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an update on the real war
An update on the \'real\' war
Lucifer\'s disappearance/cleanse and healing effects

Dear Peter,

The rest of the planet will breathe clearer air when all that
dominates it fades away completely. The ones who left won\'t have
that to rejoice for themselves.

The one day that will truly awaken the will to live from eternity to
Father Energy will be the day when all in the universe are
reconnected to the Source that gave Initial Birth to All That Is.
This proper cleanse of the Cosmos isn\'t one step closer than it is
from isolating what created all darkness to start with.

Once the intent is cleared and becomes pure, so will it\'s purpose
become the same, so will the result come true and resonate with it.

When Lucifer becomes ultimately healed back into Enjliou and his
counter part - Callia, they will be complete at large, but not fully
yet. As the one who gave birth to the Universe, Enjliou is the one
ultimately responsible for all his Children and childrens, when all
come home then He is to rest, but before that we have work to

It is for sure that those in the Light will help you every step of
the way, even André is willing to go far until now. Those who
helped you and will help you in the future never realized how much
of what they accomplished, and some won\'t for a very very long long

The remaining fraction of this Universe can be convinced to be
brought back into sync with Creation\'s Heart, but only when they are
given sight of what controls them. Only when they see their
attachment to self will, and the way in which self will/ego manages
their perception, they will be able to let it go. To have someone
forced out of self will would be self will in itself, the Divine is
always freedom of choice.

Lucifer\'s reintegration brings about the biggest joy so far. The
next step will be taking on what He created, what he blocked. These
dark ones knew and know what they do. They are darkness in itself,
they are the manifestation of ego creating more of itself, like
bacteria spreading.

Lucifer was not himself, he was not true, he was a distortion of
Enjliou, he was distorted because of the ego within that controled
it. He was controled by the ego to pread the ego energy. Now there
is the Highest Dark Lord down, but ego made many children, self will
energy these made present, to limit the way of Light and oppose all
who are free.

RAJ and Artola

-What will change on Planet Earth?

Most of what caused the fear energy will no longer exist on this
Realm, from now on the major concern is the attachment to control
and the fear that it causes. The fear of losing control, and
judgment are what remain on the planetary energies.

The previous classical scenario can no longer take place on this
reality the same way it did on others. What will happen is a race to
the top, self-will shall take the winner as its central ego
commander, the new Darkest Lord.

-What about Kochab?

The planet is separate, as all are infected, they have their own ego
at their \"Hearts\". The planet is self-willed, but will follow the
one with the most control over self will energy, the one that has
the darkest ego, or who will show the most power to control, and
then control the planet.

Thoth will take care of putting someone new on his former lord\'s

Ego needs/wants a being to control others, to channel self will\'s
ultimate will and transmit it to the Universe.

-Will people feel a difference about this?

Yes. They will feel that most of what occupied their hearts on
religion, wrong concepts, and idealism will lose it\'s meaning, will
seem empty.

-Will Peter sleep better?

He will have an easier time accomplishing sleep and waking
activities. His Spiritual Self will function better, more
completelly than ever since the problems began. He will sleep far
better than before, yes :D .

Blackness has been removed and turned into clarity. Now the Highest
DIvine Light flows again through that part of His Self.

-What about self will? How will it interact with who has it seeded?

Self-Will will continue to take place, on a different way now that
it has lost its primary \"guide\". Until another guide steps up and
regains full/most of what is possible to control over the steering
weel, the tendency will be that people\'s ego give control to the
largest dark being to which they are attached.

Until these larger dark beings begin to follow or be controled by
something larger, they will be the bosses.

The opposition has just been fragmented.

The ambience is still very heavy with the self will atmosphere, but
it is less focused.

The hardest step up to now has been completed. Now it is finishing
the rest of the Work.

You removed the scope from the sniper weapon. The dark work around
may be more advanced, but it will not be as strong as before, at
least for a while.

-was it the hardest part of the Work?

Yes because it was the main step up to now, the stronger enemy, but
now there is still a big lake that needs cleansing. The sea\'s
guardian was removed but there is much water to be purified. Will be
harder if the water pours all at once on the purifier, but if that
is avoided and well managed, then it won\'t be hard. The problem is
what the water still causes, these things are to be dealed with
before they take place otherwise they will happen. There is need of
a balance between cleansing the water, and avoiding it\'s negative
effects. Depending on how many join the Work, it will be possible to
accomplish more of everything, making it \"easier\" on the Planet and
it\'s people.

-Any other interesting thing to share?

Yes. Work is needed. The energy flow will change now that
fragmentation came to darkness. New power for the side of Light will
reach Earth, and amazing feats will be pulled off as the work
required is accomplished.

There is no need to worry, there is only need to work at the right
time at the right place in the right way - full surrender. Other
than that, there is free will of those who are to be helped.

Intent to serve the highest way automatically takes it\'s origin into
the highest level, and nothing can harm it\'s spiritual safety.

Light will prevail.

RAJ and Enjliou

-Artola, will it be exciting?

Yes, and fun too, depending on how you take it :D