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an unfinished life
An Unfinished Life
by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

One of the most difficult aspects of helping people understand the
changes currently taking place on Planet earth is helping young people
understand that 'the American Dream' never was an American dream, that
the white picket fence houses are now unaffordable, that the perfect
marriage is now rife with dissent bred into families by the New World
Order's plunging of all our systems into chaos as part of their dark
agenda, and that the life they dream of making for themselves will
never be.

For all of them I tell them to go out and make some memories for
themselves for at least when things truly get bleak in the coming days
before the dawn, memories will help get them through.

The same problem exists for older folk who so often pine for the life
they once had and fear turning their faces toward the future because
they worry about facing the difficulties and insecurities it presents
to them at their age. The Council of Light mentioned once in a
channeling about a 'mass exodus' of old people as things begin to
shift on the planet, but these are the old people who in their old age
have grown inflexible and cannot see where they are going because they
are stuck fast in reliving old memories and thoughts of what might
have been.

It's a paradox that memories can help Lighten our loads and yet can
also be the bane of our existence if all we do is look to them to fill
the lives we now need to be living.

Aristenna's channeling to Sue Ann outs some of this into perspective:


Dear One,
We just had you watch the movie, 'An Unfinished Life'. The line we
particularly wanted you to take away from this was "Stop grieving over
a life you think you should have had."

It's time to start living the new life that has been given to you.
Burning bridges right now is a very good thing. Letting go the past
so you are free to embrace the new one that is coming, the one filled
with and based on LOVE.

What in your past can compare to that type of Life? You are going to
have to let go and trust us to bring that life of Love to take the
place of the old life of littleness sometime, why not now?

Stop grieving for the life you thought in illusionary terms you should
have had and embrace the one that is being offered to you.

With much Love, Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light.

We have all been duped into living a life in the Matrix that was
anything but real. Why are we then so attached to it that we cannot
see outside that miserable existence and embrace a 5th dimensional
life where everything, at least in the beginning, will be one WE
create for ourselves? The new world will be one created by US, WITHOUT
the narrow harrowing constrictions placed upon us by the machinations
and control systems of the alien-controlled and instigated New World
Order for the sole purpose of supporting THEIR power structure, their
pleasures and their agenda for the future. As I like to say, all we
could ever hope to be in this old world was a 'reptilian-wannabe',
cleaning up the leftovers from our Lords and Masters tables.

Now some of us have opened the gateways for ascension and made a new
world, as Aristenna says--a new life of Love, and still so many fear
it and wish to embrace that old world we see crumbling around us. If
we do not turn our faces to the East and embrace the rising sun
instead of pining over the loss of the sinking moon, then that too
will create our own personal futures and we shall become moon people
living in the shadows of what might have been instead of in the brand
new light of a glorious new day.

With Love, in service, Peter and Sue Ann.