your property taxes, there's a good chance you'll
soon be joining them. Welcome to the third world, and to an
American world, where slavery is legal once again.

What are you going to do when your government forces you into
slavery? You can't avoid it, because if you're homeless, you'll be
rounded up and brought to a "shelter", where you'll be fed, and
probably medicated if you're not happy to be there. With so
many people becoming homeless, it will be easy for them to find
an apartment for you, and social services will pay your rent, and
give you food stamps.

Soon after that they will find you a job, but naturally, you won't
be taking home a paycheck because you're in debt to the social
service system. They'll tell you that you're working your way back
to independence, but since your salary will never be more than
your expenses, you'll work for free until you're dead. If you
refuse to work, the government "assistance" will be cut off, you'll
be back out on the street, and you'll probably do your next job
with a shackle around your ankle.

I'm not asking that you waste the time or paper required to write
your congressman, because they don't care what you think
anyway. What I am asking you to do is to remember something.
When the economy does crash, and you're forced into the street.
I want you to remember that this isn't your fault, and it's not the
result of a "bad economy." Please remember that you're poor,
hungry and homeless, because that's where our government
wants you to be, and they intentionally destroyed the U.S.
economy because they want you to suffer, and beg. And
regardless of how bad things get, never sell your rifle. -- Jolly

"Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the
capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing
process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and
unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.....
Lenin was certainly right." - John Maynard Keynes*

*90 percent of all Americans are mortgaged to the hilt, and
would have little or no assets left if all debts and liabilities were to
be paid. --- Rep. Traficant to U.S. Congress.

**John Maynard Keynes is the economist for whom our present
monetary system is named.

Unlike this nation's wealth, anything written by Jolly Roger is the
property of the American people, and the author hereby grants
permission to anyone who so desires to post, copy, forward or
distribute this letter as they see fit, and in fact, the author
encourages you to do