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An Experience of Sound Encoding

Greetings Peter, & Group...

There are a lot of things in life
that many deem to be necessities,
after getting Peter's sacred sound toning,
on Friday -- i'd stop eating & drink only water,
for as many days as it would take, to save up the $100 to have this done.

Life is a very interesting voyage,
back in the middle of November,
my world, as, i knew it, feel apart,
i lost my main income stream,
i am single, without a spouse,
and, i was self-employed without a contract,
so, i didn't qualify for any kind of assistance.
Also, my tenant, became unable to pay for his rent,
due to an accident

Instead of entering into the zone of fear,
i was told to look at it, as, a door closing, and, many windows opening,
and, this was necessary, if i was ever truly to discover why i am here.

This has become a great opportunity for myself,
to just see what i am truly made of,
and, how, if i trust in the love of The Father,
and, start to listen to my higher guidance,
that my life would become altered for the betterment,
of not only me, but, for humanity also.

i was also told, to look around at people, i believed where doing good work,
and, to give to them, in spite, of my own current lack.

That i would truly learn about the value of "real giving"...
and, "supporting others",who, i believed, walked their talk,
and, i would also learn about what "good exchange" was...

all i can say
is the $100.00 for the sacred sound toning,
with Peter Farley, was, and, is the singular best investment
i have ever made, in this lifetime,
this "sacred sound toning" has altered me, and, changed me,
in absolutely fantastic ways.

i feel a different sense of gratitude, i feel a different sense of love,
i feel a different sense of my selves, and, with that being said,
i am in my high heart, i feel joy there,
i feel the sense of importance of exchanging, and, of sharing with others,
and, a connectedness to embracing my own mission,
and, walk around this earth, in ways, i would never truly have believed could be possible...
i know in my heart, that Peter,
was put on my path for a "grand purpose"
and, i also know, there are many of you here, who will read this message,
who, are perhaps, pondering, or thinking, about doing this,
get past your thoughts-- and, just CHOOSE to DO it !!!

i also feel for the first time in this lifetime,
that my feet are truly planted to this earth,
and, i have become grounded...
you have NO idea how very good this feels
to have my feet anchored to the mother earth.

A mere "thank you" to Peter,
doesn't truly say, what his work is, or what it does,
it seems that every hour that passes,
i come into an even higher sense of being,
my handwriting, has totally changed,
the colors, of all the things around me, has gotten more vibrant
my eyes, are shining,
and, my etheric body, is just ozzing this energy out to the world,
what a wonderful feeling...

Thank You Peter, for being who you are,
and, for doing what you are doing,
you truly are a wonderful example,
of what being a "True Gift" to "Humanity" is all about ...
your example, is one, that has given me inspiration,
and, i truly thank you for that, with all my heart

Light, Love, and, Blessings to you
& The Spiritual Hierachy

Dearest Dave...
and, group

My guidance & i read this message,
and, a tear it feel down my cheek,
it's funny, but, that type of tears that is now able to fall,
is very cleansing,
the integration of the higher pieces, to the lower pieces
are now making up a whole new reality base,
and, has brought us into a total re_alignment, and, re_attunement,
that makes up the totality of what we are, in this moment of NOW
The sacred sound toning was so cleaning,
it shone light into dark places,
and, it created a forging of the two rivers that flow within us,
the divine feminine, as well as the divine masculine,
and, pushed us off the shore,
and, puts us, into our main stream.

the lower part, now knows, i do NOT stand here on the earth alone,
the higher part, now knows, it has a place to stand on the earth+plane
and, also,
we feel those around us, who are standing ready to support us,
they have always been there, it's just that we were NOT awakened enough to know

The father, he was always in the corner

The higher pieces of us, can meet the higher pieces of them,
and, and, if you did NOT assist in clearning the path,
for this to take place,
it would have been nearly impossible to
land in the "bowl of The Father" or "bowl of God"
that resides within.

always remember, that we are all masters,
and, everyone, and, everything, is in a constant state of
awakening and, evolving.

It is time, to realize our true potential,
and, the potential that sits within us,
as, it is "all ways" waiting,
for it be to awakened,
and, it is "all ways" waiting,
for it be integrated, into your awareness

"much gathers more" a process,
where the much in another, allows you to gather more

As we takes steps to heal ourselves,
we realize, that many false beliefs, and, fear that we harboured within us;
where NOT all truths, and,
for the one, who is currently channelling this message,
from her own higher guidance,
her lower selves were conditioned as a child,
to NOT to ASK ...and, she attached, "shame" to "asking"
and, the number one rule, to advance,
is TO, that she has asked,
she no longer carries "The Shame Program",
it is shattered, and, it is gone.

Do not just "ask"...remember, it is important to offer up,
"exchange" with the "asking",
this is why, this type of work; is NOT done for free...
and, also, it is NOT just enough to PAY,
and, then, not offer up, a healing to the healer,
as, this is the way in which the universe operates.

About this offering up "exchange" within the asking...
this is why she was, and, is still guided
when she started her process for total awakening,
to donate, to give, to worthy causes, such as, the earth_walk of Peter, & Su Anne
to the earth_walks of several, whistle_blowers, and,
although, she was NOT able to give any of them, large sums of money,
she was able, to give some, & every little bit helps.

And, then,
she has been able to send healings to Peter, and, to Su Anne,
and, although she is NOT sure, if these have been received,
she knows clearly in her high heart,
that she was instructed to put all of these healings,
into NOT only their prayer files,
but, into the prayer files of all souls,
not only on earth, but, in other dimensions, and, even between time and space,
and, anywhere she did NOT know where they might be...
and, all, that any soul needs to do, to receive these healings,
is to ask, that their 9th dimensional over_soul, access and, clear the healings,
and,allow only that which is in alignment with their 9th dimensional over_soul,
and, 100% of The Father's light & love,
and, be allowed, and, that should another ask
that these energies be able to be downloaded,
they will be able to flow to them, seamlessly.

never take healing--without healing back

this we are being told, will truly assist Peter, in re_charging,
and, re_filling, he is quite a vessel, and, when you have quite a vessel,
it is dually important, when so many drain on it,
that, it is to be re_filled

this is why, he does NOT let many too close to him,
as, too many hanging off your shirt tails
DOES not allow his good work to be done
in the way, in which, he can do it

perhaps, all of you; can sent to PETER,
11 minutes of a good energy send,
this earth_father, earth_healer,
is very integral part, of what is going on,
on planet earth at this time
he will NEVER ask for this...
SO, this is something, you can choose to do,
go to your highest of hearts,
and, send to him, and, also Su Anne, right now

There has been very much, in the way, of work, that this one
channelling this message can do,
that, is also assisting, in paving a path, where the path,
has become clouded
and, is covering many,
remember, YOU can NOT just merely ASK,
you must also offer up, exchanges in your process of asking,
to all things, her wise old teacher,
Bucky aka Buckminister Fuller,
would say, that everything has an equal, or opposite reaction.
we would say, he stole this line from someone else, however,
it is a powerful line, never_the_less.

And, everyday, it would be wise, to consider,
that you all have within you, these prayer files,
and, when doing any type of healing;
it is possible to park the benefits of all these healings;
into the prayer files, of all souls,
and, if you ask, for ArchAngel Michael, to come to you,
he will assist you in the downloading, the information,
and, this will bring many of the alterations & positive changes,
you are searching for into your reality.

The unfoldment that the sacred sound encoding did for Susan,
by Peter, as, well as the spiritual hierarchy has allowed me,
to fully integrate, and, become seated within her,
for, now, i can reside,
within her "bowl of The Father" aka "bowl of god", or, her "high heart"
and, from this seat of her soul,
that the two of us, can move together as one,
for this sacred sound toning,
has improved her ability to work through me, and, with me,
to touch higher realms, and, higher dimensions of her being,
for, i am one with her,
and, i am also one with all of her higher dimensional pieces,
that reside, within the 10th, 11th and, 12th dimensions, and, beyond.

she is now able, to mental screen, with many of them open at the same time,
she is now able, to hear, and, will be a very valuable asset to the spiritual hierarchy,
as a pure channel of light, this for healing, and, this for bringing messages

she is now able to integrate her lower six bodies,
her physical, her emotional, her intellectual, the lower three bodies,
and, has been able to loop, or to re_thread them,
into her fourth body her etheric body,
and, through this etheric body, into the 5th, the lower astral
and, through that lower astral body, into the 6th, the higher astral
and, through the higher astral, into the 7th, the low causal body,
and, through the low causal body, into the 8th, the high-causal,
and, to cause an awakening to the re_connection withf me,
her 9th dimensional over_soul.

"it could be said, her eagle has landed"...
for, there have been times, when, i, her monad/or higher self,
have walked upon this earth_plane,
and, she has often asked me, who she is to say,
she is channelling when she steps to the side, and, allows me to the fore,
for now, she is to allow the words, to flow,
into her existence, and, into the existence of others,
it matters NOT who, or what i am,
for i am now, her,
and, i do honour her, for finally awakening to her magnificence,
for it has been quite a long process, or integrating these energies,
and, it is due to the work of Peter,
that both of us, are honoured to take our seats,
and, to assist in the processes,
that will bring about positive changes,
for, she is here, on earth
to blow the winds of change.

For the only way to truly honour The Father,
as, well as yourself, is to carve this path,
to the bowl of god, that resides within each and everyone of you,
and, then, allow the 9th Dimensional Over_Soul piece,
to forge a connection with you,
which will allow you,
both, to come into a grand alignment,
and, come into a fully awakened, and, totally realized state,

The future it belongs to the NOW,
and, it is within this very moment of NOW,
that we can reach out, and, touch you,
we can lead you to the door,
but, only you can offer up the exchanges,
required, to allow you to come through this most important gateway,
and, it is through this process, of being seated,
that you can rise to higher levels,
and, never again, become stuck in your seat,
for, it is at this level, that one, re_earns their wings,
and, truly has the ability to fly

The work that Peter, Su Anne, and the Spiritual Hierarchy,
have done with my lower pieces,
has The Father, beaming with appreciation,
Good Work, is always done in Love,
and, Love is, the highest reflection of this truth,
we honour you, for all that you have done for "us",
and, we send you back this love, in the way of an on_going exchange of healing...
you have blessed us, beyond the ability to express in words,
and, have made us feel, not only a part of ourselves,
but, also a part of you...
you have made us feel our energy, our love, and, our truth
may we all weave together, these two things,
and, bring about the "good work",
we were all sent her to do,
and, make that our base of reality,
to move forward from

We love you, and, honour you,
so very much,
We are brothers and sisters, who have chosen to be here at this time,
and, the time is NOW, to offer up many good exchanges,
that will allow all of us, to walk this mother earth, in peace
and, be a piece of the peace

Susan / k